My Art Nouveau Art:


Arlette Dorgere’ from a postcard, digitized, mixed and made to look like oil.
This is a brooch that was made into a digi mix.
Cleo De’Merode, watercolor, pencil, digital mixing

Lately, I am really into the Art Nouveau & Art Deco era. Because those era’s were beautiful in art, fashion and architecture. I believe Art Nouveau is much prettier and swirling but Art Deco is great too. Hope ya like em.

Art Deco:

Here are some Art Nouveau posters in 4K:

artnouveau deviantART favourites | Animation walk cycle, Cute gif, Bohemian  girls

Psalm PRAYERS Against HaShem God’s Enemies. David’s Prayers Against the Wicked (Imprecatory Psalms)


Psalm PRAYERS Against HaShem God’s Enemies. David’s Prayers Against the Wicked (Imprecatory Psalms)

It is past-time for the Lord to destroy HIS enemies. While we are called to bless, pray and forgive OUR enemies, we are NOT called to do the same for the enemies of a righteous God:

About half of the Book of Psalms involve prayers of faith in times of adversity. These “imprecatory” psalms invoke God’s curse or judgement on the wicked. These were not written out of a petty vindictiveness, but out of zeal for God’s name, His justice and His righteousness.

They call on God to lift up the righteous and bring down the wicked. Although believers are instructed to forgive their enemies and to pray for their salvation, a time comes when we must pray for evil to cease and for justice to be done for the innocent. Believers have a right to pray for God’s protection from evil people.

As you read & listen to these prayers, note that the psalmist does not take vengeance into his own hands but commits it to God. These prayers are inspired words of the Holy Spirit, and not just as the expression of the human desire of the psalmist.

The imprecatory psalms point to the truth that when the iniquity of the wicked reaches its full measure, the Lord in His righteousness does judge and destroy. The ultimate goal of an imprecatory prayer is to see injustice and cruelty come to an end, evil destroyed, Satan defeated, godliness exalted and the kingdom of God realized.

Bless the Lord oh my soul – Psalm 103:1 – Seeds of Faith

The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥


The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥


Prepare Yourself

I need to share what is on my heart and spirit from the Lord to you all. Or at least those who will listen. These are things that I believe God has put on my heart. Some are from observing the situation. Some God showed me. You can take heed or you can sift thru it and determine for yourself. Some of you can see the obvious ones happening.

In no sequential order; soon future and also at later dates/times:

  • I believe that stores are going to run out of food.
  • I believe businesses will close down again.
  • Mask mandates even more restrictive
  • I believe that this time could be much worse than last time (lockdowns)
  • Food riots
  • More lootings
  • Covid Pass cards here in the states.
  • No traveling state to state.
  • I believe that many people will become totally reliant on govt for their food.
  • MANY More cyber attacks, especially on the internet. The net will come down. Communications will suffer.
  • More altering of the dead from vaccination on major websites such as the CDC, VAERS and more.
  • At some point, if you do not get the jab, you will be declared a danger to all people around you by government.
  • Because you don’t get the jab, the state will order you quarantined to your home.
  • Many will grocery shop online in the near future more than ever.
  • There will be intense pressure on those who refuse vaccinations.
  • Family will become enemies.
  • Military of the USA becoming an enemy of the people.
  • Sporadic lockdowns
  • DEW weapons attacking many unvaccinated people’s homes
  • More plagues that are made by evil people
  • Plagues from God
  • Rats, mice, spiders, all sorts of bugs, (pestilence), worms
  • Weather will keep becoming more unbearable
  • unheard of diseases
  • Homelessness like we have never seen
  • People will be living in train containers, tents and cardboard all over the USA
  • Starvation
  • Serious Mentally ill people roaming city streets
  • People murdering each-other over food
  • Horrible natural disasters that we will not ever recover from.
  • Property stolen by the government and given to black people
  • Enemy bombings on major cities
  • No healthcare
  • Burying people in backyards
  • Rape gangs, brutal gangs with guns that they stole
  • Babies thrown in dumpsters, woods, even in the streets
  • A.I. false miracles from the White House and other governments.

These 2 prophecies, I believe are coming:

In One Day – Brian Lake

Jim Farrell’s prophecy of July 3, 2015 entitled “Seven Woes Unto America.”

This prophecy is from 2009 & it is coming & already here

Aug 13, 2009:

#MeatLoaf Died Thursday, Jan 20, 2022. He Is Rumored To Have Been An AntiVaxMandate Hero!

#MeatLoaf Died Thursday, Jan 20, 2022. He Is Rumored To Have Been An AntiVaxMandate Hero!

Meat Loaf dead, singer of 'Bat Out of Hell' was 74

I was reading some comments online about Meat Loaf. He supposedly died from CV19. Rumor has it that he DID get a booster, according to his daughter, Pearl (I do not know if this is true, yet) but it is also said that he was seriously antivax mandates! HOORAH!

Our sources say Meat Loaf has been outspoken about COVID, railing with folks in Australia recently about vaccine mandates. We do not know if he was vaccinated.

He praised Eric Clapton’s new song about this current dilemma we are in:

I hope he didn’t get any of the vaccines. I really do. It’s better to die free than pumped up with beast poison… At least he understood this time we are in and how awful it is. IF he fought against those mandates even after being ‘booster’d‘, then he did die fighting for freedom. So, with that being said:

And, one of my favorites from when I was young It’s about a young chick fighting to keep her virginity, LOL. That was me as a younger teen.

Bye, MeatLoaf.

Thanks for the memories.

❤️My Jesus Art❤️

“The Anointing”

The last couple of years…I have had to rethink my life a LOT. I felt as if I was just wandering…Like…WHERE is this mess all going, Lord? When the CV19 attack happened, I could SEE that here we are…. in the END. The end of time, the end of the world, the end of the satanic system, the destruction of the wicked people. The time that writers of the Bible/Torah/Tanakh wrote about. The era of the book of Revelation ‘in real time’. Enoch’s vision realized and coming to pass. All Biblical prophecies fulfilling themselves..

I came to this realization: That we are IN it and I drew closer to the Lord. I didn’t really share my faith on this website. Just a little here and there. I wanted to be ‘a defender’ for believers: Jews AND Christians. So, I remained a neutral force for many years. Well over a decade.

Marrying a man who is 100% Jewish (FROM a religious Jewish home, Kosher, etc) changed my life. I am only ethnic (Sephardic, Portuguese Jewish) mixed with a couple other ethnicities; Scot, Austrian and Native American. I didn’t grow up in a family of religious people at all. But, marrying David forced me to see what us Jewish people as a whole go through, (having a Jewish moniker really opened my eyes). I can say this much: I will fight for the Jews (as a people) for the rest of my life even though I am very “Christianized” LOL. (Jews go through horrible persecution online, very terrible) BUT – I, of course am a picky person…. I will not fight for reprobate, apostate Jews OR Christians. Sorry. I have to draw a line.

At any rate.. I love my JEWISH savior, Jesus of Nazareth. I love God. I love the Holy Spirit. My God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Blessed be He. I don’t ‘push’ people to believe as I do. Free will is important. If people choose to not see the truth (Jesus), that’s their business.

Here is my Jesus art for your viewing pleasure. I tried to make this as familiar as I could to touch any person from any walk of life with familiar images.

I really don’t use Hebrew words in writing, ie Jesus, Adonai, etc. NOT because I don’t respect! It’s because most people I know are not familiar with Hebrew. I like to ‘keep it real’.

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

By David Ben Moshe:

Beating up and mugging this Asian model, was it because she held slaves 175 years ago in America?

NY Is 73% Vaccinated, But Hospitals Are FILLED & Coolers Stacking Up. The Vaccine Is A Concoction Of Chemical CRAP That KILLS:

NY Is 73% Vaccinated, But Hospitals Are FILLED & Coolers Stacked Up. The Vaccine Is A Concoction Of Chemical CRAP That KILLS:

There is NO other way to explain this disaster: The Vaccine KILLS people DEAD. If the vaccines worked, why the hell are the hospitals filled in NY? With almost 75% of NYers vaccinated, the numbers should be down, NOT up.

And, just LOOK at this from Coronavirus Health. NY. Gov

From the statistic pages on Google:

LocationDoses givenFully vaccinated% of population fully vaccinated
New York36M 36,000,00014.3M 14,300,00073.4% 73.4%

Who goes to prison for this mass murder?




It is the US GOVERNMENT and NOT Russia who invaded Ukraine. Russia NEVER invaded Ukraine and they NEVER changed regimes there: WE DID. OUR GOVERNMENT DID. The US Govt INVADED Ukraine & Changed Regimes In Kiev In 2014, NOT Russia

Here is war mongering psychopath, John McCain, in 2013 fomenting regime change in Kiev:

SEE THIS: Why Does @SenJohnMcCain Have The Ukraine Flag/People On His Twitter Page & Not AZ OR US Flag?

Here is Oleh Tyanyhbok with McCain in 2013:

Here is Victoria Nuland being questioned by Rep Dana Rohrbacher. He asks WHY she funded Nazis in Ukraine:

Jan 17, 2022: #NHS UK Tells Woman ‘JABS Will SOON Be STOPPED As Dangerous’ ?! Is This Why UK Halted All Restrictions?

Jan 17, 2022: #NHS UK Tells Woman ‘JABS Will SOON Be STOPPED As Dangerous’ ?! Is This Why UK Halted All Restrictions?


We shall see….

I mean….it’s not like anyone died from this vaccine….

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates & Work Restrictions

2019: 4Chan Warning Of The Covid #Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

2019 4-Chan Warning Of The Covid Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

Say No To The Prick No To Bill Mr Gates Anti Vaccine Vax T ...

NO vaccine is concocted in a few months. I never believed this vaccine hoax from the get-go. It’s only because I understand that governments – ALL governments – are evil personified — and the only thing more evil than government is Pharmacia. In the hands of the wrong people, they could kill en masse…..Well….they did.

Video and Screencap tip from SueG:

Sept 2019:

See it before it’s scrubbed.

US GOVT War Mongering Psychos Are Doing Everything To Start WW3 Against Orthodox Christian Russia. May The LORD Destroy The Russiaphobic Tyrants

US GOVT War Mongering Psychos Are Doing Everything To Start WW3 Against Orthodox Christian Russia. May The LORD Destroy The Russiaphobic Tyrants

My husband and I will not EVER support a war against Orthodox, Christian Russia.

People… you should see what our homosexual, pedophile, baby-murdering, tranny government is doing. Everything and anything they can to get us nuked. Russia is WAY ahead. The Russian people are rallied behind their leadership as our people are divided and many are dropping dead from vaccine side effects.

The tyrannical filth are behind the 8 ball & their attempted regime change in Kazakhstan was/is a flop.

Front page of Russias Pravda, today Jan 18

This was said by DUMA the other day:

Most American cities have NO idea that they could be nuked.

California: Stupid Democrats Are Making Train Robberies Popular Again

California: Stupid Democrats Are Making Train Robberies Popular Again

Scared Silent Film GIF by Buyout Footage

Ive been reading what the Dumb Democrats are allowing. Total breakdown of society. Nobody gets arrested. What a disaster. Why is it happening?

Because George Gascón, the paradigm “progressive prosecutor” who is L.A.’s elected district attorney, follows no-bail and wrist-slap policies, with burglary and grand-theft cases routinely pled down to trespassing, with no-incarceration sentences. Reminiscent of the high-crime 1970s, the criminals are back on the street, and back to the tracks, before the cops can finish the paperwork . . . if they bother to make arrests at all, given the pointlessness of the exercise: In the year ending October 2021, Union Pacific says train robberies are up by . . . wait for it . . . 356 percentAs Forbes notes.

More: Democrats are stupid idiots. generated Image

What do I care. I escaped California and NY many years ago. Let it all burn. They deserve it. Leave California, ASAP right-minded people.