Courtesy of the LEFTIST/satanists, America *WILL* bow to Islam & evil

Daniel 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Click It’s official: America bows down to Islam, literally. – Code3’s


 Fort Hood…The satanic left, with their apologetic bs toward this ‘peace-filled’ religion… mocking our soldiers by calling it a “TRAGEDY.”  It was a TERRORIST attack.  A cold-blooded murderer, shot 13 people, and the MSM refuses to even tell you the truth, that there WERE at least 3 shooters, at least.  

   But, pay close attention.  America will most certainly bow to Islam.  It already has.  The non-leader, BHO- bowed to a MUSLIM Saudi King, he ranted on and on about his Muslim ‘faith.’  So, you will either bow to Islam, or get your head chopped off, here in America.

America: Tekel is one of the inscriptions written on the wall in King Belshazzar’s banquet hall. “You’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting,” explains the prophet Daniel, who has been called in to interpret God’s handwriting on the wall for the wicked ruler of Babylon, Belshazzar. This grandson of Nebuchadnezzar did things like defile the Jewish temple, have drunken orgies, and worship the gods of silver and gold. 

Sept 29, 2008 the stocks fell 777 pts.  7 means completion, perfect.  The next day was Rosh HoShanna. This year was the year anniv. of the terrible fall of the stocks.  9/9/2009- 9– meaning Gods judgement and wrath.

   Because America has utterly forsaken the great I AM, the KING, and Creator, He will now turn you over to your enemies;  Things that will happen-  ROCKETS  all over America from enemies. Make no mistake, it will come, and the sad part, is that it will NOT tarry.  People will grow hardened, they will persecute Jews and born-again believers. 

Terror will be all over America, and America will only grow harder, to face destruction. Nuke

Below, from the New Testament, the book of Revelations:

Satanists from the left, are the children of total destruction.


CALIFORNIA 7th graders forced to learn Islamic prayers; Click:   No wonder a pigs head was thrown into a Maine mosque


6 thoughts on “Courtesy of the LEFTIST/satanists, America *WILL* bow to Islam & evil

  1. Very moving. I wish more people would wake up. I truly do not want to believe that about the Statue of Liberty but it sure fits. We are definitely in the Last Days. How many days do we have left? Pray, everyone, pray! Just make sure that you pray to the Lord Jesus Christ!!

  2. How many days DO we have left?

    I wish we were in the Last Days of this administration!

    Hey MJ
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving up at your new place! Always so much to be thankful for! Take care sister,


  3. Shalom Mad Jewess,

    Regarding ObuMer, the Undocumented Worker @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    In the Hebrew Bible in Daniel 4:14, and in the Christian version in Daniel 4:17, is says – “paraphrased” – That God will put the lowest most vile person in a position of power to punish the un-Godly, or an un-Godly nation.


    And did someone mention the statue of liberty?

    Does thou shall not make unto thyself any “graven image” ring a bell?

    Yea I know, I know, many American Patriots dang near worship the statue of liberty.

    But in my neck of the woods (The Zone) we call that idolatry.

  4. Z, that is a Christian perspective, I thought it interesting. My neck of the woods thinks the same, but we are both from the same neck :).

    He is a dang usurper!

    Z, I have a hard time finding the right scriptures online. I don’t know how to find them half the time, and also, when I do, I forget to save it. Duh.

    BUT- When I go to find a Christian scripture, I am confused, b/c there are 48 translations of their scriptures. When I find the Hebrew, there is usually only 1. And I ALWAYS lose the website. I have tried to stay away from getting ‘religious’ but feel that this is the end age.

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