Poem~ “The Wedding Apocalypse”



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Poem~ “The Wedding Apocalypse”

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The Wedding day of doom

A storm of fire…blackened plumes

Smoke in the billows of clouds.

A morning in white turned into a day of fright.

A Scripture came to mind;

The days of Lot

People….eating, drinking, making merry

The day came upon us, it did not tarry.


We didn’t believe it would come to an end, not at a wedding, where there is feasting and friend.


We coddled our inward enemy

We Built their cities

They laughed in our face

Without any pity.

Profiles happy on a sunny day

Turned to devastation, from the battle array.

Fire, smoke and gas, all over our land

It went according to Marxist schemes and plan.

Babies gone, women in turmoil, the men have left..

Taken their spoil.


A dove of peace..

Will it settle the mind?

Has God forsaken

While America is left behind?

God has turned his back on the slaughter, we rejected his love, our children, we have martyr’d.

Waiting for rapture to unveil, yet God looked away, his word will prevail.

Apocalypse now, on a wedding day.

Repent America,

Or…The enemy will have his way.


[March 17, 2012, P. Ashedina, TMJ]

“Don’t Talk About Politics Or Religion”, The REASON We’re In This MESS!



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As a younger lady, in my very early 20’s, I would talk endlessly about God.  

I scared more people away with God and the Bible than you can shake a stick at.  Even other Jews and Christians would be completely turned off by how I would say: “We have to be holy”.  “We have to strive to do right”.  When the movie “Basic Instinct” came out, I thought it had to be the most disgusting movie ever because Sharon Stone showed her (fill in the blank).    I’d never seen the movie at that time but my co-worker friends laughed me to scorn.  But to me, it wasn’t funny.  It wasn’t cool to me that Madonna put out a “Sex book”.   I was mortified by things around me.  I was outraged by the moral degradation. The filthy, sex orgy talk that other co-workers boasted of.   Even my own girlfriend wanted to sleep with me.  I was disgusted and I always said something if repulsed.

My older, WW2 Generation & older Boomers would say to me:


If you wanted to keep friends, you didn’t talk about these things.

But, I didn’t care.  On and on I ranted, rambled & rebuked.  By the time I was 25 years old, I talked endlessly about city and country politics.  Writing endless letters to the opinion page in the newspaper about why we were letting in too many foreigners, addressed in several county papers why closing down Forts and bases to build bird sanctuaries was a bad idea because, at that time, I believed we had the strongest military in the world.  I went to political party meetings making speeches of how we were becoming a divided people and this would mean we would fall as a country and people.  I went to town and city hall meetings.  I was very involved in politics through the 1990’s to this day and was banned from newspapers before they were banning modern conservatives.

My WW2 Generation and older Boomer family were right, nobody wanted to talk to me.  They would roll their eyes, “Ah shut up” with the hands.  Walk out of the room when I was there.  “Friends” didn’t want to hear what I had to say: “You’re too ‘into it”, “You’re extreme”, fellow Jews and Christians: “Just forget it! You cant change it!”, etc.  Especially Christians would tell me: “Give it to God”, “God doesn’t want you to not have joy”.  “Don’t worry, God hates worry”….  They didn’t get that I talked a LOT about it because they DIDN’T.   I felt enormous responsibility to address serious issues because of the apathy around me.


But the Christians told me to “shut up“!!   “I’m turning everyone away”, “People don’t like you”, “You’re too serious”.  “You talk about politics too much”, “You scare people away”…. Etc.       Well……don’t cry to me.  You got what you deserve.  50 years of apathy and complacency has dug the grave for your country.  You murdered this nation with laziness.  You cared more about making huge money, buying big cars, owning large houses, job prestige, you couldn’t tear yourself away from your addiction of football…Your kids were latch key and screwed up & still are.  You thought about your sex lives during your middle-aged crisis and tossed your marriage in the ash can.  Your kids and their kids live in your house & basement and you’re pissed off that they don’t work but YOU did this to them.  You take NO responsibility! Accountability is kryptonite to you!

These same lazy farts hate Trump. Hate his guts.  Others are pissed off that he is possibly cutting some of their ‘benefits’.   “Obama did more for us”… Well, boo friggin hoo.   Cry all day.  You got what you deserve.  Take your ass whooping like an adult for once in your lazy life.  Stop crying.  Because you did this to yourselves.  Suck it up.  Stop blaming Trump.  Look around you: YOU DID THIS.  Don’t get pissed off when a younger person, in tune, worried-about-his-country says: “OK Boomer”.


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To the younger, I say:




Another Fabulous Artiste’ Of Yesteryear, Pal Fried



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I love femininity.  I abhor feminism.  It has absolutely destroyed the women of the west, who used to possess the prettiest women in the world.   A ray of hope is the Asian and Slavic women, who seem to embrace their femininity.  I embrace mine and thank God that he made me a woman although many times, I wish I was a man–for obvious reasons at this stage in the game.

Some history on this wonderful painter of feminine women from Wiki:

Pál Fried (16 June 1893, Hungary – 6 March 1976, New York City)[1] was a Hungarian artist. His oil paintings were usually of dancers, nudes, and portraits, and his subjects were almost always women, although he also painted Paris, seascapes, and cowboys and landscapes of the American West. He signed his paintings, as is usual in Hungarian, with his surname first as “Fried Pál”.

Fried immigrated to the United States in 1946 after World War II,[2] and became a U.S. citizen in 1953.[3] He lived in Los Angeles and New York City.

He really caught the mystique of a lady..

A Youtube video of some of his wonderful artworks:

Maine DEM Candidate Logo: A Guillotine. ‘A Symbol Of The Work We Have To Do’


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Unhinged, murderous, Communist Democrat for Senate in Maine wants to chop off some heads for the Communist cause.  Democrats are SO charming.  Who wouldnt want to be part of their little ‘party’. So….tolerant..  

Read more here:  Dem U.S. Senate candidate unveils campaign logo: The guillotine as ‘a symbol of the work we have to do’

This is “Bre” Kidman:

Chow down wide load..


Spiritual Dream Last Night~God Is Sad With Western Women:


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Dreams can be prophetic or warning.  Dreams can encourage or what have you.  My dreams are usually meant to ‘wake people up’ IF they choose to listen.  I believe many of my dreams are led by the spirit of the Lord: Not ALL but many of my dreams are.

Dreams are scriptural – Joel 3:  Mechon Mamre – And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; 2 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My spirit.

This is my dream from last night:

I was in a very large mall with many, many stores.  The mall was so large that it had to have many bathrooms.  There were bathrooms everywhere.

As I went to go to the ladies room, the first one I entered, I was astounded…because it was filthy dirty.  The bowls had over-flowed with water, feces, menstruation, urine mixed with water of course.  It was smelly and disgusting.  Toilet paper was all over.  Just filthy.

I went to the 2nd ladies room and it was worse than the first one.  Totally grotesque.  Whats more is the women just went to the toilet, regardless: Black women, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc.  The women didn’t care that it was so shameful.

On to the 3rd bathroom:  Just as indecent if not worse.  And, what was so embarrassing to me is that men had to come and clean these bathrooms.  Water was all over the mall.  the women did not care.  They had no shame.  Just plugged on, uncaring.

I finally came to a bathroom… I went in.  It was so nice, no shameful filth.  I went to the stall but there was a mens urinal.  I started chuckling.. A man approached me and said: “What are you doing in here?”, I said: “I made a mistake! I thought this was the ladies room, Im sorry!!”  He just laughed.  I told him: “Do you have ANY idea how clean your bathrooms are compared to the ladies rooms?”  He just looked at me like “Uh huh…”   Then I woke up.


God is very, very upset with western women.  Most, if not all western women have forsaken decency.  They have absolutely no discretion, modesty, femininity.  Men come in to clean the ladies room but the ‘ladies’ do not care if their blood soaked rags are just sitting there, not covered.  The BOWLS ARE FILLED TO OVER-FLOWING WITH FILTH!  God is VERY displeased with the attitude of Western females.  

Its time to repent and change, females.  We must change this attitude, corporately speaking.  It’s terrible.  Evil and disgusting.  Men are cleaning your dirty private areas and you have NO shame!  SHAME ON YOU!! Shame on ALL OF US!



To men: I am so sorry for my sex becoming so disgusting.  I am so very sorry and ashamed.

(If you see more in this dream, feel free to add what you think is in it.  Just be aware that WordPress spams most of my commenters)


OMB Director Russell Vought: NO CHANGES To Benefits Of Soc Sec & Medicare In Budget, DEMS LYING As Usual


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OMB Director Russell Vought: NO CHANGES to benefits of Soc Sec & Medicare in budget, DEMS LYING As Usual

Let’s all put our thinking caps on… Dems are out there pushing this lying propaganda (like they always do) .. STOP BELIEVING THEM.

The Communists are posting propaganda all over the net saying Trump is ‘cutting benefits of Social Security and Medicare’.


#1.    Many Senior Citizens Medicare DID go up this year.  But, they also got a slight raise in their Soc Sec payments.  So, it evened out for many. 

#2.   Many Seniors vote Democrat.  Well…The Democrats have to feed their illegal, occupying, criminal invaders.  So, suck it up, dummies.  Vote for Dems, feed foreigners, and YOU get the shaft.  You want these 3rd worlders here so bad…? Dont get pissed off when prices go up because you have to foot the bill.

#3.   People all over the net are b1tchin about Trumps cuts and raises in cost.  Well, stop voting for Democrats who feed everyone and anyone and ya’all won’t have to PAY SO MUCH!! See how that works?!  Nothings FREE!!

Video of OMB Director Russell Vought: NO CHANGES to benefits of Soc Sec & Medicare in budget:

  • Russell Thurlow Vought (above) is an American political aide and government official who is the Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  Prior to his nomination, Vought served for seven years as the vice president of Heritage Action.

PS: Obama didnt ‘give us’ sh1t!  He gave us nothing but HUGE deductibles.  My deductible went from $2500.-$6700.   Thanks King Hussein! You lousy piece of garbage.

2 Prophetic Dreams: 1 Of Conspiring Against Trump. Another Of Trump’s Inner Heart


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I  had a dream of Trump before he got in office.  I don’t remember if I wrote it on my other blog that was shut down.  But, here is the dream from May 2016-

I was invited to meet Donald Trump, the candidate.  I was taken to his home.  When I met him, he opened a door to a room.  He was a little reluctant about opening the door but he did.  Inside the room was gorgeous furniture.  But, what held me spellbound is that Trump had more than a few Thomas Kinkade paintings.  These were gorgeous paintings made just for Trump.  There were also other paintings but I was not familiar with the artists.  There was Trump looking at his paintings like a little boy looks at a train set.  This was very touching. He then closed the door and I departed.


In the above dream, God showed me that Trumps heart was for the Lord. Totally, 100%.  I know one thing about Kinkade paintings: They are very ethereal. Very Heavenly, very godly.  The Spirit was telling me that Trump has a heart for God.  He has a tender heart.  The left cant see this because they are blind and evil.

Here is one of Kinkade’s paintings:

Image result for thomas kinkade

  • Tim Shey had a dream of Donald Trump that I think you will ponder:

Conspiring Against President Trump – High Plains Drifter Click here to see Tim Shey’s dream


Pelosi Is Thin Skinned

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Pelosi does not want Trump to have the tearing-the-SOTU-speech up on his Twitter page.  Shes crying over what SHE did.  Fact is:  She looks like a hideously evil woman who totally disrespects her leader.  Millions and millions of people have seen what she did.  Its too late, Pelosi.  Because you cannot respect your own leader: YOU WILL NOT BE RESPECTED WORLDWIDE.  

Deal with your actions, Nancy.  You will not ever be respected in the political arena again even if other leaders hate Trump.  

Stop being thin skinned.  You did what you did.  Now, go eat crow.  You’re MENTAL!   See this:  A Dream about Nancy Pelosi, Tim Shey’s blog