Investigative Researcher:  DONNA
Stupid is as stupid does, NAPOLITANO. She works HARD for her Money..NO SPAM.
 No one thought to vet him BEFORE allowing him on the base? No wonder all those Americans were killed.
The system worked…
WTF, opps WTH sorry no I am not!!!!
I know you know that LYING is permitted to gain access to do allahs work…destroying infidels.
When the CIA and MILITARY learn this aspect of Islamofascism, they might actually get somewhere with these heathens.
Anyone aware that when you send an email to the White House and click on the “I have a comment on a policy issue,” that NATIONAL SECURITY is not even on the list??????!!!!!!!

I am sure the CIA run by Panetta didn’t need to search this guy because he thought this would never happen when we have the most “respected” President to the world in office. Did suicide bomber think George W Bush is still in office? Did he know that our President just won the Nobel Peace Prize and will be bringing more peace to all? Did he know that we are closing down Gitmo and giving fair trials to alleged bad guys just like American citizens in fair courts? Did he know that President Obama addressed Muslims everywhere wanting to come in peace? President Obama will be working on dismantling our nuclear weapons and trying our soldiers in world courts. Do we know we stopped all mean interrogation techniques like water boarding so we can earn “respect” and love in the world?

I guess this misunderstood suicide bomber did keep up with the news. I am sure when the rest of the world gets this news they will treat our CIA Agents and soldiers differently. (SARCASM OFF)


I am So so SAD! :_((((((((

another systemic failure

I will not believe the people who ran this outpost were stuck on stupid- there’s more to the story

(Hey Barack, how’s that extended hand thing workin’ for us?)


OHHH this one is better!

No body pat-down, no physical check of the individual....?

Idiots stuck on stupid.

Map locates Khost province, Afghanistan where a suicide bomber targeted…

 Is this a Poor excuse. ???????

Friendly fire, short rounds of artillery, civilians in harms way, unmarked minefields, unexploded ordinance for years or decades to come, presidents that micro manage, congress that pulls the plug when a war is winnable, peace conferences without honor, accidents with all types of weapons, misjudging the target, lack of attention for the job to be done, guerrillas mistaken for civilians are only some of the mistakes made during a war.

In the fog of battle the picture is never 100% clear.

Good leaders from the very top down want to prevent causalities and take all the steps they can to minimize them, but war is not an exact science.

The case of this suicide bomber, invited on base, yet not vetted is inexcusable. Sadly we learn from our mistakes in war time, yet there are times we don’t get a second chance. do you ZERO?????

Rarely does something good happen in a war zone.

Well, the CIA Chief in the FOB was killed. She may have been responsible for not enforcing tighter security measures leading to her death and her subordinates. Sad, she had three kids.

AP sources: Suicide bomber was invited on base



Pastor SICK Warren needs YOUR $$~Inauguration of SATAN broke him..


This is the dude that helped with Barack HUSSEIN Osama’s inauguration.  Does this moonbat think there is NO payday with the devil?  Amazing.. He ‘needs’ money.. NEEDS.  No, he WANTS.  Well, the half-baked, moonbat gasbag is just out of his skull.  This is the same weirdo Preacher that lets homosexuals have a “Fathers Day” at his “Church.”  Whatever.. Thumbs Down

LAKE FOREST, California —  Evangelical pastor Rick Warren appealed to parishioners at his California megachurch Wednesday to help fill a $900,000 deficit by the first of the year.

Warren made the appeal in a letter posted on the Saddleback Church Web site. It begins “Dear Saddleback Family, THIS IS AN URGENT LETTER.”    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,581572,00.html?test=latestnews



First Amendment crowd?

HELLO????? Where are you?

Oh right – your guy is the one doing it. 🙂

It will only get worse. No one can stop Obama.

An Important Message From the President of the United States
The Oval Office, December 29, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)     I like the Childe Hassam painting on the left, and I don’t usually go for impressionism—American or French.  She is probably the only person who take her job seriously in that office since Jan 20, 2009.

What is the painting on the right above the Remington statuette?

I don’t want to say what it looks like it could be.

He welcomes the “alleged” terrorists to our shores and makes sure that his friends know that the Christian tree is gone so they can visit him again in his office without being offended.


The President is one color; isn’t he? 

Meanwhile…..On WOWK-TV’s live doppler……..


Painting of the Statue of Liberty, by Norman Rockwell.

The rug with the seal on it appears to be getting worn out.

That giant sucking sound you hear is not that vacuum…..it’s all our money spent by the Obama administration flying through space…..never to be heard of or seen by us again.

Someone should photoshop Obama’s head hiding behind the desk with the caption, “Please don’t tell anyone I’m here, lady!”

Is the carpet with the Great Seal of the US the one that Clinton pi$$ed on when he left office?

Now who’s that with the vacuum cleaner?

I had to hit the magnifier on my laptop to zoom in on it … it sure looked like a Muslim minarette tower ….

You can tell no work has been done in the room for a year.
you must clean every room from time to time.




 I have seen this Office since January 20, 2009 at High NOON!!!!! If only BOZO would continue this Hawaiian Sabbattical until the end of his Term which hopefully will be in three years or Less if by chance he gets IMPEACHED and Removed!

The Presidental Seal on the rug, the Eagle is facing away from the arrows? I thought when at war Eagle faces to the arrows. Obama must think we are not at war.

Looks like the lights are on and nobody’s home.

This pic kind of sums it all up, doesn’t it?

An empty, cold, detached room, with someone around to clean up after him at our expense.

Aren’t we better off when our “savior” isn’t stinking up that office?

Done by Norman Rockwell.



Prescient cartoon.

Post by DONNA S.


(I am WITH the republicans on this)        



Republican calls on Napolitano to resign
Tuesday, December 29 @ 19:27:15 EST by admin (126 reads)
Republican GOP Republicans immigrationRep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) on Tuesday became the first lawmaker to call on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to resign after the recent attempted airline bombing.The veteran member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee called for Napolitano’s ouster in the wake of the attack on the Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day.Earlier this year, some Republicans called on Napolitano to step down after her agency issued a report warning of the dangers of right wing “extremists.”
Sorry, CIA. The news from Zero’s Hawaiian vacation (where he will not rest until the, uh, alleged, sort of, perhaps, suspects are caught) is the CIA is gonna take the fall for this.
Has the Gorelick Wall been reimposed? Seems likely with some of the articles being written.
How long before Pelosi publicly accuses the CIA of lying?
According to the Speaker of the House, the CIA only lies so why would anyone trust their information?
So the CIA told the Obama admin all about this terrorist, and the Obamarrhoids did what???

Went snorkeling… and golfing… and ate expensive steaks… and held party Wednesdays… and went shopping… and on dates… and campaigning… and world-traveling… and accepting undeserved awards… and lobbying for boondoggles… and apologizing for our existence…( Donna)

This b*tch calls US the extremists and has done absolutely ZERO regarding attacks from Islam, Gee, I WONDER WHY?!  It is because NERO-TANO has 2 assistants that are MUSLIMS!

Click: DHS Appoints 2 ‘Devout’ Muslims to Security Posts

CLICK on the below Pic:

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11


Muslims and Bolsheviks in charge, NO WONDER we are DOOMED!


When WHITES get targeted….not….a….peep….

Gang members targeted white victims in Denver attacks

When whites get targeted, WHERE is Al Sharpton?  WHERE is the ACLeft Wing Jews? WHERE is anybody for that matter?  What the hell is this? War on the ‘evil’ white man? Are we living in the damned Cowboy/Indian days?!   Where the hell is the Lone Ranger? Has Tonto joined the ADL?  Do people even GET that racism goes BOTH WAYS?

Hello?  Is there ANYBODY in there?!

Did you notice there were no riots, when the white kid got the hell kicked out him in Denver?

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN AMERICA that American kids are hung out to dry, while minorities are given FREE reign, and not a WORD from our ‘beloved’ media plutocrats?!

Where is Al Sharpton?
Affidavits: Denver bangaz targeted white victims

Here; get your Black on white crime for free.. after all, someones gotta do it, OBAMA AINT GONNA.


Gang members targeted white victims in Denver attacks


Everything is repeating itself all over again. See, it you are a Jew that is patriotic, religious, abide by Torah, and support Israel, you are an ‘enemy’.  If you are against America, and Israel, like www.jewsagainstzionism.com  you are A OK.  When you see the white neo-Nazis, and they hate that you are patriotic and religious, you know who they are WITH:


 This means that 

The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD ,  the INCOGMAN & AKIRA here on WORDPRESS are WITH Obama, and these Jihadi Muslims that want America DESTROYED forever, and turn this nation into a 3rd world cesspool.


  • Lenin shut down a far higher percentage of synagogues than either churches or mosques.
  • The only Jews who were accepted were those who rejected Judaism and Zionism. Those who refused were declared Enemy of the People, subject to extermination.
  • Lenin wrote, “Whoever directly or indirectly puts forward the slogan of a Jewish “national culture” is (whatever his good intentions may be) an enemy of the proletariat, a supporter of the old and of the caste position of the Jews, an accomplice of the rabbis and the bourgeoisie.” No other ethnicity was singled out in such a fashion and German nationalism was actually promoted at the same time.
  • Joseph Stalin killed Jews in disproportionate numbers.
  • In Holodomor, which targeted Ukrainian farmers, Jews were over-represented among the victims. While hardly any Jews were farmers, 1.4% of the victims were Jewish. If farmers were picked at random, it would’ve been under 0.1%.
  • In the Katyn massacre, Jews were likewise over-represented and “Jewish intelligentsia” was an explicit target of Stalin. One of the victims was the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army.
  • Holocaust denial was the standard party line in the Soviet Union and it was only allowed to admit that “Soviet citizens” were murdered by the Nazis with no mention that Jews were targeted.
  • When the PLO killed the Israeli Olympic team in 1972, East German Communists helped the Arabs commit the massacre.
  • See the rest: Challenge to David Duke