Media Matters Morons; Clueless on Constitution~O’Keefe attacked…AGAIN

O’Keefe’s latest defense: Landrieu’s office is “the people’s office” 

Evidently, @ Media Matters they just do not have a grip on our government.  It is “WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE”.  Landrieu’s office IS the people’s office (LA).  Seriously, did these people just get off of the pot-smoking bus on their way back from San Francisco?

Everywhere you look now, there are LIES, we all saw what happened with Landreiu, now they are claiming at Media Matters that O’Keefe made a ‘false suggestion’ regarding Landreiu….What a way with words these moonbats have… Incredible! O’Keefe Repeats False Suggestion That Landrieu Took A Bribe

Remember Sen. Schmuck Schumer? He went and hunted with Sen. Nelson? He did that as an INTIMIDATION & scare tactic to get Nelsons vote for Healthcare (at around the same time as the Landrieu scandal-Nov 23, 2009 )Like Schumer, a Metro-Jew that is a cowardly baby and Nelson go hunting every month..LOL.. laughThat was probably the 1st time Schumer ever went ‘hunting.’

  Media Matters  ARE liars, NOT O’Keefe.  Lets refresh your memory re. Nelson/Schumer…. Schumer goes hunting, bags Nelson – – Dec 22, 2009

BACK ROOM DEALS, as I always say “Dirty Deeds” done dirt cheap.  I am right, Media Matters are Alinskyite Storm-trooping NAZIS.  They are the problem, NOT Patriot, O’Keefe.

Listen carefully to this video below, left wing morons.  You are SO FAR removed from our nation and it’s founding that you need to go back to Elementary School.

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