Ret. Naval Commander Gets Arrested~Obamas AmeriKa

This is all incomprehensible to me. It says that ‘Evil triumphs when good men do nothing’.. Fitzpatrick has only done good, and gets arrested.  I am distraught, beyond sad. This is Obamas AmeriKa. This is the “Change” you all wanted. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”  Really? You are the ones that should go to hell.

IMPORTANT SEE: * Lt. Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick , III, attempts citizen’s arrest of grand jury foreman; gets arrested  I am not ‘half-linking’ here, so, please go read it on this site.

Tribute to Fitzpatrick:

A DISTINGUISHED man; Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III is accusing FOREIGN BORN Obama of TREASON

Often quoted:   ‘Beware of the fury of a patient man’ 

The JAG Hunter…Dauntless and unafraid!  

-Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III


1 thought on “Ret. Naval Commander Gets Arrested~Obamas AmeriKa

  1. Obama is pure evil he is all ready setting up FEMA camps to put all patriotic Americans into its about becomming a dictator and taking complete control Healthare is the first step but Obama wants complete control. Look he even admited that he hates American you need to undestand that!

    He is not just wrong but pure evil and hates Americans and wants to destroy the Constitution and turn us into a Communist Police State and control every aspect on our lives what we say what we watch there even trying to infiltrate our thoughts puting thought control scaners. They have them now at the Airpots so when you get a body scan they can your thoughts. They say its makes us safer from terrorist but you know what they are going to use it on all of us and take complte control over our thougts so if we think anything bad about Obama they will send us all to the FEMA camps and probably exterminte us all. They are pure evil.

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