Romney Joins Brown in the McCain Political Cesspool…

 Romney Does It Again, Joins Brown in McCain’s political Cesspool….

Thank You Romney,  But No Thank You – No Mas –

Merci Mais Aucun Merci –  Dziekuje, Ale Nie Dziekuje – Gracias, Pero Ningún Gracias – Danke, Aber Nein Danke – Grazie, Ma Nessuno Grazie. 

Just when you think the RINO stench wafting across the fruited plain couldn’t get any nastier, Romney joind neophyte RINO wannabe, Scott Brown and endorsed the craven skunk McCain…. The rest here:

3 thoughts on “Romney Joins Brown in the McCain Political Cesspool…

  1. I had thought romney was pretty smart,but supporting old mealy mouth was too much for me. mccain screwed romney and then mccain gave the election to obama by not attacking the golden boy

  2. Just look at Romney… He’s what I call “a SLICK.” Guys that are so into their pretty boy grooming can’t be trusted.

    Gimme Sarah Palin anyday. These times call for another Reagan Republican, and she’s as close as we got right now.

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