Harry Reids Mormon Faith~ SERIOUS RACIST ROOTS

See, Harry Reid is an older Mormon, so he never made the transition in 1978, where they changed the Mormon doctrine. 

A leopard can’t change its spots.

Reid IS a RACIST, he will ALWAYS be a RACIST. 

You know what I find amazing?  I am outraged, because people like this lilly-livered little coward says what he wants and this slime gets a pass, while little people like myself are taking a bath, in the Marxist-Media ONSLAUGHT.  I have been called every ugly name in the book, because I do believe that massive race and religion mixing has screwed our world up.  I understand there ARE exceptions to the rule, but COME ON.

Below, you will find the commentary that proves his BLATANT racism;

28 thoughts on “Harry Reids Mormon Faith~ SERIOUS RACIST ROOTS

  1. Harry Reid and any other screaming liberals have gotten pass after pass for the most outrageous comments and actions that a conservative would be ‘tarred and feathered’ for had they done the same things.

  2. He is a racist, fore sure. Trent Lott did far less. I dont understand things anymore. It used to be that the good guy wins and the bad guys dont. Now it is the vc/versa.

  3. recommend the good citizens of the great state of NEVADA, wise up and put “Old SCARY Harry” out to pasture.


  4. You wrote

    “Whatfor is baacckk.

    Real racists are those that mix races”

    The real race is the human race. Feel free to continue not mixing with that one.

  5. What.- In Africa they marry eachother, they are black. In Mexico, they marry eachother, they are Mexican. In China, Japan, Thailand, ETC, they marry eachother. Love is one thing, but the MARXIST classless racism is MEANT to DESTROY.
    Marxist race-mixing hurts everyone in the end, and the ‘tolerance’ that gets preached at the Commie, H.Q. is a lie that is totally satanic. Go take it up with God, who must be the biggest racist of all, HE seperated the races at BABEL.
    America is now Babel and will be consumed and destroyed for messing with God.

    ***********This is the last time that anyone is going to answer you here, Whatfor**************

  6. Manischewitz, does that lady have a way with words or what!

    All those dang politicians are a bunch of dirty rotten varmints guilty of treason.

  7. She really drives me nuts, that little gal, she is an atheist.
    I asked her; HEY! WHAT ABOUT HARRY REID! HE IS A MORMON!” WHERES THE OUTRAGE! Nothing yet from her..

  8. Shalom Mad Jewess,

    When I said, “Manischewitz, does that lady have a way with words or what!”

    I was referring to “You” when you said, “If I had MY way… he would be tried for treason and shot.”

    Now thats the way politicians should be dealt with when they betray The American People!

  9. Yeah, thats exactly HOW I FEEL. I thought you were talking about that little left wing snake.. Although I feel she is pretty smart, she is a left wing snake.
    ALL and ANY politicians that stand against FREEDOM, should be hung by the highest fleet in the US NAVY.

  10. bs’d
    Harry Reid is more than a racist. Remember the speech he gave telling the world that he knew when it was summer by the smell of the tourists in Washington? I believe the good folks in Nevada will be wise enough to rid the Congress of Reid. Then, whoever takes his office can bring him up on charges of everything from bribery to treason. Shavuah Tov ,world.

  11. B”H
    Hi Mitz 🙂 Luv your name.
    He is a racist pig, just like ALL DEM-FASCIST slimes. They accuse ME of racism all the time on this blog, because even though people fall in love, this OUT OF CONTROL Marxism is the junk that mixes with the races and religion, its like a gigantic Tower Of Babel.
    I will do what I can to NOT walk in ANY council of the wicked.
    אַשְׁרֵי הָאִישׁ– אֲשֶׁר לֹא הָלַךְ, בַּעֲצַת רְשָׁעִים;

  12. On 1/15/10 Mad Jewess wrote “I don’t approve of Racism”

    On 1/15/10 Mad Jewesss wrote “Go take it up with God, who must be the
    biggest racist of them all.

    So, logically, you’re saying You don’t approve of God.

    How about that.

    Answer or don’t answer. Who cares

  13. On 1/18/10 Yehudit Bat Noah Brains wrote “We agree with G-d. Race-mixing is not right, it is racism to race-mix”

    Is today opposite day? Up is down,. Day is night, Round is square, Yehudit is Sane and not dumb. And besides Mad Jewess said God is racist; don’t take my word for it . Just Look at her post above. Are you actually disagreeing with TMJ?

    Its funny that you have so many ideas in common with the anti-Semites
    You claim you hate. And when the anti-Semites post, Mad Jewess, just enables Them by claiming its ok to hate jews as long as its jews, who don’t think like them

  14. To Whatfor;

    These people did not become people that hate the Jewish people for no reason whatsoever.

    These so-called Jew-haters do not agree with fag marriage, neither do we. They do not want the gay agenda taught in schools, neither do we. They do not agree with the ACLU and their onslaught of Christianity. Neither do we. They do not agree that Jewish people should be in office anywhere but in Israel, neither do we. They do not believe that a Muslim racist black man should be a President in a white nation, neither do we. They do not like liberalism, neither do we.

    So, what do you mean, anti-semitism? They don’t like your far left ways, and we do not blame them one bit. They do not want their hard-earned money going to Israel, we do not agree with foreign aid to Israel.

    Any other questions, since you are trying to force and thrust your ways upon us?


  15. Judy, why bother with this person? Believe me, he is the type that would have stood there at Kahanes assassination and said “HE DOES NOT REPRESENT US!” They called Kahane a Nazi as well, they called him an anti-semite, they called Jabotinsky a Nazi too, we are in good company. He believes that the Jewish people MUST be anti-Christian in order to be a ‘good’ Jew, and OH NO, we are NOT allowed to call out the EVIL ones from among us that love God about as much as they love a hemmerhoid..

  16. OMG thats the best answer you could have given from my point of view. My point was that Mad Jewess and you agreed with jew-haters on many things and you go and give me, at least five examples of what I’m talking about. The only difference I can see between you and the other bigots, is that most of them admit to racism and if fact are proud of it and you think you’re fooling people by defining racism as the exact opposite of what it is.

  17. Whatfor,

    I can agree that Obama, and the now black America has turned us into what you call “racists”

    But we see things differently than you.

    We see the blacks, illegals, and even Asians in NYC as the ones who hates us, not the vc/versa.

    Are you finished now? We are a ‘product of society’



  18. Judy: Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    So, we are racists, because we believe that blacks feel they are superior to white folks, after all, they ARE the MASTERS of inventions…. Lol.

  19. Yes, MJ…

    Exactly… Funny, huh? They invented everything, we have done nothing.
    As I said, we are now the products of our society.

    Hey Whatfor,

    Can you tell us the stats re: black on white crime?

    I am interested to know if you can see that blacks kill whites in racial related crimes, 50-1 and that is not racist 2 u?


  20. Of course, conservatives are NEVER racist. Nope. Not one. Rush wasn’t racist when he called Obama a little boy, which is a generally racial term. Nope.

  21. Rush is only a talking head, and he is monotone to boot, however:
    Bloop, Rush is not a racist, that was not his comment. He said that Obama was acting like a ‘man-child’

  22. Harry Reid: Senate House Maj. Leader of the USA.
    RUSH: Radio Talk show host

    Harry Reid should KNOW better. WHY is he NOT fired, btw? Trent Lott got ousted for FAR LESS.

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