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Be careful what you wish for – the right to bear arms means that everyone can bear arms.”

“We will be fighting you to the death.”

“I’m so glad that I saw Rachel Maddow. She’s brilliant. She’s absolutely fantastic. And her diagnosis of the ills of the American right are so right on. I mean, basically, what you’re doing is just saying no. You’re like belligerent children. You have no concept of how hard people have worked to get this together, and to make sure that we win. We WILL win, and will continue. That’s why Obama got elected.”

“We are now organized. We will show up at your town meetings, and your town halls, and trust me, it’s a force to be reckoned with.”


This DO*CHE BAG knows not her place. 

This is what feminism has brought men– misery. 

 This is a useless, BI-POLAR, dreamer, TW*T, that expects US to pay for her FAT F*CKING A$$.


If someone finds this Feminazi-THUG Monster, bring her to me, I dont need a gun, I will beat the sh*t out of the smug-a$$ Bolshevik. THAT is what a hard-core BOLSHEVIK Feminist from Brooklyn, NYC sounds like, I will kick your FAT A$$- lady.

No Problemo. 

 I CHALLENGE you to an Arm Wrestle, if I win, which I WILL, you get to have a one-way trip to Haiti.

Even black people are SICK of this SH*T, using them for POLITICAL gain.

Remember your place, B*TCH, you are inciting MEN. You are nothing but a FEMALE, in the Muzzie World, you are as useless as a DOG.

LOL–Wimpy, ugly, she-beast, MARXIST Crum.


Imagine this TREACHEROUS Jezebel LOSER facing a firing squad of Former Military MEN, her SUPERIORS!!




3 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow “Fan” INCITES MASSIVE BLOODBATH VIOLENCE

  1. Gee, that commie slut really is scary, yea uh huh. Sounds like one of the idiot hollywood lefties reading a script and not very well at that. The line about the ” right is degrading a brave, intelligent, hip black man is so retro” was pretty funny I thought.

  2. trust me, I know, that is the way those Commie bastards sound in NYC. She is good. she managed to piss me off beyond belief, BUT, the thing that pisses THEM off—is STRONG reaction.
    If you want to read a great book on how evil these people are since 1940 something, read Horowiz “The Radical Son”
    This book WILL infuriate you:

  3. Obama is “hip” to the corporations? Christ! This bitch doesn’t understand that the White House half breed just gave insurance companies a blank check?
    She needs to look up her American history and remember what a civil war looks like. Not so CIVIL! This divisive TWAT should be kicked in the ass and beaten.
    What do you say to a feminist with 2 black eyes?
    Nothing. she has already been told twice!!!!!!!

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