Yes She Can!! And YES SHE DID!   

 {THESE STAY UP UNTIL IT IS PROVEN FALSE, then by ALL means, they will come DOWN}

*This is to show you what type people that you FOOLS put in power of OUR White House, if you cannot handle this, then THIS IS NOT THE Blog for YOU, I am calling it as I see it, and what I SEE, AINT pretty, but its the TRUTH- I use satire, to keep my SANITY while my nation is FALLING APART*

{Tell me…if this was McCains Mama, or Sarah Palins Mama, do you think they would have only kept this on the internet?? HECK NO! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE FRONT PAGE OF EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER AND ALL OF THE NEWS STATIONS, they would have BURIED McCain or Palin, and thats a FACT- They would have shown it EVERYWHERE! And they call US racists? B.S.}

Wow- you know, I saw these before, but I didnt think it was Obamas Mama.. but puhlease! It is most DEFINITELY Obamas MAMA!  Obamas Mama was probably once a nice young lady that did NOT show every Tom, Dick and HARPO her derrierre, but in these very revealing photos, you will see, it IS Mrs. Dunham-Obama-Soetoro, wife of a Kenyan Muslim, &  who married Lolo Soetoro, who was an Indonesian Citizen, who adopted Obama the usurper, who claims he was born in Hawaii, who faked his Birth Certificate &  NOT suppose to be the US Prez…….  (EVEN conspiracies are not THIS good!)



See this POST about Obamas MOTHER THE MARXIST B*TCH:

Yeah…she’s a BRICK HOUSE…

UNTIL this has some ‘falsehood’ -this is 100% KOSHER people- this is NOT an Aprils fools joke.  You can check ‘snopes’  snoops, I dont care- this is the REAL deal kids.- SICK AINT IT?!

39 thoughts on “OMG!! OBAMAS MAMA posed NAKED! WTF!

  1. She was a member of Woodstock Nation.

    Where did you get those photos? I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before.

  2. Noah, trust me, I feel the PAIN IN THE ASS. Sick huh??? these are KOSHER UNLESS they are proven FALSE- which i TOTALLY DOUBT- this is her, it is the phoney MARXIST FASCIST devils INSANE mother.

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  4. Holy Crap she was a looker but she apparently was a whore too her trying to avoid American men and fucking every foreiner out there . what a waste of human flesh.

  5. Cici we have copied all of your comments, turned them over to WordPress and IC-3 Forms (Internet Harassment and Stalking)

    This is your IP #:

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  7. You tell the TRUTH.
    But wait. I think you confused that for your opinion.
    Your smarter than everyone else? Oh…
    You see things with such penetrating accuracy that the pentagon begs for you to come work for them? Wow.
    You need an example? Ok
    Those pictures, what you said, and actually pretty much everything you say….opinion.
    You are a self centered,arrogant, use inflamatory half truths to try to build a following at the expense of people much more noble than yourslef….Truth.
    See the difference? I know its hard to get confused.
    Ok well bye!

  8. Those pictures, what you said, and actually pretty much everything you say….opinion. The pictures are the truth until proven false.
    You are a self centered,arrogant, use inflamatory half truths to try to build a following at the expense of people much more noble than yourslef…. What you think you only see in others, is usually in yourself.
    Shabbat Shalom Shithead 🙂

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  10. Those little numbers mean this was sold as part of a photo set, commercial porn of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. That means she was paid to model and someone, somewhere has a model release form that she would have signed.

  11. I always check snopes or some other ‘fact’ site, nope, the creeps mommy is nekkid here lol GROSS!
    It is gross that she posed nekkid, not that she looks all that bad, in fact, I wish I looked as bad LOL

  12. very good madjewess, i am proud to see you are sticking with the truth in the face of the muslim mafia thugs in washington.
    they took reverend david manning apart for his (obamas mama)
    sermon. utube folded like a cheap umbrella,and i am not sure you will see the clip by googling obamas mama,anymore,but the truth hurts the antichrist and his deciples.
    keep up the good work,and God bless.

  13. TY Herbert. I know how they treated Rev. Manning. I LOVE Manning, he is a GREAT American.
    His mother was a slut, he is the son of a whore. Thats the way it is.
    God Bless you 2 😀

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  15. that is enough to make us realize why africans are screwing around with apes,goats,sheep or whatever else they can find,but Obummers dad wasnt the least bit picky,or just couldnt find a goat.

  16. It is not that farfetched . Her parents were socialist and rumored to be swingers. You can throw Francisco Cundo into her sexual mix too.

  17. Me to Obozo: “Psssst…hey buddy….got any nekkid pictures of yer mom?”
    Obozo: “What!? No…I don’t have anything like that!!!”
    Me: “Wouldja like to buy some?”

  18. Re: the term, “WTF?”

    I see this used a lot. An alternate is a term that I read in an interview with Tina Fey. She said that the casts of both “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock” have devised the contraction, “Wh’uck!?”.
    I have devised some new contractions for your consideration:

    1. “OMG!”……”O’m’od!”
    2. “STFU!”……”Shu’f ‘up!”
    3. “GTFO!”……”Ge’f ‘out!”
    4. “FO!”……”F’off!”
    5. “FU!”……”F’you!”
    6. “SMC!”……”S’m’ock!”, or “S’m’unt!”
    7. “ESAD!”……”Ea’sh’ie!”
    8. “KMA!”……”Ki’ss!”

    And yes, you’re right, I DO have too much time on my hands!

  19. Ooops, Larry- I had to go to the gym, then sing at the VA.
    I LIKE your abbreviations better!!
    HA HA HA

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  21. Well, I knew about these, and I suppose, Donna, this is another first: First President to have a naked mommy on the internet. LOL There is something Bush, Reagan and Nixon can’t say……

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