In Your Wilderness, Look For Rays Of Hope And Blessings



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We all go thru the wilderness.  You’re not alone.

God is with you.  Hang in there.  It won’t always be like this.. I tell this to myself as much as I am writing it to you.  Things will change.  Gods faucet of blessings will come to you.  But, for now…look for the little rays of hope.  Take heart ♥

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#SOROS Is Being DEFEATED In Ukraine. UKR & RU May Sign Gas Transit Deal in Late Dec


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#SOROS Is Being DEFEATED In Ukraine. UKR & RU May Sign Gas Transit Deal in Late Dec

After the US GOV Mafia under  Obama and the Democrats turned Ukraine upside down and performed a coup in Ukraine with the help of  King George Soros, who spoke out on HIS Revolution in Ukraine.

It is now being reported on Money News that:  Ukraine & Russia May Sign Gas Transit Deal in Late December: Minister

This means that SOROS is failing in his energy takeover of Ukraine.  His empire is falling apart.  This is very big news.  Pray that Soros keeps failing & this gas transit deal goes through.


John McCain is turning in his grave over this…



Gateway Pundit had linked SOROS as being ‘in charge of Ukraine’s gas and oil’:

EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s State and Justice Departments Assisted Billionaire and Democrat Donor George Soros in Attempt to Control Ukraine’s Oil and Gas Industry


For those of you who do not know… The Democrats put NAZI fascists in charge of Ukraine and NO, nobody is a “Russian troll”.  Thats what you sick, demented CommieCrats did with McCain in Ukraine.  Deal with your treachery.


#DWTS The MOST Accurate #Poll For #Trump You’ll EVER See:


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The MOST Accurate #Poll For #Trump You’ll EVER See:  7:34 AM Tues the 5th of Nov

There is an accurate poll for Trump out there. 100% accurate.

My Sister, “L” pointed out that the former Press Secretary, Sean Spicer is on #DWTS. Spicer is one of the contestants and he is a LOUSY dancer…but he keeps staying the course or is ‘safe’ because the show is geared up for popularity...Many millions watch this show.

The left is verrrryyyy  pissed off..  😀 Suck it up Commies.. the audience is choosing Spicer….



NYTimes..they can’t even figure out why he’s still on. Dumbbells:

And…. ‘He has consistently been the worst performer on “Dancing With the Stars.” So why is he still on?’


As ‘Dancing With the Stars’ judges seem to lose patience with Sean Spicer, Trump tweets his support

Some other idiot rag:

‘Dancing with the Stars’ alum Trevor Noah calls out Sean Spicer for politicizing the show: ‘He does not deserve to win’  (ROFL)

See how lousy his dancing is:


All of the leftist impeachment racket is just that: RACKET.  BULLSH’T.  

DWTS shows that the country AINT with ya!