AMERICA! PUSH BACK, These ARE The Most Dangerous Soviet Plants IN The USA

 These people below never stop attacking America.. They actually had the audacity to ‘claim’ they had Dobbs silenced and forced off the airwaves. These are Obamas Machine Gunners. Inciting psychological mind boggling oppression of poor people in America that are unemployed by demonizing voices that know what is really happening, voices like Savage and Beck, among others. They are Communist-Marxist-NAZI/Fascists, they want to have total control, as Stalin did in Russia, in fact, Stalin is a ‘hero’ as is Marx to them. Even Noam Chomsky has had an affininty with Hitler.  THESE people are dangerous, not the other way around.
Also, read David Horowitz’s book, “The Radical Son”  

FrontPage Magazine – Radical Son, Revisited & The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous …

You will see the enemy within, that is forcing their way on us, living in a Soviet dream that didn’t work then, will not work now, and for the Jews at MMFA, it will not work here in America.   America WILL turn on you…FIRST, left wing Soviet Jews in name only, they will.


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 Maybe not right away, maybe not in a day….


14 thoughts on “AMERICA! PUSH BACK, These ARE The Most Dangerous Soviet Plants IN The USA

  1. I read the 101 Most Dangerous Professors about 3 or 4 years ago.. It was stunning in it’s revelations and detail of how these assholes operate. I hope everyone reads it!!! These are the unwashed hippies of the 60s and 70s who became establishment educators and continued to spread their filhty lies around.

    Also please read: Eurabia by Bat Ye’Or. You wil be glad you did, also read America Alone : The End of the World as WE Know It… Mark Steyn

  2. As I’m one of those “unwashed hippie assholes ” you describe Linda, you may wish to put a little more thought into your “State of the Union” address/opinion as we’re not going to sit by idly and have you disrespect our contribution. Right or wrong. You loud-mouth punk!

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  4. in your honest opinion is Iraq & afghanistan “stolen land’ or is it conquered land?

  5. Ahhhhh…thank you for that photo of my other president. I hold dual citizenship and have the unique pleasure of voting against both this idiot and our Sr. Obama.

    Dave…we are probably about the same age and may even have had similar backgrounds but in this case, Linda is right.

  6. America IS conquered. We are NO MORE.
    Islamic nations/countries dont get ‘conquered’ they might get defeated’ for awhile.

    What has that to do with anything? What has that to do with Soviets taking over my country?

  7. Dave, “disrespect” your contribution? ROFL!!!! you spit on your own country, (and our military)trash the Constitution, and as so called educators, have acccomplish nothing that helps anyone, unless you call brainwashing accomplishing something. So save it. And next time you want to call a grandmother a loud mouthed punk, I suggest you preface that with Ma’am sonny boy.

  8. Too bad McCarthy was slandered (by liberals) and didn’t have the chance to finish the job. We might not have an Obama now if he had been able to expose the Soviet operatives who had infiltrated our government. Marxists have been trying their damnedest for a 100 years to achieve what they have to date. They are not going to stop now.

    Liberals are doing the same thing to the Tea Party now. They would discredit their own grandmother if they thought it would achieve their goals.

  9. Ladies,

    I could never bring myself to fly my flag upside down. To me, it would be a sign of resignation. Whatever side you’re on, the fight is worth fighting.

    Linda, sorry about the “punk” remark. As Paulette knows, I’m susceptible to flying off-the-handle without due respect to the feelings of others or potential consequences. I’m working on correcting that.

    What does ROFL mean in web lingo?

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