Media Matters Kommie H.Q. & SPLC ATTACK Military, Vets & Cops: The OathKeepers

 Media Matters, Kommie H.Q. is against the Oath-Keepers, who are the LAW ABIDERS.

Right-wing media promote, give platform to “anti-government extremist” Oath Keepers

Just out of sheer curiousity, M.M., did it EVER occur to you that these people actually KNOW some things that you do NOT know?  They are current Military, former Military and COPS, you stupid MORONS.  Who the hell do you think has protected your Kommie Asses for the last 200+ years.  These are the same vomitous assholes that spit on the troops, the Jack Murtha’s of the world, the scum of the earth.


Look at some of the dumbbell comments and see what IMBECILES these people are:

  •  by right ON (February 18, 2010 5:45 pm ET) 10 17 So one of O’Reilly’s guests mentions them as a dangerous group, O’Reilly calls them irrational and says he will let them go on his show and say their piece. And MMfA goes back six months to a mention by Beck and Buchanan and now says the right wing media is promoting a giving a platform to these people?A bit of an over reaction, or just a slow misinformation day.
  • by worrierking (February 18, 2010 6:25 pm ET) 11 4 I’m concerned that a group of more than a thousand people who’ve sworn an oath to honor the constitution and to protect society would be attracted to an organization like this.A few short years ago, this kind of organization would have been considered treasonous. Thumbs Down

Today, it’s just another group trying to break into the mainstream via the anti-Obama express.

Fox is happy to present these type groups because they have a common enemy. I used to believe the enemy was the president, but I have a feeling lately it’s the country.

If I had shown interest in an organization of this type when I was in the military, I’d have been thrown into the stockade and brought up on charges.

  •  by DellDolly (February 18, 2010 8:06 pm ET) 9 3 Trying to change the subject after your argument got totally shot down?See, we now know what you do – not just me, but everyone.You didn’t want us talking about how the OathKeepers don’t deserve the platform to have their crazy ideas nationally exposed. You don’t want us to talk about how NO legit news organization would THINK of doing something like this, but FoxNews and O’Reilly WILL do this – give this group publicity that they shouldn’t get due to their traitorous intentions.

Mookie Von Zipper is the only SANE person:

by mookie von zipper (February 18, 2010 11:30 pm ET) political hacks + gun control = very bad combination

See the below video, these are the ENEMIES that are OCCUPYING OUR WHITE HOUSE…


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