ok sir… to continue now… let’s move onto some history
 for part two and then finish with some politics in part
 three… shall we…?
as i tried to explain to you during the q&a portion…
 there never ever was a land called “palestine” it is an
 invention by your race during the roman empire… they were
 on a genocidal quest at the time and were attempting to
expunge the memory of jews and judaism from the annals of
 human history… but first for some background…
originally the holy land as it was always referred to
 throughout all ages and epochs… originally it was given by
 noah to his son shem via prophecy from G-d after the great
 flood… it was subsequently stolen from him… and his
 children the shemites… by a branch of the chamite clan of
 families… known as canaan… the canaanites… superior
 people from this clan of hamites or chamites were the
 egyptians… the first to rule the earth as an empire and of
 course the famous cushites whose king… nimrod was the
 mastermind behind the pagan cult which came to be known
 later and down thru the ages as the egyptian and babylonian
> mystery schools or religion… but canaan…a rather junior
> partner in this clan… they did this invasion of the
> shemite-held holy land at the fall of the tower of babel in
> the year 1996 (fc) from creation…

> just to round out the biblical record here… the yefetites
> from the third son of noah… yefet… or jephet are your
> race sir… most prominent of which were the greeks and the
> romans…

> now… abraham… a direct descendant of shem the son of
> noah or noach… also came to the holy land around this time
> after being chased out of the city of ur in shinar the
> capital of nimrod’s stolen fiefdom… (stolen from other
> shemite clans)… upon arrival there abraham was told
> prophetically by G-d that to him and his descendants (some
> of them but not to all of them) these lands would one day be
> restored and become their’s forever… and although we
> (jacob and his twelve sons) were later forced by famine and
> drought to descend into what became eventual misery and
> abject servitude in egypt… G-d took us out with great
> miracles and vengeance and gave us the torah… the Divine
> law meant for for all of mankind but as yet unaccepted by
> everyone (too long an explanation for this work)…
> in fact… so unaccepted by the world was His torah that
> G-d no longer will give this law to anyone outside of the
> jewish people and faith and the few who have converted to
> judaism down thru history… all He demands of the rest of
> the world of nations to comply with His torah law is to keep
> the 7 universal laws of mankind which flow from the
> primordial torah by which G-d created the universe… and
> which He originally gave to adam and then again to noah in
> the aftermath of the flood… but even these laws became too
> much as nimrod led all of mankind except abraham in a total
> revolt against these laws of G-d… against the will of
> G-d… but they are…

> !) don’t worship idolatry

> 2) don’t blaspheme G-d

> 3) don’t murder

> 4) don’t kidnap or steal

> 5) don’t commit adultery, incest, homosexuality or
> beastiality

> 6) set up just courts and governments

> 7) don’t drink animal blood or eat a limb from a still
> living animal

> but as i said… for many… even these few rules and
> regulations in part or in whole have been deemed too
> confining or enslaving and have been rejected by many if not
> most of humanity thru the ages… except for the moral and
> ethical few in every generation to be found in every race,
> religion and creed…

> as for us jews… from the time we re-emerged from bondage
> in egypt until the romans destroyed our second temple and
> sent us out into this interminable exile… left to roam and
> to wander the earth for nearly 2000 years now… until then
> we jews lived in the land of israel without interruption for
> 1500 years or more… even survivng and enduring during this
> time period the destruction of our first temple built by
> king solomon and the exile of the majority of our people for
> 70 years…

> but things were vastly different during the onslaught of
> the greek and roman empires and the agregate toll which
> they began to take on our people, heritage and culture…
> for we only managed to survive on the land during the second
> commonwealth for a mere 450-550 years… though again even
> after the romans destroyed our temple and land… jews… at
> least a remnant of us have continuously been in israel from
> the advent of joshua long, long before the romans came and
> swept us away and persevering yet there even after the roman
> brutal savagery and relentless persecutory reign of terror
> broke our backs, hearts and minds… 

> nevertheless some of us have always remained even after
> this upheaval right on down the centuries until the zionist
> movement began in europe in the last quarter of the 19th
> century and thus droves of jews became homeward bound… and
> so now you can plainly see sir… there were always jews in
> israel… always for 3300+ years now and counting… the
> land is ours eternally and G-d has kept His promise to
> abraham, isaac and jacob… and there is nothing that the
> world of jew-haters… our enemies… have ever been able to
> do about it to dislodge us from there and there remains
> still no power on this earth than can do anything about this
> until this very day… try as you might… we are never
> going anywhere and we trust in G-d that as He swore to our
> forefathers… we will yet recover our full land someday
> soon hopefully… and our yearning for the land and our
> faith in G-d’s promise for our full restoration to it has
> kept us going for 2000 years…

> we have never accepted consolation over her loss and we
> never will stop longing for the resurrection of our torah
> state and temple… with the slogan… “next year in
> jerusalem!” we prevail and maintain the courage of our
> conviction thru fire and water… thru inquisition, crusade
> and holocaust to this very day… they have all come and
> gone and wreaked havoc upon us and still they all have not
> been able to quench our thirst for G-d’s torah or for His
> holy land and temple… and as the psalmist pined… “if i
> forget thee o’ jerusalem… let my right hand wither… let
> my tongue cleave to my palate… if i fail to remember
> you… if i do not place you above my foremost joy…”
> (psalm 137:5-6)…

> the story is told that when napoleon entered poland and
> came into a jewish town… he heard crying… stepping into
> a synagogue he saw jews sitting in the dark on the floor
> with candles wailing and weeping… he asked what was
> wrong… he was informed that they were crying over their
> destroyed temple… napoleon became angry and said that he
> had given strict orders that none of the jewish houses of
> worship were to be disturbed… they told him… no… you
> don’t understand… these jews are not crying out over any
> recent losses… they are bemoaning the destruction of their
> two ancient temples in jerusalem… the latter one some 1800
> years ago… napoleon was astonished and could only marvel
> and say… “a people who can still shed tears over a tragic
> event so long ago in their distant past… surely such a
> people will one day see their temple rebuilt…”

> and so you see sir… every jew is a zionist and has always
> been one… we pray three times daily 365 days a year…
> “may our eyes behold Your return to zion in compassion.
> blessed are You, o’ L-rd, who restores His presence (and
> thus all of us with Him) to zion…” at our passover seder
> and at the very end of our yom kippur fast we sing and shout
> out in joy and yearning… “NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM… NEXT
> YEAR IN THE REBUILT JERUSAELM!!!” and ever was this so
> sir… for two thousand years… and we are never going to
> stop… we are never ever going to back down… no matter
> what the world tries to do to us or for that matter succeeds
> in doing to us…

> and now after the holocaust sir… we jews have added a new
> slogan to our lexicon to go along with that former old
> adage… a slogan that defiantly proclaims to the world our
> courage, dedication, conviction and our heartache to and for
> each fellow jew… and with righteous indignation inspires
> our hope to live to see Divine vengeance… “NEVER AGAIN!!!”
> “NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!” but again sir… you will await part
> three for the true meaning of this proclamation and the full
> extent of its ramifications for the jewish people and ergo
> by extention the rest of the world… 

> so now… getting back to the vile romans… your romans…
> of whom you descend…

> but before that a concession… the only one i will ever
> make to any jew-hater… and i know you are one sir… i can
> taste your disdain for us in my mouth… but here it is…
> labor-zionism though i will concede to you sir is a truly
> evil and repugnant concept and an aberration of true torah
> judaism… as you yourself alluded to in your talk by
> calling them all atheists… and it is not the zionism of
> our teacher moses or of our king david nor is this the
> zionism of which i speak as being an integral part of us and
> of all believing jews… of we true jews…  of we who are
> the real jews… throughout all of time… but you will just
> have to wait to learn from me more about this matter in a
> fuller explanation in part three…   

> and while we are on this subject of real jews sir… let me
> disavow you of another notion you claimed in your speech
> last week… about how many jews you call your friend around
> the globe… so what sir…? if they think and act in accord
> with your demeanor and attitude toward these issues in the
> middle east… then they are far from being true jews…
> from being G-d and torah believing jews… they are
> invariably the descendants of those satanic, self-hating and
> self-loathing sabatean and frankists jews i mentioned in
> part one who were in on the kill with the rest of the
> slime-elitist so-called and self-appointed “world leaders”
> during the holocaust and they perfidiously sent their
> brethren and sistern to their deaths in their millions
> without so much as a batting of the eye or a
> how-do-you-do…? so stick that in your pipe and smoke it
> sir… if you imbibe…
> and so now sir… know this and know it well… no human
> force on earth can deny us our land nor put out the flames
> of our passion for her… nor squelch the flames of fire of
> our faith and fierce yearning for her… no sir…
> furthermore… never will the world ever be able to stifle
> our aching for our full restoration to the land… pining
> for the full realization to the maximum extent possible of
> the rule of our G-d-given torah legislation upon our
> ancestral home… nor will anyone ever be able to silence
> our fervent plea to live long enough to behold the openly
> manifest reigning majesty of our G-d Himself upon His throne
> in His rebuilt and this time eternal palace (house) upon
> mount zion on our temple mount in jerusalem… and with this
> to visualize the fulfillment of the authentic prophets of
> israel when once more His will and no one else’s will
> permeate our land… this time with no more inerruption…
> for all time to come… forever…
> and sir… though try as they all might to stop all of the
> above… and i assure you sir… our enemies have all tried
> and are trying still… but they have all failed miserablly
> throughout all of history… and they have never succeeded
> and will never succeed in tearing us from our G-d-given
> faith, heritage and land…
> and though it is indeed a sad and tragic truism of our
> pain-filled history that (and as we sing out at our passover
> seder each year)… “in every generation they all (our
> enemies) rise up against us to make an end of us…” and
> though this is an undeniable fact of nature and not just of
> history… still the end of the maxim is just as true…
> just as actual… “but the Holy One blessed be He
> unfailingly rescues us out of their hands each and every
> time…(and ever will this be the case until the end of
> time)…” (passage from the passover hagadah)…   

> but let’s go back… because try the romans did… oh did
> they try… and “try” is a vastly understated phrase and
> description here…

> they put in motion a plan which is still extant and remains
> unabated by the jew-haters of the world today who have come
> along and assumed their place… the plan calls for the
> powers-that-be (whom i refer to as the slime-that-is) to
> every hundred years or so wipe out as many jews as
> possible… they declared to themselves back then in
> hadrian’s era…  that jews must be and need to be
> eradicated in their masses to make sure that their once very
> formidable military prowess is never again restored to the
> level of being a threat to the hegemony and the domination
> of rome…” (and the vatican and all of europe is rome and
> has ever been so… including great britain) (and though the
> protestant reformation nearly destroyed rome she has fully
> recovered and fought back with a vengeance and has
> completely restored and repaired her former strength and
> rule via a 500-year-and-counting, vicious and ruthless
> counter-reformation)…
> (but much more of this in part three as well)…

> so as you see sir… to put it mildly… the romans hated
> our guts… for it is recorded in all objective world
> histories that we fought them tooth and nail for well over a
> hundred years upon our soil… and though they slaughtered
> us and raped our women and laid waste to our land and
> destroyed our temple and exiled and enslaved our people…
> we wouldn’t go away… just fade away into the recesses of
> history or go away quietly into the dark of the night and
> just disappear into the shadows of obscurity… no sir… we
> didn’t… we fought back valiantly and tenaciously without
> surcease for close to a century after the demise of our
> state and the destruction of our house of G-d… we fought
> too for all of humanity… we fought for our freedom and for
> our homeland… and for all of theirs as well…
> we fought sir… for so many nations and peoples who were
> then langusihing under the cruel yoke and heavy boot of
> rome… and each and every time we arose in rebellion we
> inspired peoples all around the mediterranean basin to
> follow suit and to do likewise… to attempt to throw off
> the tyrannically despotic pagan chains of bondage to casear
> and to free their land and people from the mercilessly too
> widespread swath of the roman sword and spear…

> at one point in time during this era… it got so bad for
> the “poor” beleaguered romans sir that they thought they
> would never be able to vanquish us completely and they began
> to despair for their own survival and worry for the
> longevity of their entire empire… they came to really fear
> that it was destined to be fleeting and in the end
> inglorious… sadly sir… they were mistaken… they did
> finish us off eventually… around the year 165 ce or so and
> we ceased to be a military threat to them or to anyone else
> for that matter for nearly 2000 years… until 1948 to be
> precise…

> now mind you… spiritually… the romans never defeated us
> and in fact in europe we began to influence people far and
> wide that judaism was the sole truth of the world… and it
> became clear to the romans that they had only won the battle
> but the war was another matter… the war for the hearts and
> minds of mankind was ours for the taking… was ours to be
> won… (how and why and what this was all about will have to
> wait for another time)… but it was real… people were
> disgusted by their seeming neverending condition of slavish
> servitude to the cursed roman system grinding them under
> foot and people were turning toward judaism for relief and
> succor…
> and the romans saw this and were mortified… and so they
> realized after these factors became apparent that strong
> measures out of dire and urgent necessity (for them) needed
> to be taken and desperate and decisive steps needed to be
> made to ensure the durability and continuance of their
> unquestioned supremacy, mastery and hegemony over mankind
> spiritually and not just physically…

> so the caesar hadrian decided on a two-prong course of
> action… he ordered the death of every jew alive and he had
> our land plowed under and sown with salt… and this was
> done over the entire length and breadth of the land of
> israel that he had conquered… our land which back then had
> been previously known as the land of judea…

> judea sir is where the term jew comes from… as from judah
> the son of jacob whose portion in the land was called the
> tribe of judah after his name and was comprised of his
> descendants (including the royal family of david and
> solomon) and it was in this southern region of the ancient
> land historically known as the land of israel that hadrian
> now sought to eradicate from the memory of mankind all
> vestiges of jews and judaism for all time to come… and to
> cause the name israel to be erased and forgotten from the
> collective conciousness of mankind…
> that is israel sir… as in the children of israel… the
> other name of the patriarch… jacob… the grandson of
> abraham…

> and so after crushing us yet again… and setting in motion
> the killing of over a million jews in each of the first two
> centuries of the common era… plan b was also implemented
> and that was to make israel and judea cease to exist… and
> thus the land was sown with salt so it would never be
> fruitful again (or so they thought)… and jerusalem was
> renamed capitolina and the land of judea… “palestinia”
> after the ancient but by then long defunct philistines of
> the gaza region ironically…

> and so you see sir… there never was a land of
> palestine… nor was there ever a palestinian people…
> arab, jewish or orther… the name is an invention and an
> artifice meant to destroy the jewish people and our biblical
> and historical claim to the land… and as such it is
> invalid, non-binding and counterfeit… in a word sir… a
> fraud…

> now had the romans not done this… we would be living thru
> truly absurd times for the last 45 or so years with not the
> creation in 1964 of the “plo” ~ the “palestinian” (arab)
> liberation organization… but the creation of the “jlo” ~
> the “judean” (arab) liberation organization… and as such
> it would be self-evident which side in this conflict is
> lying to the world…

> and by the way sir… which occupied lands did israel hold
> in 1964 when the plo was founded…? as this was a full
> three years still before the six-day war and the taking of
> all those disputed territories that have kept the world
> sleepless at night sir for 42 years now… and what occupied
> territory did we hold in 1929 during the hebron riots
> wherein 69 innocent jews… mostly yeshiva students… lost
> their lives and were shot or axed to death…? what stae of
> israel even existed back then sir…? or during the
> jerusalem riots of 1930 and ’32…? same question sir…

> so all of this talk of the settlements being an obstacle to
> peace are a charade and are outright fabrications… and the
> jewish “occupied” lands were and still are to our enemies
> also tel aviv, haifa and jaffa… despite any and all
> international… un and before that… league of nations…
> charters, mandates, protocols, edicts, treaties, accords and
> conventions…

> so let’s cut thru all of the bs and call a spade a spade
> sir… shall we…? there will never be a peaceful
> resolution to this conflict no matter how hard the eu or the
> un or the u.s. or israel’s seditious leaders or the lying
> arab so-called “moderates” scream there will be… if only
> this is given back or if only this tiny further concession
> is made… it’s all just a sham… a facade… an empty
> ruse… only intended to weaken us militarily, territorially
> and morale-wise in order to destroy us completely and
> mercilessly… “peace… peace they cry… but there is
> none…” (jeremiah:)

> and also it is clear as day sir that there is no such thing
> as moderate arabs… there are only stupid arabs or clever
> ones… the stupid ones like hamas and hezbollah tell us
> openly they wish to destroy us viciously and under great
> torture and pain… while the smart ones (egypt, jordan and
> saudi arabia) say they wish to negotiate with us and claim
> they want peace and normalized relations… etc… etc… ad
> nauseum… and then when and if… G-d forbid… the time of
> decption is ever through i suppose they will wish to only
> kill us “moderately”  which means by a quick death…
> putting us all out of our misery… how sweet… how
> cordial… and how utterly moderate…

> and while we are on the subject… if there is not a
> legitimate claim for jews to be on our ancient biblical
> lands of judea and shomron (the west bank, hebron and
> jerusalem) then there is certainly no claim for jews to the
> lands of tel aviv, gaza and the rest which have only been
> ours since 1948 to the present… so in reality then we
> should only be returning if anything tel aviv and gaza and
> not any other lands… but of course we have no intention of
> returning anything at all… because what our G-d liberates
> for us we will keep and what your god liberates for you or
> the arab god for them… they shall have… this was sound
> judgement and sane policy in the time of yiftach in the book
> of judges (see chapter 11 therein)… and it is still good,
> solid strategy now today in the epoch of the coming of the
> messiah the son of david and the end of days…

> so as you can clearly see sir… even before we arrive at
> part three… i have already blown you away…  i have
> already blown you completely out of the water… and i have
> utterly decimated each and every one of your arguments…
> you know nothing sir… absolutely nothing about any of
> these undeniable, irrefutable truths of which i have spoken
> herein…

> and furthermore… i dare say sir that you are totally
> ignorant of the matters of which i will speak of next
> time… or if you do have any inkling of knowledge of the
> upcoming topic you are prevaracating to hide the truth of
> all this political reality from your listeners and
> followers… as we will demonstrate to the world next
> time… end part two… (part three to follow next)…
> nikmatdam… out…



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