From Atlas Shrugs; “Kill all Jews?” WHAT is this world coming to???

“Kill Jews”: Incitement to Genocide in Brooklyn <Please GO SEE. 

The bottom is my response to ISLAM and Neo-Nazis..


“Every Jew a 22”  Rabbi Meir Kahane

Media Matters actually Showing their Bloggers the TRUTH

Reality Gap: Right-Wing Media Declare Obama A Radical Who Threatens America

Limbaugh’s website claims of Obama: “His education plan is Maoist … and he is otherwise a Bolshevik. … [H]e would be a Stalinist if he thought he could get away with it”

This one about the “Bolshevik plot” I thank GOD for now- that the stupid, insane race-baiting bloggers over there,  are getting IN their heads, this attack against Beck and Limbaugh is actually working IN favor of Limbaugh and Beck laugh

Limbaugh compares Obama health care plan to Nazi policies This post right here, will force these MORONS to SEE what they are doing.  Obama has the traits of ALL of the very evil dictators in the 20th Century. 

Limbaugh: “Adolf Hitler, like Barack Obama, also ruled by dictate” This post here, clarifies the truth, WHY? Look at Obama smiting the SCOTUS in front of the whole world, this is 100% evidence that Obama DOES rule by dictate.  He will also overturn with an executive order, a senate bill.   It is scary that these people cannot see how very evil this all the rest here:


Gingrich Warns of an Obama Dictatorship |

American Dictator Obama

I dont agree with “Soothsayers” but this lady talked about how she saw Obama as a dictator as well. I warned people in 2007, & 2008 on my radio show and I got banned for telling people this.


Arguments have moved to the appellate court level in a California case in which a man talking to two willing strangers in a shopping mall was arrested because the subject of the conversation was God.

The case developed several years ago when a youth pastor was arrested at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, Calif., for having a conversation about religion with two other people. 

CLICK: Rules challenged as violating
‘principles of free expression’

Christian people How much more are you going to ‘tolerate?’ What are you going to put up with? If they excommunicate the Christian faith entirely from America, we have NOTHING left.  Dont you get that? This WILL leave an open door foor Islamic/Shariah slimes to indoctrinate you, you have already ALLOWED them to propagandize you with feeling sorry for Muslims that are murderers in Fakestine. 


GOP *FINALLY* says ObamaCare a “BOLSHEVIK PLOT!” That IS the enemy!!!

BALTIMORE President Barack Obama on Friday accused Republicans of portraying health care reform as a “Bolshevik plot” and telling their constituents that he’s “doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.”

 Speaking to House Republicans at their annual policy retreat here, Obama said that over-the-top GOP attacks on him and his agenda have made it virtually impossible for Republicans to address the nation’s problems in a bipartisan way.

 “What happens is that you guys don’t have a lot of room to negotiate with me,” Obama said, silencing the smattering of Republicans who had applauded when he said “Bolshevik plot.” “The fact of the matter is, many of you, if you voted with the administration on something, are politically vulnerable with your own base, with your own party because what you’ve been telling your constituents is, ‘This guy’s doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.’ ”

 Obama’s comments came in the midst of an extraordinary back-and-forth with Republican House members – a scene straight out of the House of Commons that played out live on cable TV.

 Republicans invited Obama to appear at their annual conference; the president surprised them by accepting – and then by asking that cameras and reporters be allowed into the room.

 Republicans immediately agreed to the request, but they may be regretting it now.

 Obama was clearly energized by the exchange – and again and again, he turned the Republicans questions against the GOP, accusing the party of obstructing legislation for political purposes and offering solutions that won’t work.

People that think that the “ZOG” or “Zionists” are in control..

 ……are totally STUPID


——————–I found this article on:


  • emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
  • a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party
  • of or relating to Bolshevism; “Bolshevik Revolution”

    Friends of The Mad Jewess

    Andrew Breitbart is a Kommie SLAYER! Shuster was pee-ing his JOCK STRAP LOL

    This man is great.  Now, the Bolshevik Media cannot take it when someone can talk over them, they are the ‘talker-over-ers’  But, Breitbart can kick Shusters ass, and we need MORE people that can debate like Breitbart, hes fabulous and brilliant to boot!  Click Here For More on ACORN

    DEMS & MEDIA MATTERS Scared to DEATH over possible Obama INELIGIBILITY

    Well, well….lookie, lookie…


    Democrats suddenly interested in Obama birth certificate 
    Senate campaign director has plan to harm Republicans running for office

      I detect FEAR.  laugh


    We’re Watching YOU, MEDIA MATTERS.

    Sources: Arrestees Not Tapping Landrieu’s Phone~ ACORNGATE-LEFT WING FAUX PAS

    A faux pas (, plural: faux pas ) is a violation of accepted social rules (for example, standard customs or etiquette rules) . …

    Sources tell NBC News that the men arrested for entering the Hale Boggs Federal Building in downtown New Orleans under false pretense for the purpose of committing a felony were not trying to tap.

    Sources: Arrestees Not Tapping Landrieu’s Phone – New Orleans News

    Sources: Arrestees Not Tapping Landrieu’s Phone

    GOVT. GOES SCOT-Free; O’Keefe {PATRIOT} faces prison~ACORNGATE Scandal WILL go UNPUNISHED

    James O’Keefe IS the ACORNGATE HERO

      Thats right, and thats AmeriKa now, folks.  The government is criminal and corrupt, they were following this young man, because he has 3 more tapes- they are scared they will be exposed for their dirty deeds done dirt cheap. NOBODY has the GUTS to stand in the gap for the PATRIOT, but The Mad Jewess will, and you all can call me crazy, you all can call me radical, you can call me insane, you can tell me I am evil, and hit me with every last comment that you think will ‘hurt’ me, but I know when I see criminals, and it is the GOVERNMENT.

      The Governments Goons, SEIU -who beat another man up, won’t even face charges, but little evil ‘whitey’ James O’Keefe will. They set this kid up, and followed him, thinking he is the danger, when THEY are the danger. They are the Big-Government 1984, the Communists, the Nazis, the red-shirts, the brown-shirts, the liars- the evil. 

      James O’Keefe, from the minute I heard about this, I just didn’t care, all that I cared about is/was your safety, your heroic deeds, that now they will try to throw out {the ACORN expose}.  Yes they will, because YES THEY CAN.


      This is Obamas AmeriKa., with back room deals, dirty deeds, non-citizen & a dual as a “CIC” that our troops have to answer to, and you…..,

    O’Keefe, YOU are the only one with the guts, the rest of us are MOUTH.

    I wish it was ME in that prison cell. It would be an honor, surely this nation is as dishonorable as it can get, and jail is MORE FREE.

    O’Keefe: “The truth shall set me free”

    Affirmative Action AGAINST Americans: HERO James O’keefe ARRESTED~ACORNGATE


    This KID wire-taps Conservative Activism Links Landrieu Suspects<The B*TCH that takes 100 Million Dollar Payoff to Mary Landrieu (D) – LA – Sean Hannity … And they GET THIS KID, because he has MORE tapes, REMEMBER?  

    {BTW: Children, I am an AMERICAN PATRIOT, not a Beck OR Limbaugh Lover}

     This, in my opinion is NOT justice, it is not just reverse discrimination, this is HIGH TREASON. Let me say FLAT OUT, that, lets put the shoe on the other foot.. Lets pretend this was a Mexican or a black person that busted this CRIMINAL outfit up- MAKE NO MISTAKE- he would be given A F*CKING KNIGHTS  TITLE!  If this kid is guilty, than we are ALL GUILTY!!  This KID is trying to show us just WTF is going on with these CORRUPT SOBs, and HE GETS ARRESTED?! 


     I cannot BELEIVE this. I cannot believe that this is how the “Justice System” is. Throw the INNOCENT away and left the G’D CRIMINALS GO!  SEIU (a black man beat a fellow black up) and NOTHING happened, they did ZERO to protect that conservative black man!


    And… WHERE is the G’D GOP Traitors!?

    From “AOL” Steve Pendlebury

     The four are charged with entering federal property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Authorities say O’Keefe took cell phone camera video of two accomplices who posed as telephone repairmen while the fourth suspect used a listening device in a car a couple of blocks away. An FBI agent’s affidavit (click to see PDF) says O’Keefe admitted to federal agents that he was part of the scheme.

    The response from conservatives on the Web has been noticeably monosyllabic.

    Michelle Malkin: Ugh
    Hot Air’s Allahpundit: Ohhhh boy
    Political Byline: D’oh!
    The Other McCain: Ruh-Roh
    Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: Hmm

    The Declaration of Independence

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government-

    They are hanging this hero out to dry. 

    Thats right, I DID NOT studder.  This KID, James O’keefe, 25 is trying to PROTECT US, and he goes to the SLAMMER?! WTF!