The ZnFrankie show….yay! IF YA WANT A GOOD LAUGH, take a listen…=o)


ZnFrankie (joined by Trish) talk about things going on in America and beyond and the false prophets and their PROPHECY SMACK in the Christian community-the far right Christian community, (there are quite a few, believe me)….. This is NOT proselytizing though, it’s a comedy/news/current events/music show…that is what is so good about it……Everyone on here is a free thinker and think outside the box (like me).

Joined by Trish, they insert some humerous rantings and ravings. Frankie discusses his disillusionment of the Americana he once knew…Trish says there is still hope. WHAT DO ALL OF YOU THINK? Zeph chimes in with some music he is working on ALL the music on this show is his, very good…..and how many of us just sit and do nothing, while our country goes into the toilet. Oh, and let’s not forget Frankie’s survival coffee making tip.

Take a listen… might like it…CAUTION: Un-Censored and a few Christianity jargons thrown around, but these guys are great….

Don’t be afraid to laugh, it’s OK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I call myself a "Christian" although I dont really like that term, because Hitler called himself a Christian and we all know that Hitler was about as far from being a real Christian as anyone could get. I would much rather call myelf a believer in Messiah, His name is Yashua ha Maschiach. I will defend the Jews and Israel and stand beside them as long as I live. Anyone that comes against Israel and her people, comes against God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bible clearly states "I will bless those that bless thee and I will curse those that curse thee" (talking about israel)...

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  1. Oh, and these guys actually care about what’s going on in America right now….too…

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