Kids in schools across America to get indoctrinated on September 8th

He is losing popularity with the adults, now it’s time to influence the children…..

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I call myself a "Christian" although I dont really like that term, because Hitler called himself a Christian and we all know that Hitler was about as far from being a real Christian as anyone could get. I would much rather call myelf a believer in Messiah, His name is Yashua ha Maschiach. I will defend the Jews and Israel and stand beside them as long as I live. Anyone that comes against Israel and her people, comes against God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bible clearly states "I will bless those that bless thee and I will curse those that curse thee" (talking about israel)...

7 thoughts on “Kids in schools across America to get indoctrinated on September 8th

  1. saw your comments at another blog and am glad you were so “persistant”. Have so little time to follow blogs but just thought I’d let you know I admire how you handled yourself in the face of bigots and fools.
    no need to reply as I probably can’t return (semester began) and am not checking the follow up box. Still, my compliments to you!

  2. I am going to contact our school district and ask that they do not participate. I urge everyone to do the same and I will try to get this up on all of my sites. Let the “teachers” on 9/08 sit down and read and discuss the constitution with their students and explain that their future depends on this being our guiding light as far as being free.
    Bob A.

  3. Conservative presidents did this too. Ronald Reagan and George Bush did this exact same thing…I see no big problem with them doing it then and there shouldn’t be a problem with Obama doing it now. He’s just going to be telling kids to pursue education and work hard in school…how is that wrong/indoctrination?

  4. Hello Joan of New York, I havent looked in for awhile on ya but I am glad to see your HARD AT IT.I watched and loved the Platters video I watched about 10seconds of 50 cents who isnt worth a copper penny.Yes I as you know am a professional singer songwriter and the EARLY BLACK contributions were great but not that SHIT.How stupid are people to listen to that VILE CRAP,,It does not even have a redeeming quality about it, Barbara Boxer thing you did was outstanding REALLY REALLY FUNNY,AND TRUE.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK YOU ARE TRULY A AMERICAN PATRIOT. Dont forget to go fishing now and then winters coming so be ready New York can get almost as cold as where we come from NorthEast Iowa on the Mississippi river.Anyway give em hell in the form of REAL TRUTH AS YOU DO SO WELL.See ya Joan of NewYork,,,,,,,,,

  5. Ron- I am OUT of Commie NY. Yes, I am HARD at it. I have HAD IT with these psycho-mindf-cking monsters from the pits of hell.
    I am going to the Southwest- to an AMERICAN town. God Bless, Have a GREAT weekend!

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