NO U.S. Flag in Mohave County, AZ~ *Patriot Arrested* for carrying a PITCH FORK

  A group of Mohave County citizens gathered peacefully in the parking lot of the Mohave County Arizona Administration Building, located in Kingman, Arizona, in support of their 1st Amendment Rights. Citizens carrying American Flags were denied access to the building by County Manager, Ron Walker. One citizen, Mervin Fried, was arrested for “Trespassing” because he was entered the building carrying a pitchfork in protest of recent actions taken by Ron Walker, County Manager, and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. Please note: Arizona is an “open carry” state, which means that a person may legally carry a weapon, as long as it is in a holster or on a sling. Mr. Fried’s pitchfork was on a sling. Many other people entered the County building carrying a firearm at the exact time that Mr. Fried was being placed under arrest.

15 thoughts on “NO U.S. Flag in Mohave County, AZ~ *Patriot Arrested* for carrying a PITCH FORK

  1. I think Ron Walker needs to be ran outta there … quickly. The ‘dastardly’ pitch fork was confiscated it looked like, while one of Mohave’s “finest” arrested the guy.
    Makes me sick!

  2. Since when is a pitchfork considered a weapon.
    Last time i checked it was considered a tool.
    I guess anything you carry into the friggin building is considered a weapon..
    i think the deputies are a bunch of jack booted dip thugs.

  3. I believe that a pitchfork is considered a tool. Did you know that the primary weapon of the Hell’s Angels is a ball pean hammer? Why? Because it is legal to carry one because it is a “tool”. Unless someone actually brandishes the item in a threatening manner, you cannot be arrested for it.

    I think this guy has a very good chance at suing the city. What are they going to say, “We thought he would use the pitchfork and attack people”?
    On what grounds? He was not brandishing it in a threatening manner.

    Hopefully he wins a million dollars and teaches them all a lesson.

  4. I have serious reservations on whether to wholeheartedly support law enforcement any more. I used to but lately there have been numerous incidents of the type you posted on. Maybe the problem is regional… I believe that many would screw you out of your constitutional rights because 1.) They want to keep their friggin jobs 2.) They are in fact power hungry bullies 3.) Law enforcement attracts a high proportion of ill educated types.

    My wife works in a courthouse and comes in frequent contact with them and suggests they are the odd man out in life and this with an exception rate of about 30%.

  5. strange way to demonstrate “peacefully”… with fire arms and pitchforks
    u really do have strange sense for humor! Would you let guys with pitchforks and sledgehammers enter your home?
    isnt it a good american right too, to forbid someones entrance?

  6. Ha Ha!! Expopsed again Ha Ha!! OK pull all the Commies out of Mohave County Arzona Sherrifs Dept and pull em back to California and Massachuesses where they spawned Ha Ha!!

  7. Still… I think protecting or fighting for the second amendment in our times is foolish… but thats another story

  8. Still… I think protecting or fighting for the second amendment in our times is foolish… but thats another story

    Really, so, you live in NYC and dont feel the need for a gun, sell that crazy somewhere else.

    What about the grazers and ranchers that have to protect their sheep from wolves, the woman alone on her acreage, the young 23 yr old carrying b/c she does not want to get raped.

    The people who are with you, KATHI are Mao, Hitler, all of the lovely characters of the world.
    A well-armed people are a FREE people.

  9. hmm… I think there should be stricter regulations on the possession of weapons in the US! It is perverse, I never had the urge to have a gun (a pepper spray maybe), but yes I see your point, some need one, like farmers or hunters, thats reasonable…
    but giving every paranoid little girl a weapon to defend herself from the evil world, I do not think that is a good idea…
    Well armed people are not free! They are caught in their world of fear, craving for power and paranoia…
    and I find it a strange way of discussing when you everytime compare me to massmurderers, although it just does not make sense at all!

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