My Favorite Rock Bands As a Kid

  I am sick of politics today.  So, sorry, I am doing something for me.

I loved Led Zeppelin & Lynyrd Skynyrd. I had a Black Sabbath album, but the inside of the record cover was SO ugly, that it was hard to concentrate on the music. I did like Queens, “We Are The Champions”  It made me feel powerful.  

In 1980, I loved Air Supply. Little River Band has to be my all-time favorite band, their harmony, impeccable.  I started liking some of these Rock bands @ 8 years old. Here is me @ 8 years:

  Hard to believe that the big-bad Mad Jewess was actually a KID at some point.  Even harder, probably -for you left wing moonbats to believe that I am a seriously nice and loyal person, just no loyalty or kindness to you, you are terrible people.         Do you all know that little children can become fierce fighters for their nation, patriotic @ 5-6-7 if you start out right?  My favorite colors were red, white and blue, you can see that in the picture.  I loved art as well, and by the time I was 16, I was always ‘blacking out’- in art, that is blacking out all images until AN image appears.

  When I was 16, I loved Led Zeppelin so much, that I drew this, and won 2nd place in High School for this drawing of ‘blacking out’: (It was the top half that won; Plant and Paige., the other 2 added in later.

  Of course you should know, that I was also indoctrinated to be a man-hating creep, but that all changed later and I became a big champion for the cause of men. In fact, many male blogs & websites that are out there are because of the strong stance I took for the American man in 2006 on a public platform for 2 years, then got banned from my radio show for exposing too much of Obamas ‘middle name’- Hussein. I cannot say who I am to people, it is better to remain anonymous, or try to.

  Here are some of my favorite songs, anyway, I hope you enjoyed of knowing a little about my life. 


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  2. Thanks for sharing that Paulette! Here’s one of my all time favorites from 1969 … being a jazz and blues kind of guy …

  3. MJ,
    What a sweetheart! You really look A LOT like a girl who lived 2 doors down from me when I was probably about the same age!

    Our taste in music is very similar, so we may be close to the same age. Skynyrd is my all time favorite band & I really liked the original Black Sabbath. Sabbath’s “Iron Man” is one of my favorite songs.

    Black Sabbath & Deep Purple were my first 2 8-track tapes, which at that time was an upgrade from my old 4-track! I really liked Air Supply (air that I breathe) too & still love Zeppelin, especially the song “Black Dog”.

    Hey it’s kind of nice to talk about something different than all the BS!


  4. Cool 😀
    Yes, I get sick of the news, have to do this for some sanity. I loved Zepp and Skynyrd, my all time favs 😉
    Iron Man was some strange song. War Pigs reminds me of now.
    I was a sweet little girl, you cannot see it in that pic, but I was TOUGH.

  5. Posted this in the wrong thread. Hey, I’m old!

    Favorite Rock bands as a kid:

    The Beatles
    The Stones
    The Yardbirds
    The Animals
    The Kinks
    The Dave Clark Five
    The Zombies
    The Beau Brummels
    The Sir Douglas Quintet
    The Playboys of Edingurg
    The Doors

  6. Let’s pray for our country, everyone. This is America’s national hymn for some inspiraition:

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