ACORN Fraud in Nevada: Over Half the Votes in Vegas Could Be Fraudulent!

The Demoncat Party is TREASONOUS….half-votes.html

The 2008 election has passed, and some people are going to tell me to just drop it…Obama won, but I answer did he win fairly? There are new allegations coming out of Nevada, that might suggest that over half of the votes in Las Vegas could be fraudulent. This might have turned the state to Obama, and John McCain should have won the state. The Secretary of State of Nevada, a Democrat, believes the votes might have been a fraud, and he is prosecuting. Here is a video of his interview on Fox News, along with a former ACORN worker who is critical of the organization:

 This is a serious allegation, and not everyone in the media is following this story. .

Even if this allegation is true, and it turned out John McCain would have won the state, it still wouldn’t tip the election away from Obama, but the question is how widespread is this case? Could there be other states that were affected by ACORN, and could possibly have influenced the outcome of the election?

We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds, and report on the Secretary of States findings.

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