EVIL, Satanic, RADICAL, Mike Malloy~Calling For The Death of Conservative Heavy Hitters

Left-Wing PIG, Mike Malloy calls for the deaths of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

While the right is under fire for supposedly ‘inciting violence’ against congressional Democrats, libtalkers have pumped up the rhetoric tenfold.


Liberal Sewer-Mouth MIKE MALLOY calls for the death of conservatives talk show hosts by name H/T Bare Naked Islam\’s Weblog Also see: www.radioequalizer.blogspot.com 

WHERE IS So who’s still advertising on Beck? March 26 edition… Media Matters, who is still trying to silence Beck as they did to Dobbs?  Why is this not important?


I’ll Tell You Why:


9 thoughts on “EVIL, Satanic, RADICAL, Mike Malloy~Calling For The Death of Conservative Heavy Hitters

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  2. these PEACE LOVING commie’s like MALLOY are quit violent when challanged. beware of these ” BARBI-DOLL TOTTIN HIPPOCRITS”


  3. The first amendment as far as the current FCC is concerned, now only applies to hysterical commie cunts like this faggot droog Mike Malloy.

    It’s fairly obvious the finks currently embeded (like Ticks) within the FCC are mostly products of sixties subversive activities and brainwashing tactics on our nations university campuses and classrooms.

    Senator Mcarthy should have wiped this manner of scum out years ago!

    This guy is just another Allen Burg, and should be silenced in the same way Burg was. But this time around the commies in our government should be ordered to leave the patriots who administer the lead poisoning alone or face the same fate!

    Our commie usurped government burned the patriot (who gave Burg what he kept begging for) to death for doing his part in standing up for the country our forefathers fought and died to preserve for us.

    It’s time to make some serious moves friends!

  4. These people are EVIL folks. Look at my post by the feminazi bitch that sent an anonymous audio to this lady “Tabitha Hale” Poor thing, she is pretty and smart and loves God and nation, makes these Marxist CREEPS nuts.

  5. Qweer; That is what Mike Malloy said, refute it instead of that cowardly shit “right wing bullshit”
    What a putz.
    Come on back and tell us how you feel IF you’ve got the GUTS.
    We have liberals here, but she is NICE, unlike you-….baked windbag.

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