“RIGHT WING ASSHOLE….” “DUMB CRACKER”  and this is OK, but NO criticism of blacks, ILLEGALS, minorities, or evil left-wing Jews. 

These “LATINO”  people are ALLOWED to fly their dirty, shitty, disgusting Mexican flag in OUR nation, and we have to sit back and TAKE THIS SHIT!


20 MILLION PLUS gun owners…..have had enough of your SHIT.

I am so sick of this crap. Do WE go to THEIR nation and act like this?

Do WE go to any of the nations south of the border, down Mexico flag, acting like a bunch of wild savage maniacs?

Click here Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial, Memorial, illegal alien


21 thoughts on “MUTINOUS Latino RACISTS against White Americans~AMERICA POWER IS RISING

  1. Ironically the American flag flies on bases in over a hundred foreign countries, and I SO hate America, so I am getting the hell out before people like the Mad Jewess goes POSTAL.
    And why shouldn’t people show symbols of their heritage, and I dont know what the hell I am talking about, because I am a tool of satan 🙂 How is flying a Mexican flag different than wearing a Star of David? I know this is an idiotic thing to say, sorry Mad Jewess, I am an idiot.
    Not to mention that many states in America are ones the US stole in a war of aggression against Mexico, I realize it was the SPANISH that really did this to the dirt-bag wetbacks, but still, thought I would throw that out there.. 🙂 It’s understandable than many may view the southwest as being still Mexico just under US occupation. <<<MORONIC feminist stupid Sheep, brainwashed by the LEFT WING to hate America
    And how many times have you seen Italian and Irish flags at Columbus day and St Patrick day parades? I’ve seen that plenty of times. <<The Irish and the Italians have not MURDERED over 30,000 people on our borders, WEAK ass punk.

    See how much double speak these people have, my friends?

  2. Yes, Angela Dear, it flies in ONE place, on AMERICAN SOIL at those bases.
    Are you saying that a religious sign is the same as a MEXICAN flag?
    Angela, you are a whiney little left wing jerk, you are the reason that we will have war here in America.
    Those flags that you mention fly on HOLIDAYS. Obviously you have not lived in Cali or NYC, where ANYTHING BUT the American flag hangs.
    Get lost TRAITOR

  3. Does Angela need a one way ticket outta here? I’d be delighted to foot the bill for that. She hates America? Then my dear, I’ll buy you a ticket, if I can see your sorry ass get on the plane.
    She’s a freak Paulette. I noticed in the video the guy saying “just pay reparations” … what a bunch of freaks. Gawd, I would ship every one of them outta here. Ameica has been overwhelmed by these low-life, self-serving, panty-waist perverts. I have two words for Anglea and the left, and they aren’t “merry f%#king Christmas!

  4. Yep. Kill those illegal aliens with our guns. Its not like their humans.

    I am convinced that there is not a single person in the world who disagrees with you that you do not hate.

    And make up your mind: are liberals falling and America rising, or is Obama and the liberals destroying it?

  5. Bloop, you DO KNOW that you are the biggest STUPID ass in the planet, if you dont, you should be ASHAMED.
    #1. YOU did NOT watch the video.
    #2. Since when do TREASONOUS Americans like YOU, put some g’d 3rd world bunch of sonofabitch murderers BEFORE Americans, OVER 30,000 MURDERED AMERICANS on our borders BY ILLEGALS, WHERE IS YOUR FKN SYMPATHY FOR THEM YOU SONOFABITCH?!
    GET LOST, this is the LAST comment that you have had here, you are a G’D TRAITOR to America, YOU are the one that is going STRAIGHT TO HELL.

  6. Paulette, it’s written: ‘comfort the feeble minded’ and I really think that ‘Bloop’ qualifies. If he hates America so bad, I’ll spring for his ticket as well. The only catch is he and Angela have to get on the same plane. I’d be delighted to see both of them outta here. If they’ll come to Dallas; I’ll book a flight for both of them and meet them at DFW International Airport and put them on the plane. My treat. No b.s. They can respond to this offer within say … oh … 24 hours and it’s a deal. After that, they’ll just have to suffer living in America. Poor souls.
    Don’t let them get under your skin little lady. They’re just punks.

  7. Steve, “Bloop” is finite’
    Sorry, no more can do. He feels ‘sorry’ for ILLEGALS, an ILLEGAL is a LAW BREAKER. He does not have empathy OR sympathy for people that are LAW ABIDING AMERICANS that have lost family in the American Holocaust on our borders.
    He has ZERO compassion for babies murdered in 81/2 mon. ‘murder-vaccum’ stlyle, then has the AUDACITY to quote from the Christian Bible to make a mockery out of the Christian faith as well.
    A person that says he/she is a “Christian” that voted in Obama, OR feels ‘proud’ of bush at this point, is an apostate and reprobate and only deserved to be pushed OUT and turned OFF.

  8. Steve- you see these ‘thumbs down’ See? they may not be visible where we can see them, but these leftists LOVE LAW BREAKERS.
    May G———Damn them all to hell FOREVER.

  9. there are many of us GOD loving & fearing righteous gentiles wanting to
    fire a return volley!!! we have to get organized & be totally committed!!!
    it is not too late- the Jew is my brother in arms!!! SHALOM

  10. We have plenty of right wing Jews that make me look like a liberal where I live 🙂
    Illegals better get ready, their time is on the horizon.

  11. I don’t understand. Why is it that NObama can ask the supreme court for the questioning of this JUSTICE (the new law), and why we can’t even question the LEGALITY of his presidency, or receive any proof?

    But… it makes sense, if you think about how NObama wants to give amnesty to illegals; he’s got to protect their interests.

  12. Tzofia,
    I dont know. I have been fighting just to see something on this bastard, anything, but he cannot even produce a L.F. B.C., let alone all of his records. Since 6/2008, I have been fighting this.
    Before that, I said on my show (before it got banned, in early 2008) That I didnt believe that Obama was born here, but in Kenya.
    I have been on this ever since.
    An ONLINE B.C. that is only given to people that DO NOT have B.C.’s proves nothing to me.

  13. They do car checks in my state, NJ, the State Troppers but it isn’t in the news!
    It is about time we take back our Country, get the illagals out now. I am elated that the Gov and the Guts to sign into law of her State. Get them all out of this Country and then we will see how much more safe and productive our Country is!
    BHO is on the side of illagals/ b/c he is one of them! We all know the truth!

  14. Dear Angela mistupid

    What an assenine statement “Not to mention the many states in america that were stolen in a war of aggression from mexico” In fact the USA had complete control of all MEXICO by 1oct1847, after a 17 month campaign that started in south TEXAS at PALO ALTO. After much mexican sabre rattling (TREATS) about disputed territory north of the RIO GRANDE, and refusal to accept AMERICAN $35 million offer for NEW MEX & CALIF. The AMERICANS attacked the superior mexican forces in south texas. The AMERICAN forces were out numbered in every battle. an example being BUENA VISTA where Zack TAYLORS 5000 man command , routed SANTA ANNA’s 20,000 man army. the TREATY of GUADALUPE HIDALGO signed on30 may 1848 ended the war/occupation where AMERICA paid MEXICO $15 million for New Mexico & california territory. This was actually one of the finest military campaigns ever conducted by US forces. So take that you dispicable AMERICA HATER.


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