This is what black women think of ‘inter-racial’ dating & marriage:

She believes it is evil, she is right, it is. 

The PROPAGANDA against black folks from the left is ASTONISHING, and it is embedded by the ‘fair and tolerence’ committee of the Universities that are FULL of leftist, murdering propaganda.

Folks, its one thing, falling in love, but another where an actual genocidal act is taking place before our very eyes.

Whether we chose to ‘admit’ this or not, it’s not natural. The New Testament says in the ‘last days’ that the natural will become un-natural.

Its up to you to decide. I have made up my mind, and it has nothing to do with ‘racism’ it has everything to do with what is natural.

10 thoughts on “This is what black women think of ‘inter-racial’ dating & marriage:

  1. Gotta say…I like your blog. Lots of effort obviously goes into it…Thought too. That’s the trouble in this world, too much PC and whitewash. Like all that crap about Teddy. I used to follow Shiva but can’t find him anymore. Yours reminds me of his in a way. If I need a dose of that I’ll swing on over. Keep at it.

  2. Solomon, where is he?? Isnt that the Rogue Jew??
    Come on over–anytime, lets make them SO mad they close me down, and I can scream;

  3. Shiva…I don’t know if he was called the rogue Jew , had a blog called “Illustrated PIG to islam” His blog was shut down by “BLOGSPOT” for “violation of terms” . He would post a comment on Jihad Watch once in awhile. I surmise that maybe you are located in NYC. Lifestyles we could be no further apart but I would die for the Jews. To be their friends and allies is the natural thing to do. However…the leftist Jews disgust me.What is wrong with these apostates? Do they want a repeat?

  4. ‘However…the leftist Jews disgust me.What is wrong with these apostates? Do they want a repeat?’
    You have NO idea that I am with you 1,000,000%, they are bringing such destruction to the Jewish people, I am sorry, I hope God smites them.

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