How The Hell Did We Go From Generals To Presidents, To a KENYAN President?

Everyday this makes me sick. Barack HUSSEIN Mohammed Obama, from KENYA, -foundational years in Indonesia, semi-raised by Moslem fathers, ARE WE FRIKKING INSANE?   This is all incomprehensible to me.  Twelve Presidents were former Generals; George Washington, Andrew Jackson, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, U. S. Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, and Dwight Eisenhower.

The Left Wing traitors didn’t even vet out this bastard from Kenya.  And that bothers me as well. His mother had this demon out of wedlock.  She posed naked: 

OMG!! OBAMAS MAMA posed NAKED! WTF! « THE MAD JEWESS  And this bothers nobody in power as well-the character of this jackass that wants us to be like sitting ducks as our enemies prepare to bomb, or nuke us.  When will the Democrats AND Republicans that are occupying OUR White House and Capital Hill wake the hell up and throw the illegal OUT!?  

Think about this people…THINK about it:


Where in the hell is the Military? WHY are they allowing this to just keep going on??

  I think back to the times of Reagan, his inauguration. These were better times in America, NO, not the best, but we had a glimmer of hope, and it seems we did not work during that time to get this nation free of the Communist/Soviet onslaught of the left.  I remember Ethel Merman siging at Reagans inauguration:


WHAT are people thinking? Are we flippin insane?

We went from “Everything’s Comin Up Roses” & patriotism after the hell of Jimmah Cahtah in 1980, to “Yes We Can-OBAMA, OBAMA” In 2010?  Repeating the “Bob The Builder” Yes We Can Intro song for inauguration song- even Clinton chose that horrid song “Dont Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow” (Fleetwood Mac) — How far, deep, and disgusting we have sunk into the abyss of totalitarianism. I cannot believe what has happened. I am in shock everyday as I watch this vomitous slob wreck this nation.

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
No birth certificate? No Obamacare!
Attorney files motion to link eligibility, health-care lawsuits

14 thoughts on “How The Hell Did We Go From Generals To Presidents, To a KENYAN President?

  1. Would that be the Andrew Johnson who’s on record as being the first impeached POTUS ever? Gee, I learned that in elementary school in Suffolk, England. Try prying that information put of any 6th-grader here. Now he’s Barrack Hussein MOHAMMED Obama? I’m beginning to understand your concept of Jooooo! Thanks. As best I can tell, it means rascist.

  2. Bla BLA BLA… Bla Bla Bla..
    His 3rd name IS Mohammed. I found out from an Israeli that when they talk about Hussein Obama, they call him Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama.

  3. Baa! Baa! Baa! You would know, since Israelis know everything. Why don’t you move there and consort with liked-minded folks? The “Jooo” crap doesn’t cut it with me and you should be embarrassed when using it as a ploy in any conversation.


    This asshole is WITH Obama in Obamas Jew hating, Christian hating regime of terror.
    I knew it too. This SONOFABITCH would love to see all Jews DEAD.
    Country: United States
    State/Region: Texas
    City: El Paso
    Latitude: 31.8545
    Longitude: -106.533
    Area Code: 915

    SO- How bout you bother us one more fucking time, and we take care of business?

  4. Dave Says
    You hate Jews, cause why? Is it that they are smarter than you? Is it that you are a loser in life and need someone to blame? Or did you get dumped by a Jewish woman who found out what a loser you are?

  5. hey mj- did you see what this supposed yid say? He said his is a Jew–lol these frauds crack me up. We dont even write posts about israel here. There are more than enough blogs about israel, then goes so far as to say the mossad is spying here in usa, i wish, i wish they were, and i wish they were planning to throw out the kenyan moslem obama usurper.
    Hey Dave—go play with your pecker, you asshole

  6. Billie, he also says he is a Jew.
    So, he is a Jew that hates Israel too- thats neat, we know that he hates his OWN people and is a traitor that can never be trusted.
    Then, the little sissy-boy says he will support Israel when the mossad stops spying here. So, he is in with the Mossad too, pretty clever..
    THEN, he goes so far as to say “You are a NYC Jew” Which I am not, I am just a gal from way out on L.I. and never even went to the synagogue growing up, I actually went to church more times than a synagogue, and that was about 5x in my life.
    I am not even religious. America WAS my religion until bolshevik Jewish nazis like this asshole “DAVE” screwed it up.
    I WISH THE MOSSAD was spying, b/c if they were, the Kenyan could be suffering from the same fat as that Hamas agent in EU.

  7. bs’d
    My sweet sister, Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation 🙂 as for this brain trust, let him rot with all the other obama idol worshipers. Our day will come and we will see who has the last laugh. Little men, such as the make believe president and his buds are little in every sense of the word. They overcompensate in so many ways for their smallness, bur cannot help their little mind. Take heart, my friends. America is opening her eyes to what is going on. Stupid Stupak and all the others who are bailing cannot escape so easily. We will have our country back & @Dave, you moron, it is people such as you who will be the first to cry to your embarrasses mommies. I would love to meet your scrawny self in an alley one night. It is just b/c of scum like you that I have taken to carrying 2 concealed weapons. One s for the head shot & the other for where your little friend lives…and I do mean little.

  8. Boy Howdy! That “Yes We Can” Propaganda Piece Of Crap Was Eye Opening!

    This was truely a stark look straight into the face of the Erav Rav showbusiness empowered Communist Left enemy within. What a sheer and total lack of shame and taste these black ass kissing zombie warriors of the prince of darkness these privileged overrated retard entertainers are!
    How can they have become detatched from their senses so completely?
    What but Jig Voo Doo mixed with gay Communism could be so effective at leading the whites involved with this piece of crap to such low depths of depravity? I’t surely must be due in major part to the Erev Ravs they jump through hoops for to remain “Viable” in the eyes of the so called entertainment industry.
    I liked the label these turds placed in the upper left corner of this video… Dipdive! Ha Ha!
    Such an appropriate name for a company which produces videos of famous Dip-shits taking the plunge into total Niggritude! AKA Nigger Servitude. What a Joke these desparate seekers of fame are as they make fools of themselves kissing the black ass in their futile attempts to persuade the leftist Yids who have ruined Hollywood to grant them just a few more minutes of their fleeting fame.
    You gotta admit that Scarlet Johanson has a kind face though,
    The kind you’d like to throw Shit at!

    She looks like a Gopher with a nice Tuchus!

    TMJ don’t take any rude remarks typed by this Leftist Limy Dave personally. Commie negrophile garbage like this poof will instantly take cheap personal shots at anyone who refuses to fall into step with their sick anti-human black ass enabling/worshiping agenda. This buggerist product of all male boarding schools doesn’t have a problem with Jews unless he sees something the commies or negrophiles have put on their list of things Limy Ass Bags are indoctrinated to pitch a hissy fit over while out trolling on the human sites.

    Had you been anything at all besides the hostess of a Mudshark Hosting site or a member of one of the many mud races (like the Moslems that have overrun his country)he’d have thrown that up in your face instead of this off the mark Israeli bullshit his weak homo mind came up with!
    Many of these overbearing little Limey dipshits are merely emasculated Queen’s subjects who need to be identified for what they are and shot dead in their tracks!
    Message to the Banned Buggerist Dave…. Don’t get you panties in a bunch sweetie!

  9. I swear, WD, YOU ARE A CRACK UP!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
    You have such excellent wit.
    They really have screwed up Hollywood that it is just downright sick and debaucherous.
    I LOVE the way you write.

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