Stained Glass Media



I made this one a few months back.  Was trying to get that stained glass look.  

My father, an Austrian Native American, S.A.R. was a glazier in his days.  He crafted 70% of the churches and synagogues in NYC in the late 50’s-80’s.  His father, from Austria was gifted in stained glass.  He worked as one of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s right hand men.  

Stained glass is a lot like our lives.. Many times, our lives fall apart.  In that essence, a glazier must put it back together a window or lamp with copper foil, solder & intense heat.  God does the same thing with us!  He takes away all of the pieces that dont belong in our lives, cuts them down, puts a nice coating (his spirit), then we get the intense heat of a trial or tribulation to see if it can withstand.  

Then….there we are! A beautiful creation that light shines through to the world. 

Lots of us go thru these times and praise our God, he makes us beautiful.  We are blessed by circumstances that bring us into a better place!!  Hang in there! You’ll make it! God aint done with ya yet!  He’s just started making you beautiful in his time!

Listen to this.  

Dedicated to my sissy, Gina.

Soros Is Trying To Overthrow #POTUS. Arrest Him & Dispel The Radicals


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Soros Is Trying To Overthrow #POTUS. Arrest Him & Dispel The Radicals


If any of you know what happened in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014, you understand that Soros overthrew the elected President of Ukraine and his cabinet. 
Trump has brought in the national guard to protect the White House.

Soros took credit for the fall of Yanukovych: Click

See this at GP:

Yanukovych also brought out the guard. But even the guard could not stand against the ‘maidan’.  That is what the revolutionaries called themselves.  They set tires on fire, they used molotov cocktails, they stayed in white tents.  They obliterated Kiev.

It is very possible that this whole ‘protest’ mess is completely manufactured to overthrow Trump, the elected President.

Since the CoronaHoax didnt work..

Trump needs to give orders to arrest Soros and dispel ALL of these violent, radical agitators.