The Sun has set on the “AGE OF AQUARIUS” The 1960’s ‘MARXIST-hippies are DEAD’

Face it FALSE ‘peace-niks’ it is over.   Your Marxism,  is over.  Your debauchery is finished.  It is over with turning our children into morons, dumbing them down to make them fit your evil agenda of false peace and a tolerence that will never come. 

You have destroyed everything that is good, everything that is holy- your time is now on the horizon.   You have built a ‘multi-cultural’ hell, and now you are finished with your reign of evil.  Your reign of destruction, and hating our forefathers, your reign of treating our troops in harms way like trash.  It is the end of your pollution of our minds. It is the end of the ‘feminists’ that are never there for women in pain.

The END of your agenda of ‘gay’ to make our young boys into pansies.

The END of your sin. JUDGEMENT is come, you are at………..

You have brought WAR, as you preached peace. 

 You are enraging a people that WERE tolerent…

We are tolerent NO MORE.

17 thoughts on “The Sun has set on the “AGE OF AQUARIUS” The 1960’s ‘MARXIST-hippies are DEAD’

  1. I fully agree with you and Mike Judge, “King Of The Hill”… Hippies SUCK!!!

    And so does Bill Gates with his anti-white scholarship scheme to place all us white Americans in one seriously horrendous Afro-centric dominated future where none of us will find a moment of peace or liberty!

    They ought to throw these spoiled little creeps a free Phish Concert and when they are all bunched up in one big clumped up ball of stink’in human filth, then order up an air strike of cluster bombs and napalm.

    Hippie communes are no more than Commie Marxist indoctrination camps full of mental weaklings like the Manson followers! I say send all that survive Phish Armageddon straight to the armed services to be used as fodder for our country’s current “Rules of Engagement” policies in the far away lands of the savage barbaric radical dot heads and camel jockeys!

  2. Wow, hippie communes are the problem, eh?
    You didnt look at what the hippie movement did. You are exactly as your name says; AN ASSHOLE.
    Yeah, keep railing against them. Big threat to America, those hippie communes. I mean, they’re everywhere. Can’t even go for a carton of milk without some tie-dye shirted stinky fucker offering to pay for half of it. You guys are doing God’s work, battling the hippies and their communes and their gay indoctrination camps. That’s the key to conservative triumph in the 21st century. Keep on fighting the good fight.

  3. You are the one with the name ASSHOLE retard! And I’d bet its a crusty one at that you commie Shit-Bird!
    You are probably some over the hill former hippie piece of shit who’s probably just frustrated because you are so old and brain damaged you are no longer desirable enough to participate in their no crusty holes barred love-in bi-sexual orgies.
    And yes, I do know what the hippies did. Among other things they lowered our country’s moral standards to that of the average bush monkey and all but destroyed the institution of holy matrimony between the two sexes that are indeed responsible for producing and raising healthy well adjusted children who grow up to be productive responsible members of decent society.
    This as opposed to dirty stink’in leftist iconoclast slackers who leach off their familys while the fly all over the country in commercial airliners headed for yet another of hundreds of Grateful Dead shows where they drop acid and spin around like swirling dirvishes to some of the most lame music ever passed off on droves of tasteless saps dressed in tie dye and dirty Mexican ponchos. They always left a trail of garbage (human and otherwise) behind for the good people of the towns they invaded to clean up and rehabilitate. A good number of the victims of your Hippie “Acid Culture” are brain damaged for life and will spent the remainder of their ruined lives in mental institutions. Those are the lucky ones; the ones who haven’t opted to commit suicide yet like Abbie Hoffman did when he woke up to the reality that the whole Hippie/Yippie thing was just a huge joke played upon the weak minded children of privilege who were so spoiled by their well to do parents that they thought they could turn everything opposite to what millions of years of human evolution have proven to be the best way to live in a civilized society.
    Your sexual revolution brought us the rampant spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and even helped these same sex plagues to morph into more virulent strains that cause millions immense suffering and death every year.
    Your precious Hippies are responsible for the huge foothold Communism has secured within our government and has made our formerly great nation a mere laughing stock to the rest of the world who used to have to be content with knowing they would never stand a chance of being anywhere as great as we once were before the leftist scum took away our right to defend our selves against (among other things) washed up over the hill hippie trash like you.
    By the way, can I interest you in a couple of complementary tickets to an outdoor Phish happening? There will also be a Free Armed forces Air Show included! Be there or be square!

  4. Hey, Mr. I’m an Asshole!:

    There’s a rather fruity fellow in Washington named Barney Frank who would just love to connect with you on a close up and deep personal level.

    Get thee to a proctologist!

  5. This retarded idiot is convinced in his damaged mind that you and I are on the subject of some sort of Hippie movement that exsists today. As if these nostalgic history re-enactors we see prancing about in sixties period costumes have any relevance in todays world.

    How about the suggestion that Hippies sit outside dairy stores offering to pay half the retail price for milk purchases of total strangers!

    Boy Howdy! That’s a real hum dinger!

  6. The Mad Jewess changed my name on here. I could care less, really, but it’s kind of sad. The Mad Jewess is a coward. Now go ahead and censor this, you inconsequential zero. I’m certainly no hippie. Not even a liberal. You might like to know, though, that liberals LOVE your website.

  7. Yeah, oh they ‘love my website’ alright, going so far as to ‘save me from myself’ and have given a ‘404 error’ on many of my posts, you are a MORON.
    Go back to your Bolshevik Schools, and sing your song;

  8. Interesting how many MORONS that HATE America are in Irvine…
    State/Region: California
    City: Irvine
    Latitude: 33.6403
    Longitude: -117.7694
    Area Code: 949

  9. hey, watch out who you making fun of. As a former hippie, ex-marxist sympathizer-romanticizer I represent all that you hate. hehehe

    fyi, I am a peace-loving, earth-hugging, humanity hating leftist with a swing in my front yard that sometimes swings right when slackers and bankers and stupid people who lived beyond their means want handouts and bailouts. I especially hate Americans who are despicable, no matter how much they weigh. But when they are spouting diatribe and stupid rightwing rhetoric while almost choking on a double cheeseburger deluxe, it turns my stomach an added notch. know what I mean madjewess?

  10. Yeah, but I dont eat chesseburgers. The right wing which you are talking about are comprised of people that have ZERO clue just what the hell is happening here.
    I know about the bailout creeps, Imagine the gall that this govt has giving OUR $ without our damned permission. I dont live beyond my means, Rose, Goodwill is the place I shop, and probably the ONLY place one can get clothes still made in the USA.
    Here, have a song, hope it makes your day, it might give you an indication of where I am and how lost I feel.

  11. cool that you shop at goodwill, mj. Is it okay to call you that? Or would you prefer mad, or jewess? sorry, I like to shorten things down. I found a consignment shop in Spokane that I like but I know what you mean about finding clothes from the USA. I scored at a church rummage sale last year and got bags full of vintage clothes, many made in USA, but the styles aren’t really me.

    I never thought for a second that you were a tea party type. I’m sure you would not fit in here in hicksville, eastern wash. It’s loaded with hillbillies and hippies. You’d absolutely hate it! Unless you love the great outdoors. It is superb here for nature lovers.

    Loved the song. I am lost too, girl. Our country is going down the tubes and most Americans have no clue what to do. If we continue to enable them by artificially propping them up, we will collapse beyond repair.

    I was an anthropology major. I know about civilization collapse. I think we are headed there. It is not a slow process…

    I enjoy conversing with you. Just let me know what to call you.

  12. Oh, i live in a Hicksville town too. I love the outdoors.

    Well, heres the deal with my personal afiliation with the Tea Parties. In reality, I have been sending tea to congress since 2007. Sure, there are some people that are GOP or bust, but most tea people are in their 50’s and up, and hate the govt guts.

    I also believe that we are headed toward total collapse. The nation used to be very Christian, the Christians didnt protect it, and here we have decay and they are wondering what happened. Duh.

    Yes, MJ is cool. I love Vintage clothes, but mostly hats, I am a vintage hat wearing freak!
    I ascribe to Churchhills version of liberalism and conservatism;
    “If you are not a liberal in your 20’s, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative by the time you’re 40, you have no brains. (Something to that effect)

    As far as the charitable type, thats me, I am very liberal in that respect. As far as what I make being MINE, I am totally conservative.
    You should write about that; being an Anthropology major and foreseeing the collapse.

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