Desperation has set in @ MOVEON.ORG~ “Rally for OBAMACARE”-Martial Law coming?

Emergency Rallies for Democratic Backbone

MoveOn members are organizing emergency rallies in communities across the country on Tuesday, January 26 to urge Democrats to show some backbone — starting with passage of a real health care reform bill.

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*******Let me tell you something, people, STAY FAR AWAY from these people.  FAR AWAY.  They WILL get agressive, and YOU will land yourself in Obama-Prison.  These are dangerous, and desperate people, not for ‘healthcare’ gimme a break…look here: Send Help to Haiti  They only want Obama and the fascists to do what they say, so they can stay IN power.  They ARE pushing for violence, people, and Martial Law, make NO mistake, that is what they are up to. So WATCH OUT., let the left wing go to jail, you WATCH OUT.

Look at their other sponsers, for ie below..there is NO way that you can get ME to believe that VAN JONES is out of the scene, with in on this.  Listen up:


4 thoughts on “Desperation has set in @ MOVEON.ORG~ “Rally for OBAMACARE”-Martial Law coming?

  1. Any FOOL can see the INSTANT transformation of Obama after the election in Massachusetts. Outwardly that is. It’s all a RUSE!! It’s all PUBLIC APPEARANCE. He, and other Democrats, think it’s time to change their RHETORIC .. but NOT their policies.

    Healthcare DEAD!? If you BELIEVE Nancy Pelosi, then you’re dumber than you thought. She is a LIER … just like the other Democrats in power. What is absolutely AMAZING is that other Democrats STILL think this is “Normal Politics”, and has NOTHING to do with the SLEAZINESS and SHENANIGANS of the people currently in power.

    Healthcare, Cap and Tax, giving citizens rights to captured terrorists, taking away our right to bear arms … RIOTS!! It’s just beginning folks.

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