Dear Weak Liberal Jewish people; Look At One Of Our Own: A ‘Product of Society’

While creating a ‘tolerant & fair’ society for your children, you also taught them how to take an ass-beating and to be a SUCKER.

I want you to take a GOOD HARD LOOK at the hell you have not only created for our own, but for Americans. This young Jewish kid is crying his guts out.. Why?  I will tell you why… Because, in your sicko, Marxist, P.C. speak, you told them that if they acted ‘right’, that all people would act right. Well, that aint the way the world is.

THIS IS NOW OUR REALITY, THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED FOR OUR CHILDREN, and this is WHY you must REPENT to this nation, and tell this country how WRONG you ARE.

16 thoughts on “Dear Weak Liberal Jewish people; Look At One Of Our Own: A ‘Product of Society’

  1. I have long wondered about the person of Jewish ancestry who takes the Liberal outlook hook, line, and sinker.
    Just consider the Liberal view on Guns which advocates banning them. Hitler knew that he could not lead the Jews to the slaughter without first disarming them. Of course, Liberals will say “He was a fascist!” but what he was was a member of the National Socialist Party of Germany. Socialists always like you to believe they are for the “little guy” until they achieve a critical mass of power, then they go out to kill those who they disagree with. Just look at Pol Pot in Cambodia, or even Jim Jones in Jonestown Guyana.
    I feel sorry for that young man, but he should understand you cannot debate with those who are too stupid to accept an argument. 99 million? Where did they get that number? Ridiculous.

  2. To be honest, I am kind of happy that happened to this kid. I HOPE he WOKE UP.
    There are many conservative Jews that are standing up now and saying the liberal agenda is death to them, but Rabbi Kanahe said:
    “One thing that we can learn from history, is that Jews never learn from history”
    Shame. I am glad that I had a super patriotic family 😀

  3. New York is dangerous, don’t know what to say there, bigger Picture is the Iranian Nukes will last less than a News cycle after Mossod raises the red flag, no stopping it, just have to work through the mess afterwords, they do learn, it’s the Iranians that may have another lesson administered to them, quit worrying?? Shalom??

  4. As usual, I so agree with you.
    It makes me wonder about how God punished the Jews (the chosen people) for their actions over time. It does call upon one to admit that people’s actions have a cost. Be true to honest and holy beliefs, and recieve the help of God. Turn your back and recieve his apathy or even wrath.

    Will Liberalism cost the Jewish people enought that they finally wake up?

    It is my hope that people such as yourself, madjewess, convince them before it is too late. Because we will be by your side in this fight.

  5. NLA:
    Ha Shem says that they are a ‘stubborn stiff-necked people’ I know this all too well, my sister NEVER listens to ANY reason, now she is stuck with a mortgage worth way more than her house, she fianced her home for 300 g, now its worth is 67 g.

    I stayed by my Nana a lot, and she was TOUGH, she kept me FAR away from liberalism.

    As for trying to help these people see the light, I have little to NO patience. A couple people came here and boo hooed, saying I was giving my own a ‘bad time’… Are they for REAL?! Did they WATCH that video? It seems to me that they just have their new ‘g’od- LIBERALISM.

    That poor boy had ZERO clue what he was up against, he was taught ‘fair and tolerance’ and that is NOT how the world is out there.

    God IS punishing his Jews that are outside of Israel, but they cannot see the forest for the trees. 😦 😦 😦 😦

  6. Right, you might call it the “Golden Bull” complex. They have made their own golden bull, and it is Government.

    I agree on the kid, and while it might have shocked him to experience such cruelty by some truly moronic people, perhaps he will learn the error of his ways. Further, don’t cry in front of these people, they drink your tears like the nector of the Gods.

  7. Typical big fat, spoiled, over-fed, nasty, stinkin, Nigger Beast fresh out of jail for raping a white woman or beating an elderly white man into a coma just for fun. In jail he discovers that Islam is a good cover for organized supremacist spook activities because it is a protected criminal organization protected by our government and the lefties so he go’s hog wild berating this poor little nebbish from a sheltered background and better yet all of his forebearers.
    The worst part is this kid will probably never see these greedy barbaric parasites for what they are and just go foward in life to his pre-destined place in some well planned career provided by others of his kind like that dorknoid Bill Gates who has started a huge college fund for everyone but white kids to better their lot in life with.
    If things were as the big ape man and his fellow ape-men around him at the Faracoon propaganda table would like them to be this unfortunate passer-by would have been brutally murdered by a huge swarm of these sub-human beasts in the guise of holymen.
    You can bet your ass this will be the case in the not too distant future if we don’t start cutting these suckers down with a quickness!
    These apes in human guise will stop at nothing short of robbing, raping, slaughtering all of us humans and populating every inch of this earth with savage beast ape creatures like themselves.

  8. That’s not NYC, that’s Philly!! In fact I can tell you exactly where in Philly it is, its along Market street, between 10th and 11th! I was there a few days ago.

    Those clowns are called the Black Israelite Movement; they think they’re the real Jews and hate white Jews because we ARE the real Jews. (lol)

    They also scream at people outside the Rand Transportation Center in Camden, NJ on a lot of Saturdays (I guess even though they think they are “Jews”, they have no problems with being mechalel Shabbos…..

    I saw a great vid on YouTube months ago of a White woman (whose accent led me to believe she is from the Kensington section of Philly) who told them off GOOD! Called them fucking niggers, and everything!

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