Thanks a LOT, a REAL Jew…………..YOU ARE NOT

YOU ARE NO HADASSAH, Lady. I fight for Jews and Israel and THIS is how you treat me?  Yimach Shemo Vizchero! I can go to stupid White Nationalist sites and get treated better.


BTW: SHOVE THIS UP YOUR Jewish anti-semitic AGAINST Jews ASS:



This is a CHANGE we can believe in!

 Kahane Chai

Libtalker Lynn Samuels Not Backing Down Over ‘Birther’ Story 

 “Bertha the Birther”  rotflmao!

(My hats OFF to you, Dear! And let Ann Coulter have it, she is a SKUNK!))

 Shalom! איק ךםרג נךקדד טםו שמג לקקפ טםו

As a campaign created by the left seeks the removal of Lou Dobbs from CNN simply for asking Obama to furnish his original birth certificate, it seems only a matter of time before this angry mob sets its sights on Samuels and her overt disloyalty.

While populist radio and TV host Lou Dobbs remains under fire simply for discussing the issue of Barack Obama’s birthplace and lingering questions surrounding its documentation, another talker is standing firm on the subject.

Longtime New York libtalker Lynn Samuels, who has recently made waves by openly questioning Obama’s status, isn’t allowing criticism of her position to interfere with outspokenness. Now heard on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Sirius Left channel, Samuels is a former WABC-AM host.

Adding an element of self-deprecating humor to the mix, Samuels even called herself “Bertha The Birther” in an on-air segment heard during yesterday’s program.

Here’s the exclusive caught-on-tape clip:


I have a dream…..that one day, all races will be equal amongst themselves..

 I have a dream… My dream is an America that throws the ‘race-card’ OUT, once and for all. 

 I have a dream that there is no more FALSE ‘white guilt’ being taught in our schools, that little white kids are ‘evil’ because of something that happened before they were even born, a CENTURY before even I was born…

I have a dream that black women don’t get RIPPED OFF by the Bolsheviks and Marxists OCCUPYING our government, and they are fruitful with their own men that are black…

 I have a dream that the 10 commandments hangs in schools, and that after the Pledge of Allegiance is recited and “My Country tis of thee” is sang… that the Principal prays that the children are SAFE in their schools. 

I have a dream that whites are not FORCED into melting in with other races just because the EVIL government says so, but choose who, when, and whom they want to ‘hang with.’  After ALL, they do NOT FORCE the ‘minorities’ to hang with us, DO THEY?? NO!

I have a dream that everything is written in ENGLISH, and if you don’t learn ENGLISH, you dont work, go to school, etc..

I have a dream that there is NO MORE “Press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish”

I have a dream that black people don’t feel ‘belittled’ into thinking that singing and entertainment were somehow  ‘dumb’ in America. (Black people, BEFORE about 1990, put out the BEST singing entertainment)

I have a dream that I hear harmony singers, singing in black Gospel churches, and harmony singing echoes once again in entertainment, instead of HORRIBLE rap NOISE pollution.

I have a dream that there are no more ‘condoms on cucumbers’ being taught to young children..

I have a dream that homo-people go back to living quiet lives instead of PUSHING their agenda all over people..

I have a dream that there are NO MORE abortions..

I have a dream that we are no longer “African-Americans, Mexican-Americans” but that ANYONE who wants to be an AMERICAN, and ASSIMILATED, is just AMERICAN…

I have a dream that young girls keep their chastity..

I have a dream that this nation restores itself (after travail) back to it’s Christian heritage, & ONLY appoints decent people of the Christian faith in office..

I have a dream that this nation makes sure to protect the remnant of Jewish people, to make SURE that they always represent HOLY law, and not try to ‘bully’ themselves into office out of FEAR of Christians, from OTHER countries, because Jewish people have not had it bad here amongst the other nations. America did NOT put Jewish people through holocaust, and America should NOT be treated as if they DID, thanks to leftist, self-hating Jewish people.

I have a dream that our allies are ONLY England (UK) & Israel, and any nation that WANTS freedom, and that there is NO more govt. AID to ANY country.

I have a dream that women do NOT wear burkas in AMERICA.

I have a dream that “feminazis” are GONE and in replacement we will have a movement of women that LOVE their husbands and want to be a constant pleasure to their male counterparts, instead of competing.


These are the dreams of a woman that is sick and tired of races, government, and political correctedness FORCED upon me, WITHOUT my PERMISSION.

Perhaps you have dreams that are like this too, or maybe your dreams are higher and better, this is a small rant of what a D.A.R. – Daughter of the American Revolution, Seneca/Iroquois Jew-Tian would like to see again in this nation that WAS known as the united states of America.

The “BIRTHERS” are now “INSANE”~ “JEZEBEL” says so, so it must be true..








 AOL poll: 81% want Obama to release it
Say president should show American people birth certificate

This next Marxist  ‘tidbit  is from a real b*tch’s web-blog…but this is all par for the course in Obama’s YES WE CAN Land. 

The wench that HATES America;  her name is JEZEBEL….friggin FIGURES.

Obama Birthers Bring The Crazy To The Airwaves…And No One Is Immune  {She’s just a little putz, because when SHE was born, they SLAPPED HER MOTHER.}


This Crappy Hour, the HuffPo‘s Jason Linkins and I torture one another with Lou Dobbs slashfic, make tortured confessions to the sounds of Barney the Dinosaur, and discuss GOP career suicides related to the Obama birther movement.

Just a question, you dumb ridiculous DUP’D psyco-mind-fcking b*tch…

You DO know that this has been going on since LAST JUNE, right? 

 Lady, you are ALL ass, and the crap that comes out of you, is your mouth.

Jezebel and her buddies

Jezebel and her buddies




You are in OUR White House by TREACHERY and DECEIT, and we are TIRED OF IT.

 WE are TIRED of your DEEP hatred for AMERICA, and AMERICANS.  You are NOT an AMERICAN, Sir– it is time to VACATE this position. 

You are NOT wanted. It is NOT because you are ‘black’  So, you can just STFUP about THAT.  It is because you are a COMMUNIST, MARXIST BASTARD, who does NOT follow the LAW.  You have REFUSED to show a LONG FORM B.C., and if that is not enough, you are a DUAL CITIZEN, which makes you INELIGIBLE. 


I call on Congress, NOW, before this gets BAD, to THROW THIS LYING BASTARD OUT!!!

How and WHY this MONSTER got in there, I don’t CARE.  All I know is that this BASTARD hates AMERICA, is APPEASING enemies, and BOWING before ROGUE nations—ENOUGH!!! 

He has SLIGHTED allies, and made friends with EVIL people. 

This is a TYRANT.


Why is being FAT, “IN” & “Popular?”


I know that eating is fun. I love it myself, but WTF is up with FAT people not even caring that they are FAT? 

Don’t these poor people even care that being FAT leads to heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure- all of the bad things in life that will kill you, if you don’t LOSE WEIGHT!

 I mean, ‘skinny is for punks?’

 WTF is that?!

Normalphobics are destroying pretty, healthy, smart, etc… It is friggin PREPOSTEROUS, that normal, average people are OUT and FAT is IN.

And, another thing….WHY are FAT people ALL over the boob-tube?? Like the semi- new TV show:

 What happened to good looking people that look normal and healthy on TV?  WTF is going on!?   Like Dance Fever?

What happened to shows like that? Why is it just ‘acceptable’ to be fat?  Why is it popular? Why is it IN?   I don’t get it.  I just don’t.  It is not healthy.

I don’t GET IT, because I was a fatty myself- and I was miserable.  I felt so ugly. When I was at my goal weight and maintained it, I felt so much better.  I go up and down, but I know that being fat is miserable, so, you cant fool me

I know that fat  girls need ‘love’ too, but come on..if a person is seriously overweight, if you really love that person, wouldn’t you tell that person, that their health is in jeopardy, so that the person can be around for a long time??

Fine, they have a dance show now, but why do shows such as these take presedence over regular ‘ole TV, like “The Honeymooners” for ie…

I don’t know, people…Call me crazy, call me a weird-o-phobe, but this psychotherapy TV, and having to see FAT people all over, and nobody even helping them, its sick.  It makes me pretty upset and sad.

It is a serious problem in America now.

It’s sad, and maddening.

I am glad I chose this one video, it shows that at least they want to lose weight.

I’m a RACIST now, and it is ALL the democrat-liberals FAULT.

That’s what has happened to me. I need to get free in my mind of what the liberal fascist-RACIST demonrats have done to my soul. 

You see, when you grow up in FAIR, ‘tolerant’ New York, it is FORBIDDEN to be a racist.  Absolutely. You are not allowed to say the “N” word, OR ANY ‘racist word’ because you are taught from the age of 4, that these are worse than 4 letter words.  Whitey, honkey, white-b*tch, white-ho, cracker, etc.. was OK though…

I remember this kid in school, 7th grade, when told that he was not allowed to use the ‘N’ word.  He replied to the teacher: “Ma’am, on the TV show The Jeffersons, they use; whitey, honkey and cracker” – The teacher told him that it wasn’t a ‘big-deal’ because white people don’t have racism dicrected AT them..

The teacher was WRONG.

So, this nuevo-racism has NOT been a part of my life. 

 Now it is.

And it is the liberals fault…Why?

Because they NEVER STFUP.

For ie.. I like to go to Political Chat once a week, and because I DO NOT like the pig that is occupying MY White House…


 Which is 100% TOTAL BULLSH*T!

As I stated, I did NOT grow up with ‘racism’ in my family, it was:

I do NOT like Hussein Obama for many of the SAME reason that I could not stand Clinton, and Bush as well….They SCREWED my country UP!

I didn’t/don’t like ONE group of people: ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS.  Gee, I wonder why…. 

That is/was IT, PERIOD! 

Now, I am having a MASSIVE problem, and I am SICK of the RACE-CARD that the so called ‘minorities’ use,  like this whole GATES crap, the CT firefighters CRAP, and this is what is happening to me, and it is the fault of the;


Obama called his white Nana a “TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN,” and this didnt bother was not until I was called a “RACIST!” ~that I even started to turn into one, and now I need healing in my soul from the racist, incite-to-riot LIBERAL meanies.


I will NOT change my mind on Hussein Obama, I have followed him and his campaign of DECEPTION for over 2 years, I know Obama and his EVIL Communist, Marxist ways, you can too, sillies, just read HIS books.

So, if you can please try to refrain from making me more ANGRY, then do so, because I AM TIRED of being ACCUSED of something that I have JUST NOT BEEN!!!!