IT’S THE “OVARIAN” Administration, people, with the WORST FEMINISTS ALIVE

    In the NY Post and the Daily News this morning, we had Mrs. Clinton whining about how Bill is not the ‘man-in-charge’ basically, and she is. Wow, we don’t know this, American people, right?  We certainly didn’t want this Evita Peron scum in the office again.  But, here we have it, people, the Ovarian Office.

Women in charge, so of course you will hear stupid Pelosi, the most hated woman in America.  She is an emotional flibbitygibbit disgrace of a woman…let’s just call IT, a female..This female, goes out to the American people and says we are ‘astro-turf.’ This shows how much the DNC is in touch with America, they AREN’T. The gall, the audacity…yes, the audacity.. what is the definition of audacity? 

Audacity is:  boldness or daring, esp. with confident or arrogant disregard for personal safety, conventional thought, or other restrictions,  effrontery or insolence; shameless boldness. 

Which brings me to Boxer, (a Jewess) another PMDD mess of a bitchy FEMALE.  Saying that the “astro-turfers” had “NAZI” swatstickas.  The daring, shamless, arrogant JEZEBEL-Jewess who had the ‘audacity’ to belittle a General of the U.S. Military. Well, if this is what liberal Jews rank in as “Jewish-Superiority” they are doing a sloppy job. I actually like this, for the simple reason that it debunks what neo-nazis and rabid anti-semities say about Jewish women.  (It makes Jewess’s like me look FABULOUS 😉 Thank you, Boxer!) 

Audacity, they do have.. Shameless? Yes.  Arrogant?  Most certainly.  Disregard?  Matter of fact.  Insolence?  Most assuredly. Boldness? No.  Daring, not at all.  These women are the epitomy of the female part that most women don’t like to bring up, it starts with a “C”.

We have the OVARIAN ADMINISTRATION….. And then we have the Moslem world. Can you all believe this? It is quite embarassing, being a woman in this day and age. 

This is the dawning of the Midol Mensturation Administration.

Yes, you woke up, and these women are ruling America.

Hold onto your balls, MEN.


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