7 thoughts on “obama

  1. Once you give a beast license to lay on your bed there will be no limit to it’s self imagined sense of entitlement.

    This is one of the most obvious distinctions between man and the beasts of the field. Human beings have an idea of where to draw the line.

    This lovely picture is prime example of TNB. To humans that desk is a sacred national historic treasure which belongs solely to the American people. Yet to this crude barbaric beast it exsists merely for hibbs mulatto ass to do a bit of styling and profiling wid hibbs fancy shoes on.

    This also sends a less than subtle message to his kind that “Whitey Ain’t Shit” by openly desecrating one of our most widely recognised national treasures directly in full view of at least five powerful white men who in better days would have taken this obnoxious irreverant little punk out back for a taste of the whip.

    As you have aptly stated here in the recent past, “The only work that gets done in that office is by the cleaning lady”. Beasts such as this hybrid version have an innate distain for anything conceived and constructed by the minds and hands of humans. Thus they naturally strive to mistreat, defile, and destroy everything that we create and hold dear.

    To a barely evolved hominid such as this affirmative action and communist enabled specimen the feet are not that far different from the paws. Once adorned with high profile expensive footware nothing’s gonna stop this brudda from puttin dem dere feets on display.

  2. WD, absolutely, this filthy slimey maggot has NO respect at all. He SHOULD be tried for treason, but nooooo, we let this maggot stay with NO records, and sitting there like the disrespectful POS he IS.

  3. HI WD. How are you? The Stats on this blog are getting big, so schtick around, you need to help fight the YES WE CAN brigades. I’ve been worried about you. These are great articles. I should show the DISSING of the WH office, huh?

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