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Recently I read a post on: Debauchery is A.O.K .org/   

It read like this, before it was removed by; 


‘The most anvil’d Aesop I see in fanfic is probably “life begins at conception”. Nobody, even characters who probably would consider the option if they weren’t being made OOC by the author, ever gets an abortion, and even male characters who would be like “GAH DO NOT WANT FLESH WATERMELON SHOOTING OUT OF MY ASS GET IT OUT” turn into snivveling pro-lifers who cherish the little assbaby because ABORTION IS MURDER. ‘

Incredible.. Just incredible…

Question, NASTYHOBBITSES……If it is not murder, what the hell is it?

Take a look, dear, sweet, thoughful, kind NASTY….

Usually, they don’t show you this in SCHOOL about “PARTIAL-Birth/MURDER” ‘abortions’…….Nasty…

I wonder why.. could it be, that your stomach is turning upside down at this picture?

Yes, here ^ is a 22 week old “FETUS.” 

Nice, Nasty?? Do they show you this in SCHOOL?

Or this;

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, published articles from Adolf Hitler’s director of eugenic sterilization, Ernst Rudin, and spawned “The Negro Project,” her strategy for eliminating the black
population. She believed in removing what she called “the dead weight of human waste.”

And you ANIMALS call US racist for CRITICIZING minorities?? Are you INSANE?

Or, how about this…Is this what they show you in Home Economics? Nasty……..!!??!!


What do you think now, NASTY?

Are you willing to open your FKN EYES for a damned minute, take your head OUT of your ASS and SEE the MURDER that is committed in the worst HOLOCAUST against INNOCENT people, EVER, right here in the United States of America, started by a DEMOCRAT/KKK member:

Over at “WHYGODWHY”,  they say I am a ‘racist’, because I DARE to criticize black people, I dare to criticize Mexicans & illegals, I dare to criticize fat people that are KILLING themselves, and now, I DARE to expose the TRUTH about “ABORTION” and it being MURDER.

 I was just another brainwashed DOLT like all of you, and I was a “POLITICALLY CORRECT” little dumbass liberal.  Now I just have my eyes opened at the OBVIOUS racism/hate/bigotry against white people, Christians, right-wing Jews and BABIES… &..

What the hell you a**holes think. You CONDONE MURDER. 


I criticize, but you all, are ACCESSORIES to MURDER!!