White desperation is manifesting itself in various forms. Last week I received an e-mail from a Jewish woman whom I shall call Hadassah who described herself as being frustrated by racial preferences and racial double standards. After reading my book, The New White Nationalism in America, and my blog criticizing the Southern Poverty Law Center, Hadassah wrote to inquire whether I would be willing to serve as an interpreter between the races. She thought the book gave a fair treatment of white nationalism and felt that perhaps I might be the one person who could help improve the situation. This blog represents my first attempt at being a cross-racial interpreter.

I found in Hadassah’s request both sincerity and quiet desperation. Hers is one of many such e-mails I have received over the years from whites who confess to having been raised in liberal democratic- homes, but who are now flirting with white nationalism. These whites express frustration with immigration, black crime rates, racial preferences, and demographic changes reducing the percentage of non-Hispanic whites in the population. They see themselves as the “real” victims of racial discrimination, who have no recourse left other than to organize themselves for self-preservation. Many people believe that these concerns and attitudes belong to a radical fringe. I disagree.

Hadassah wrote: Clap  USA

I myself never harbored any racialist or racist attitudes until the advent of the playing of the race card, affirmative action, reverse racism against White people, and the myriad attempts by liberals in government to make life unbearable for those of the White Race, such as forced integration, forced busing, and the ruination of White neighborhoods. I have met many Asian people who share these exact concerns as well.
Because of the many efforts by professional race mongers such as the SPLC, the NAACP, and the like, hatred against your people has heightened to a level I have never before seen in my half-century of life on this earth. It terrifies me, and I wonder if perhaps fair-minded persons like yourself could help ameliorate this in some way? It seems you have indeed been trying; I try to do the same within the Jewish community, to make Jewish liberals understand that many of their actions only harm the Jewish people in the eyes of the Gentile community.

Hadassah’s willingness to write me a letter suggests she is willing to engage in some sort of constructive dialogue. She is not the only Jewish person who identifies as a white nationalist. In the New White Nationalism in America, I quote two Jewish nationalist professors who expressed sentiments quite similar to Hadassah’s: Michael Levin and Michael Hart. Hart had even gone as far as to develop a plan for partitioning the United States by race and ethnicity. Both interviews can be read in their entirety in Swain and Nieli’s Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism.

MUST READ below WHO REAL Jews are, compared to liberal-Jews that are JINOs:

What is the Erev rav? Who are they?


Jewish people that LOVE God, LOVE Christians, and gentiles do NOT believe-EVER that Jewish people are supposed to be in office in AMERICA, and we are being persecuted UNRIGHTEOUSLY by people that have #1. Lack of knowledge, or #2. Just hate Jews.  Well, we don’t hate YOU, but you NEED to read that PDF. Please.  We should NOT be held accountable for the actions of JINOs, the ERAV RAV..


  1. The Republicans are in the hands of Islamo-Papal Fascists. The Republicans are running muslim candidates. Nixon got the Saudis to fund the Black Muslims because he feared the Jews were behind desegregation. Catholic bigotry towards Romney sealed othe rmonoirty faiths in support of Obama. The Republican Catholics let the terrorists in when Giuliani had the Albanians harass Serb Easter vigil. They want to canonize their nazi pope. We might be conservative, but we are not going to side with those who want to kill us!

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  3. This is crazy. Are you serious about this? How sad. How can you be in favour of White Nationalism? Another name commonly used for White Nationalism/White Pride, whatever…is neonazism…

  4. No, its not. White Nationalism and neo-Nazism are 2 different things. I didnt write the article, however. What the hell is wrong with you people that hate white people so much? I know MANY white people who just dont like race-mixing, thats all, they are NOT Nazis. Jews that are religious do NOT want their people marrying people that are not in religion agreement.
    Nothing wrong has EVER been done to me by a white person. I cannot say the same, however about Mexicans or black people in the lives of my family.

  5. BTW: Bat, all due respect, but dont just come over there and post with no FACTS.
    You are only repeating what is told to you by people that hate white people.
    Many Jewish people are WNs.

  6. Batanu- WN’s are not neo-nazis. The JTF.ORG is not a NAZI organization, we are white and tired of reverse racism, and discrimination against white people.
    Are you not a white person?

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