MUSLIM Prez B. HUSSEIN Obama couldn’t be bothered w/ todays Airplane JIHAD!

I received this in an email from author-DONNA, but really, folks, what can you expect from a

MUSLIM NON-President?!


Certainly you didn’t expect him to be bothered in his 5,000 per night mansion. His first question was if they gave the poor misunderstood brother got his miranda rights.
In less than a year in office we have had two terrorist attacks in the U.S. this one and Ft. Hood. I guess him bowing and scraping to dictators and playing footsie with militant muzzies works.
Seems it was an unsuccessful act of terrorism not just an attempt.
While today’s failed terrorist attack has been reported, I am posting this Washington Post report in breaking news for the additional facts and incredible information that is being reported.

The WaPo is reporting, Obama; who is in Hawaii celebrating whatever he celebrates on December 25, was NOT TOLD ABOUT TODAYS FAILED AL QUADA TERRORIST ATTACK FOR 3 HOURS.

I am absolutely outraged – 3 hours?

The left lost their minds over Bush collecting his thoughts for 6 minutes but Obama can’t be bothered for 3 hours?!?!

Calling Michael Moore you lazy, fat, hypocrite, basturd!!

Today, a known terrorist, under orders from Al Queda, almost brought down a plane over US Soil. At least two people plus the terrorist was hurt.

Now we learn this same terrorist was already on the NO Fly List – but allowed to board a US bound flight.

Obama can’t be bothered for 3 hours, says security measures are just “peachy as is”. Dear Leader won’t increase our current threat level.

It’s Christmas and many Freepers are enjoying the day with their families. For those that are lurking around can you tell me this does not infuriate you?

Our incompentent SOB, whose administration says there is no terrorism, only man-made disasters, admits a terrorist attack almost was pulled off but ahhhh no big deal.

Pray for this country!!!




8 thoughts on “MUSLIM Prez B. HUSSEIN Obama couldn’t be bothered w/ todays Airplane JIHAD!

  1. His agenda is not for the best interests of the United States, but to destroy it and push it into a NWO where he along with other despicable POS’s will be in charge. He along with his minions in Congress must be removed post haste.
    Bob A.

  2. This was not a terrorist on the plane. It was a man from Africa who does not understand airplanes and he thought it would be nice to light firecrackers for christmas.

  3. They didn’t want to interrupt his golf game, that’s why they waited 3 hours. And after all, we wouldn’t rush to judgement on this terrorist now would we?

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