Race baiting:  

Is accomplished by implying that there is an

..underlying race-based motive …

in the actions of others towards the group baited,

…where none in fact exists.


Limbaugh: Obama Will Use Haiti To Boost Credibility With “Light-Skinned And Dark-Skinned Black Community”

Obviously it was a JOKE, dumbbells.  And spare people your sickass insane hypocrisy, you over @ Media Matters don’t give a crap about Haiti, what a JOKE!

 How stupid these animals are at Media Matters.  See the RACE-BAITING from Bloggers:  This was my response 1/2 way in between, in which I received 17 “Thumbs-Down” Lol;

by CanCanGal (January 13, 2010 2:00 pm ET) 1 17 Why don’t you ask Harry Reid? Harry Reids Mormon faith believes that black folks are the ‘servants of servants’ Reply Report Abuse

THEIRS all day yesterday and today:

by mlizaa (54 minutes ago)    

Not a deal with the devil, just the white man doesn’t like the fact that were are such a strong and resilient people. That country was hung out to dry for centuries. Every piece of the globe is struck with natural disasters. Reply Report Abuse

by New Frontier (3 seconds ago)    

Yes because Obama–unlike El Rushbo and his bigoted buddies–desperately needs “credibility” with the black community. Reply Report Abuse

by blesscurse (20 minutes ago) 1  

Racism personified.

Haitians are something less than human to Limbaugh. Reply Report Abuse

by mari2jj2970 (January 14, 2010 3:25 am ET) 10 2 But for a numb-skull racist like Rush, never expect him to lay aside his innate racism. It is the underpinning of his silly attempt to destroy Obama. It is the one thing that you can count on with Rush. He has been, he is and he always will be a racist. And he is sizzling that we have a black President. But just let him prattle. Those who listen to him and are impressed by his drivel are unchangeable and those who have even a bit of ability to think for themselves will ignore whatever the court jester says anyway. Let the poor thing just prattle on. Reply Report Abuse

by blk-in-alabam (January 14, 2010 4:42 pm ET)     Rush Limbaugh may be one of the nicest people you would ever meet.He makes money doing an act playing a bigot reading stuff off the internet

by fantagor (January 14, 2010 3:18 pm ET) 2   Ah, the old “satire” cop out from a Rush apologist.

If it’s satire, then where is the hook? Where’s the funny? Nowhere.

Also, considering the source’s habit of raciallizing everything, the comment cannot be reasonably construed as mere exaggeration, since this is precisely the kind of garbage Rush hold to be true.


by bittermarv (January 14, 2010 12:17 am ET) 4   Like hell. Rush is accusing Obama of using this situation to curry favor with blacks in the US, when in fact, Obama is calling on this country and its government to provide humanitarian aid in response to a horrible disaster.
by SMTDL (3 hours and 16 minutes ago)     Limbaugh’s statement is stupid because Obama’s support from Black Americans is still quite high would be almost no benefit in polls.Why can’t it just be the response from a President with a humanitarian mindset!? There’s no do-over ..just going to war..the damage is done and stays done!!! Reply Report Abuse

by The_Cat (January 13, 2010 1:31 pm ET) 10   Actually, no, Rush. Obama will reach out to Haiti because we are a wealthy nation, and they are a poor one. They are a neighbor of ours, and it is our place to aid them if we may.

You, however, will assert that Obama is doing it for racial reasons, because such an assertion plays very well to the white skinned base who’s listeners pay your salary.

by shaggles (January 13, 2010 1:53 pm ET) 16   Why would Obama need to boost his credibility with the black community? Just a couple of weeks ago the right were pointing to his 97% approval rating among blacks as “proof” that they only like him because he’s black. So 97% approval means he has a credibility problem now? Reply Report Abuse

by gopooper (January 13, 2010 3:56 pm ET) 8   If I had not believed it before, I can now categorically state that Rush is nuts. No same person in the media would say something as stupid as this. I’ve always known he was a bigot and racist, but I just thought he was really really stupid. Now I know, he needs to be kept in a small room away from all humanity. Reply Report Abuse

 I know that Rush is not a “RACIST!”  I know for a fact that Democrats are rabid race-haters AND Jew haters, this is fact.

*******************It seems that @ Media Matters they think all of us are stupid as sh*t.. Like we dont know the Democrat Party is the MOST racist bunch of Marxist Elite SNOTS, and now the racism is directed AT WHITE PEOPLE, especially the white male in America***************

This Youtube, Barbara Boxer, the left wing dipsh*t is basically telling this nice man, that she refuses to listen, UNLESS he is with the NAACP.

Jimmy Carters “BLACK-BOY” comment;

Here is Reids “THATS RACIST” but O—M—G… here is how we REALLY feel, Harry REID??;

Our FAVORITE, Jeremiah (Wright) WRONG 🙂

Here is Senator Byrd, “White N-ggers” lol..He is the DEMOCRATS fav KKK member! lol..

Our DEAR Leader, Hussein Obama “TYPICAL WHITE PERSON” Remark..



…..OF THE “CIVIL WAR” Started?

Make NO mistake, THEY are starting it.

23 thoughts on “MORE IN YA FACE RACE-BAITING CONTINUES @ Media Matters {Commie H.Q.}

  1. Hi White Devil,

    I am Yehudit, please call me Judy. I realize that both you and TMJ have had your share of racism. I know TMJ has. She has been turned down for many jobs because she is not fluent in Spanish and in California, they don’t care what you are. If you can’t speak Spanish, you don’t get the job.

    I am sure White Devil, that you have had some Jewish people hating you, and I certainly feel bad about this. They are also our enemy within. Please accept my apology for the pain that these terrible people have caused you. I am so sorry.

    I am the one, TMJ & White Devil, that did the research on this post, and I am trying to take down some serious people, so I moved your comments. Please refrain on my posts, I forgot to author my part.

    I can’t have all of this commentary on this post, G-d forbid they use it against either of you, even though you have said nothing, but I don’t trust these people I am writing about, they are bad.

    So, take this issue and post over at this link on this site;


  2. Because of my outward appearance I have caught a lifetime of Hell for what these evil scumbags do to other unsuspecting innocent human beings in this world around the clock. This being that mom was a Jew. So I strongly syapathize with you and all good Jewish people like yourself who are making strong efforts to derail the machinations of the malicious international criminals so we can all live better lives in the future.
    Feel free to move or eliminate any post of mine which you might know personally would be counterproductive to your goals and interests, which I have over a rather short period of time (months) come to believe are noble ones.
    I hope you’ll please excuse my sometimes over the top rantings as I am relatively new to this cyber space business, and haven’t yet obtained a grasp of the protocol. My apologies to you for sometimes exceeding the standards of the limitations imposed on you by unseen but ever present and threatening dark forces who shall remain unidentified for the present.

    Finally,thanks anyhow, but you do not owe me or anyone else an apology for what demonic Jews like Stanley Kubrick have done to me and countless others. Monsters like he was hide behind good people like us while they commit their evil deeds so we will bear the brunt of retaliation. They hurt everyone indisciminately.
    I’ll try and be more aware of your responsibilities to others I still grasp little awarenes of next time I send you my comments.
    Thanks for your kind and polite words and instructions, and Shalom to you too!

  3. WD, OMG, I feel your pain so bad right now I cant see straight. You have made me cry so hard I cant see straight. See, we are their NUMERO target WD. I feel so sick inside for what has happened to you. You know I am a singer & just b/c I didnt cow-tow to these Commie-Bolshevik bastards, I NEVER got anywhere ‘real big’, b/c I am SICK of the gay 1st, minorities 1st in entertainment.
    See my Youtube;

  4. I started as a singer myself in 1967, as I guess you might already know. Kubrick and his boyfriend Robert Dequeero ruined my career, my personal life, and had their Guinea mob murder both my parents in 1971. All of this because at the age of 12 I refused to, (as the Pederast Kubrick put it back then) “Loosen Up”.
    These are the type of evil swine who sit at the top of our Music, and Film and Television industries This is why when we go to see a film, or turn on our radios and TVs we are inundated with bullshit propagandist garbage which glorifies Thugs, Whores,Homos,and Homicidal Criminal Organizations. In general the scum of the earth.
    I don’t know about you, but I hated the “Godfather”
    films, “Goodfellas”, “Once Upon A Time In America”. This is all scumbag brainwash disguised as art and entertainment and it’s aimed directly at the impressionable minds of our young. I also despise Lady Ga Ga, and her predecessor Madonna the niglet thief.
    Don’t even get me started on violently anti white music by human garbage like Ice Cube and the rest of his ape like mutant buddies.
    Do you know this murderous turd Deniro holds a concealed carry permit in Manhattan? This is the type of individual who is awarded that sort of freedom in Bloomberger’s city. A cheap cowardly Punk who was responsible for the murders of my parents in 71 and the attempted murder of myself in 1967, 1980, and 1999.
    I agree with your psyco Marine friend who stated Joseph Macarthy was right. He should have been given the support he needed to purge the entertainment industry from these evil leftist dirt bags at the top and break up the stranglehold they constantly conspire and murder to maintain.
    Good people like ourselves never stood a chance of getting anywhere in the entertainment field with dirty criminal miscreants like these running the show.

    Here’s a website we all might gain some benefit from, Shalom

  5. HI WD, My God have you gone through some terrible times, unimaginable times. Last night, I felt to pray very hard for you. I know all too well the evils of the entertainment ind. This is why I personally really like singing at assisted living places, elderly homes, places like that- for vets, etc..
    I am well armed to the teeth, WD. I have a .357 Winchester Mag. I know how the world has and is turning against ALL Jews. In fact, I am so tired of the constant fight. Really tired.
    No matter what I do, I am ‘suspect’ just b/c I am a Jooo, and evil JEW. Whatever. I know who I am.. I love God, I am patriotic, and know that one day will die for my beliefs.
    I bet you had a great voice, WD… Figures they would do such horrendous things. That industry is just like that.
    Love, TMJ

  6. Dear ladies;

    There are only two kinds of music in this world, there is COUNTRY and there is WESTERN. Charlie Pride, Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, The Man in Black, Cris Ledue, Waylon, Willie and the whole gang!


  7. Dear TMJ;

    I really apreciate that, forgot to mention PATSI the prettiest voice on GODs GREEN EARTH.


  8. If it wasn’t for my guns and my talent for using them effectively in self defense against meatball goon squads I most definitely wouldn’t be here today. It’s good that you have a decent weapon, but you must be sure to get in a lot of practice with that hog leg of yours as 357s are not easy firearms to handle and maneuver in a firefight due to their rather substantial recoil.
    Of course you could also load that puppy with thirty eight specials and still get the job done with a bit less difficulty.
    I myself carried a S&W model 66 357 and a couple of speed loaders full of hollow points for years until Kubrick’s guinea mob set me up on a simple knife charge and our local communist government showed up at my door shortly thereafter to cart it and several more of my legally registered firearms away forever.
    As far as regular citizens are concerned, registered firearms are good only for practice shooting or temporary defense purposes. Once registered with our corrupt government guns are no longer to be considered privately owned personal property. One should always keep unregistered duplicates of the guns they are familliar with shooting at seperate secure locations for solid dependable on-going protection against all forms of enemy.
    If a member or members of ZOG government decide they want to leave you defenseless against their contract murderers in organized crime, what they do is pull some crackhead leftist punk out of the gutter to point a smelly wretched finger of accusation at you, and as soon as the phony charges are filed, those guns are as good as gone. Don’t think for a moment the NRA will help you recover them either. They are no more than professional lobbyists and disloyal politicians Who Do Not Care About You Or Your Second Amendment Right To Keep And Bear Arms. Membership in Gun Owners Of America seems to me a better choice since the NRA did nothing to assist me as a member when the pigs robbed me of my beloved hardware.
    It was a good thing for me I still had several unregistered guns and plenty of ammunition stashed away at various other locations back then, because I was forced to defend myself against mob goons twice within a couple of years of when they had their corrupt cronies in government raid my home and steal the guns I was foolish enough to register. Organized crime and corrupt government work hand and hand beleive me. I know from forty years hard experience that this is absolutely the case.
    We have reached a very important time in history. A time of enlightenment, when all good Jews must pull together and make great efforts to publicly denounce and separate themselves from the handful of demonicly evil Jews who always scratch their way like rats into high positions of government power, then network to conspire against everyone outside their elitist circles of local, state, national, and international criminality.
    These scumbags like Mike (the kike) Bloomberg for instance have got to be exposed for the highly injurious commie garbage that they are, and consequently eliminated from any position of power if there is to be any hope remaining for the majority of good people of Jewish ancestry like both of us TMJ. This greedy, power driven creep and thousands of others just like him have got to go, Permanently! Death is too good for them. They should be delt with like we deal with sex offenders. They are the ones who need to be registered, tracked and monitored, and their massive fortunes should be seized and applied toward our huge ever growing national debt.
    On the subject of my bygone career, sadly I must confess I didn’t actually have a great voice, but I did have good potential to improve being that I started at the age of eleven with the assistance of some top names in the field at the time. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Keep up the good work.

  9. If a member or members of ZOG government
    You must know that there is no “ZOG” govt. See this, and then you will understand that Zion is a Holy word, and I have not the faintest clue why they would take a Patriotic word that belongs to GOOD Jewish people and fk it up so bad.
    Israel’s first Bolshevik dictator, David Ben Gurion, and the Histadrut (Marxist labor union) teachers took Sephardi children into their schools and taught them that the Torah Judaism which they so loved was silly, primitive, childish and parochial.

    Believe me, if there WAS an enemy known as the “ZOG”, WD, I would be ALL over it.
    Foreign aid to Israel has destroyed USA and made Israel into a Welfare State. NO Patriotic Jew that IS PRO-Israel and Patriotic Zionist WANTS American foreign aid.
    For what? To kick 10,000 more out of their homes as WE/they did in 2005? Those Patriotic Jews were living there for OVER 40 years…AMERICA HELPED KICK THEM OUT!! THAT IS NOT “ZIONISM!”

    Believe me, there is NO “ZOG” They are communists and ‘neo-con’ Jews that dont give a damn about America, any more than they do in Israel. There are NO “Zionists” in ANY administration in America—EVER. A “Zionist” in Israel is a patriot, (for Israel) same as you and me, WD–For America.

    I would LOVE to take the person who made up this “ZOG” shit, and kick their ass and kill them DEAD. This is EXACTLY what Stalin did, Hitler did, etc.. Thats a FACT. They DEMANDED that the Jews that REFUSED to renounce Zion & Torah, renounce it or DIE. The ones that lived are SOROS. That should explain this to you, perfectly…

  10. Thanks for the info tmj.
    I guess this overwhelming problem we’re having
    with leftist Jew subversive politicians on all levels of our government isn’t as simple or clear cut as some people would like to have us believe.
    So I gather Zionist means different things to different people. Therefore, in the future if we are to achieve any measure of success eliminating these nation wreckers who operate from within our own government we are going to have to be a bit more specific in identifying them before we break out the tar and feathers.

  11. WD, these abominable snakes LIKE being named “Zionists”, this way they wont lose their moderate Jewish support. So, calling them ZOG and Zionists, enables them. It IS as I said;
    BOLSHEVIK Jews, AND they are in NAME ONLY.
    I use to take up for ALL Jewish people years ago, now they can go shit in a damned hat for screwing this nation up. And, sorry, these pushy left wing radical BOLSHEVIK MArxists ARE Jews, NO AMERICAN would have done this! Think about it.. Marxism is German and Soviet. NOT AN AMERICAN ideal.. And who came from these places of Communism and socialism? They were Jewish people, period.

    There are about 28% of us that are right wing, some of that conservatives.
    The other ones in the DEM party just vote DEM for no real reason, except they always vote DEM.
    But about 17% OF THOSE are hard core radical Trotskyites and Bolsheviks.
    Zionists are for the Jewish right of return to Israel, well, let the left wing pigs GO TO ISRAEL. Israel can take these monsters. WE CANT.
    So, I AM 100% for them to GO TO ISRAEL.
    As far as my feelings on Zion?
    It is NO ‘political’ thing, personally, for ME. God talks all about Zion in the Bible so many times, so AS USUAL…These Bolsheviks even screwed THAT up.

  12. Dear Inquisitive one;

    Brave as a LION, courageous as a BEAR, bold as a BULL,also crafty as a fox and true as an EAGLE! And I love my country the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. when the time comes for BATTLE to save Her, I will willingly sacrifice my BODY, LIFE and SOUL on the ALTAR of FREEDOM!


  13. Dear TMJ;

    Wherabouts In AZ. Im from SONOITA area (sticks) about 70 miles south of Tuscon. Keep playing the good music.


  14. I am The_Cat, a regular poster at Media Matters. I am not any more evil than the average American, but if Rush Limbaugh is not racist in person, he most certainly plays a racist bigot on the radio, to the tune of about $40 million a year. A pittance when you consider how much good he accomplishes for his corporate masters.

    I saw my comment above, reposted by you, and I stand by my assessment of Mr. Limbaugh. You may add hypocrisy to his racism, since he has lived on the dole, even though he cries out against social programs, and especially welfare. He drags race into almost every argument, or rather, assertion he makes, demonstrating his belief that skin color is a defining characteristic of human beings. That is the very definition of racism.

  15. Dear Cat,
    People are sick and tired of the race card, bring open HONEST debate.
    Everytime we turn around MMFA is calling people a “RACIST!” -Its a terrible accusation, especially when the victim is just an average American with DIFFERING opinion and beliefs.

    The race card is over-used to the point that it is totally ineffective, as is the ‘anti-semitic’ card – Which the ADL used against Rush, and NOBODY agreed with that. MMFA can try being WITH Americans, and present a NEUTRAL standpoint, which would be more effective.

    Even IF he is a racist, can you provide a law that is against racism? All I see on MMFA is race baiting, all day long, its OLD.

    Being a Jew, the ‘popular to hate group’ I get Jew hate here all of the time. Whatever, people will be who they will be.
    I dont like Rush Limbaugh because he is monotonous and irritating, but he has a right to FREE speech, as do people here on this blog, until they make me nutz, and I dont need any more of that 😀
    Racist: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races
    Anyway, Shalom. TY for the comment.

  16. Been a little while. Got a question for you, themadjewess: Why don’t you have a clip showing Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist? If merely making the charge is as heinous and wrong as you say, surely he should be added to your pantheon of race-baiters, no?

    Also, you argue for Rush Limbaugh’s right to free speech. He has as much right to free speech as I have. So, whenever he uses his free speech in a manner that strikes me as racist, I will use my free speech to point this out. You can claim ‘open, honest debate’ if you like, but there is none of this in the words and actions of Rush Limbaugh. He is a champion of uneducated hate, and little more.

  17. The Cat; Obama IS a racist. His Pastor of 18 years IS a racist.

    “Heinous?” infamous, flagrant, flagitious, atrocious, villainous? Come on, The Cat, everyone is a ‘racist’ at Media Matters, EVERYONE.

    Do you realize over there how many peoples lives you have hurt, psychologically?? Do you at all?? I WAS one of your victims. I grew up with total tolerence of races, also because I lived in both Cali and NYC, so, I lived around all, and races didnt bother me. HOWEVER, since I have been a victim of the left wing psycho/mind tactics, I have had no choice but to blog about how I feel ABOUT race, because THEY brought it on, starting with Obamas “typical white Mother” PLUS more nasty things Obama said when he was campaigning.

    Racism, now, lets be honest..we are ALL bigots. There is no crime against being human is there?

    I don’t like Rush, he blabbers on and on to me. But a “Racist?” Please. I have faced more race/religion hate just for being born a Jew than you can imagine, ALL my life, but I don’t cry “ANTI SEMITE” just because people may be disenchanted with the Israeli govt.

    I do have to applaud the recent efforts at MM, because they at LEAST stopped the race card junk. Now they should be more responsible and report ALL media crappola. That would be a change we can all believe in.
    Shalom, thank you for your time.

  18. OH, BTW: That video shows Beck saying Obama is a racist, which he is, however, Beck didnt start this nasty crap, Obama DID, when he said that “America should have a talk on racial issues”
    Race baiting Obama and his evil Pastor the anti-Christ.

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