I just do, I see it, and one thing people, whites stand alone while the vermin RAVAGE, pillage, plunder and rape. 

And they WILL.  When there is NO $$$, they WILL RIOT.

If anything I can see from the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a massive UPPITY attitude from American ‘minorities’

You know who I am talking about….3rd worlders, uh…black people…uh.. illegals…uh mean Mexican people.


 The people I know that are black and Mexican, are GOOD, God fearing individuals that LOVE America,  I REFUSE to hang with the dregs of society, whether they are white, Jew, Christian, black, brown, yellow, etc..but the FACT is that the ‘minorities’ will RIOT when things get out of control. 

The bad part is we DO NOT have morally sound people in the W.H., but traitors that will probably let the streets go to hell. 

 I need to REFRESH your memory how BAD IT CAN GET:

(click on the pictures for a bigger view)

“White people will never riot a la Watts.”

You’re right, White folks would have a chain of command and a strategy for getting what they wanted, not just a mindless desire to raise hell. They’re also a good bit more lethal once aroused, something many seem to have forgotten in their haste to blame all the world’s evils on white folks. Sooner or later, they’ll figure, “we’re already getting blamed and paying for being evil, let’s do it”.

Rev. Manning is more in touch with things that most I’d say. People are fed up and they’re only waiting for the straw to come along to justify their declaring the camel’s back broken. If history is any guide, some stupid democrap will break the camels back with something they intended to be just for gaining the upper hand in democrap infighting…. see where I got this from: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/2283889/posts


  1. One day, a member of your family or a friend will find themselves without insurance, and you will see why people want a national option. Not everybody can afford the hundred-a-month premium for decent private healthcare.

  2. We didnt need insurance back in the 1950s when a house call was only $5 and doctors drove Oldsmobiles, not BMWs. When the govt got involved, by pushing Medicare, prices went way up and there was fraud left and right. Now you want the govt even more involved. Where is this money going to come from when the nation is already bankrupt? Do you really expect Americans to pay for 30 million illegals? The only thing all of these illegals should be paid with is some lead at less than $1 per pop.

    Isnt there enough anti Semitism out there without Bolshevik Jews pushing a left wing anti America agenda. You are a major reason that Jews are hated in every nation.

    Your comments get deleted because you take up too much bandwidth.

  3. I’m not ‘pushing’ anything, and the only people I have been advocating healthcare for are, for the fifth time, American citizens. Somehow this kept getting overlooked and twisted out of proportion. I don’t know how or why, but please, read what I’m saying.

  4. Furthermore, the system we have in place is what I want changed. I want something that’d be better for every citizen in America.

  5. Third, the 1950s are not now.

    Medicare for the elderly is not the only thing that pushed us into bankruptcy.

    If it wasn’t for Medicare, my grandmother and parents would not have the coverage they do now.

    Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, but what about the people here merely for their family’s? Are they earning money and sending it home just to spite you?

    (P.S – Not all illegals are from Mexico. There is at least one illegal Israeli immigrant that I know of, and my cousin is married to her.)

  6. You’re a xenophobic tosspot, and that’s all there is to it. You claim you want America to “turn back to God”, but your skewed ideas of what is truly pure in nature is completely at odds with that of any organised religion.

    But hey, obviously you know better. Clearly, 69 million people must be wrong.

    Additionally, your use of photographs from a bygone era of racial hatred, is quite frankly, offensive.

    A race war? Please. You don’t know anything.

  7. Additionally, isn’t it ironic that you’re espousing a message of racial hatred and extreme prejudice when your own people were once persecuted and hunted down by a foul totalitarian regime?

    Men, women and children, all burning, burning because of hate.

    Hasn’t the past taught you anything at all? The mass extermination of German and Polish Jewish citizens was justified using the very same hateful rhetoric you rely upon.

  8. X- (Your name says it all)
    There is already a race-war being fought verbally.
    You are the toss-pot, tinfoil hate wearing Schmo.
    To call the Mad Jewess a ‘racist’ is stupid.
    The Mad Jewess is my best friend, has lived in neighborhoods that have Chinese, black, Mexicans, Puerto-Ricans, etc.

    You dont see the obvious racism directed at whites now, and she is an activist for white people, such as where we live, in Queens, where white people lived in peace and were 90% of the population, now we are 27%.

    It doesn’t make a white person feel very good, to have Obama, who is a blatant racist, along with his wife, Pastor, black nationalist picks all over his administration.

    69 million? it was 67 million, and the Gop was 54 million, thats not even a large city popular vote, not to mention the voter fraud that the Gop lacked the guts to demand investigation.

    You like Obama, still because you are a fascist.

    Wake UP, the racism is *against* white people, most of whom are too young and too stupid to see what is going on, such as making our young boys and young girls act like ‘wiggers’

    We are also from NYC, you know, the people who fought AGAINST the south who *were* the perpetrators of slavery?? The democrats and the kkk.

    The era that you are so bitter about, is from the 50’s, the greatest decade that we’ve ever heard. The very reason this nation *was* great, and here you are with your anti-American, Christian-hating, white hating sentiments of the typical democrat-kkk, kill ‘evil’ whitey. BTW, King was a Republican, Lincoln was a Republican, The Republicans put the 1st S.O.S.- Colin Powell in, as well as Condi Rice, a black woman. You are a dummy.

    KKK Democrats Lynching Killing Black & White ‘Radical Republicans’

  9. My people will be hunted down and killed again, and you are with the party that will do it.
    It is well known know that 38% democrats believe that the Jews are to blame for the economy.

  10. Other peoples countries are NOT OUR problem. When do you left wing Jews EVER just worry about what is BEST for AMERICA? The REASON we are BANKRUPT is BECAUSE of the LEFT WING, GIVING FREE, FREE, FREE to ILLEGALS!
    Are you frikking stupid, or do you just eat dumb for breakfast?? Wtf place do you live? A damned fairy tale??

  11. Things I have learned from you –
    American Citizens
    are illegal immigrants.
    Wanting healthcare for American Citizens means I want healthcare for illegal immigrants.
    Wanting my cousin to be free to return to Israel to visit her family without fearing losing her son and husband is bad.
    Israel is bad by association.
    All Israelis are bad for living in Israel.
    Illegal Jewish immigrants are EVILS.
    The fact that things change is a lie.
    144 years changes nothing.
    The KKK was in fact founded by Democrats, 144 years ago, in which time nothing has ever changed.
    Black people are inferior to white people.
    Women are inferior to men.
    Race-mixing is unnatural, even if nobody in the U.S. is 100% pure anything, including the person saying it’s wrong.
    Assuming things about people who think a little differently than you is okay, and yelling at someone who continues to speak calmly only makes you more right.

    Things you have learned from me –
    Nothing besides your own superior hate-filled I’m-going-to-twist-what-you-say-because-I-am-better-than-you-and-people-can’t-ever-be-equal-if-they-think-differently.

    Do not reply to this comment, do not contact me again, I am tired of looking for debate where all I get is button smashing and CAPSLOCK YELLING.

    You know, there’s this guy you might like. Jewish, thinks race-mixing is unnatural, thinks black people are unable to handle positions of power, etc. Things you like.

    Too bad he lived in 1940’s Germany.

  12. Illegal immigrants are NOT citizens.
    Wanting healthcare for American Citizens means I want healthcare for illegal immigrants. <Correct.

    Israel is bad by association
    Excuse me… I am a LEADER in a right wing Jewish Organization, I am 100% FOR the PEOPLE of ISRAEL, I am a JEW, moron.
    All Israelis are bad for living in Israel.
    You are FULL OF SHIT, I am 100% PRO Israel, and Israel does not just have a ‘right to exist, it exsits whether people like it or not..

    The KKK was in fact founded by Democrats, 144 years ago, in which time nothing has ever changed.

    Go look up Margaret Sanger, planned Parenthood, Sen Byrd, and VARIOUS other democrats that HATE ALL blacks, just as Hillary called us “G’D Jews, and Rev. Wright calls us “Them Jews” & how HUSSEIN Obama is a NATURAL ENEMY to ALL JEWS, being a MOSLEM. DUH!

    Women are inferior to men.
    PROVE that women are stronger, smarter and show the inventions.

    If a person FALLS IN LOVE that is different, but NOT what we have today, and that you REFUSE to see what race mixing has done to black women, and Mexican women PROVES you are a HEARTLESS SOB.
    Jewish people do NOT get a PASS.
    And IF you voted in Barack hussein Obama, you can thank your treachery:
    US: Jewish breeding, building must end in Jerusalem too – Israel …

  13. Thanks, I am a “Nazi” too… I am David Ben Moshe from the JTF, I am the 2nd in command and the Kahanist movement is the largest in Israel, they are turning far right because of the enemies-A-rab Muslims, which you can thank yourself for, Cayliana.

    *You* voted in an anti-semitic Moslem that hates the Jewish people, but then so did FDR, and you all loved him too. Hillary Clinton as well.

    Kahane was right when he said:
    “One thing we learn from history, is the Jews never learn from history”

    You sent your blood brothers to the wolves in Israel. You have screwed the lives up of all decent G-d fearing Jews that love America, you are not a Jew, you are a Bolshevik traitor to America and to ISrael.
    Repent for your sin.

  14. Also- you MIGHT want to GO AND READ THIS, HaShem is NOT, NOT happy with you.

    [O]nce upon a time the worst enemies of the Jews were to be found on the ideological Right, and the time may very well come when this will be true again. But it is simply not true today. The main source of anti-Semitic propaganda in the world today is not a fascist country like Nazi Germany but a socialist one, so-called: the Soviet Union. In the Middle East the most intransigent enemies of Israel are not Arab conservatives like King Hussein but Arabs of the revolutionary Left . . . . In Europe, it is the radical Left and not the Right which chants [anti-Semitic] slogans . . .

    And in America — in America we find publications of the ideological Right like the Alternative [later renamed The American Spectator] warning against and deploring the growth of anti-Semitism, while publications of the Left like the Village Voice blithely go on expressing or apologizing for anti-Semitic sentiments and ideas.

  15. Do not reply to this comment, do not contact me again,

    This is SO TYPICAL of a liberal….COMMANDING people on THEIR blogs to ‘not comment’ back to them.. “Do not reply”
    Simple, Cayliana, DONT COME HERE. But I do NOT do what YOU tell ME in MY BLOG HOME, got it STUPID simpleton?

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