ME & My Husband, David Ben Moshe/JTF~REJECTED to Sing & Speak @ Our Tea Party

  Yes we were. My husband made the most riveting speech, and, I, of course volunteered my singing, which anyone knows, I sing patriotic songs with guts, vigor, and passion.  So, does this make the “Tea Party” people here where we live, “Jew Haters?” No. Does it make them Assholes? YES.

  In mid March we attended our Tea Party meeting here in our town.  They were auditoning for people to sing patriotic songs- long/short, NOBODY brought any, and I volunteered my time and voice.  Nevermind that myself and great friend, Rox~ have been sending Tea Bags to Capital Hill since Nov. 2007, before I was banned off of my radio show for not being a shill for the GOP. 

  Onward.. The leader, or one of them, a female-ist.. of course.. brought my voice up, and we offered 3 songs, all was good & OK, Then we went and BOUGHT the songs…. A week ago, the female called and said “We need a modern song”- I said: “Well, we bought these, you said you wanted patriotic” she said, “You know, something like Martina McBride”  I stated.. ‘Ma’am, Martina McBride sings God Bless America, just as you asked me??’ She said “Nevermind, I don’t know what I’m talking about,  Just show up and sing”  Then my husband got rejected– for what, we still do not know, this town is very small, it makes zero sense.              We are not with the GOP, we do not even ‘like’ the GOP.  Then, the cowardly female-ist had a man call to tell me–out of nowhere, that “We have no room for you”  Well, if you are a spiritual person, this somewhat reminded me of the passage in the Christian Bible”- “No room at the Inn” – That is how these Assholes made us feel, which is the reason I have taken off a few days- in other words, this was hurtful.  People do not want to ‘offend’ I tell you it is TIME to offend.  BIGTIME.

  This so-called ‘Tea Party’, I can no longer endorse, in my home town, and any other “tea party” that does this to patriots.  I am not with a party that rejects patriotic Americans, Jewish OR Christian, just because we are SICK with the GOP.  We also do not endorse Sarah Palin on this website, She is pushing for John McAmnesty to be lifetime Senator, ty, NO!!!! And SARAH for a President? ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE?! We need a CHRISTIAN WHITE MALE, just as we had for 2 centuries. Women are not, in any way, capable of running a nation, and definitely not a nation that will need deliverance from a dictatorship. IMO.

  We believe, that after having going to a Town Hall to speak to John McCain, many of the so called “Tea Party” protesters are just GOP.  They did absolutely zero to stand up to OPEN-BORDERS McCain, and the Oathkeepers that DID speak out:  the stupid GOP or bust crowd basically told them to “SHUT UP!” 

  Many of the Tea Party’s now are bullshit, imo., and need to go back to the original Town Hall spontaneous protests, instead of the “Tea Party” Express bus’s.  Now, also the “Tea Party” goes on large ship at sea. 

We do not need “Tea Parties” we need WAR.

Below is my husbands rejected speech:

  • 1/2 of 1% tax on tea caused the Boston Tea Party and we called that tyranny.  Today we pay FICA, Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, some places City Income Tax, Luxury Tax Excise Tax, and when you go home you pay property, school and water tax.  Then if you have anything left over to spend, you pay sales tax on your purchase and we call this freedom.
  • ‘No taxation without representation’  but today both senators and congressmen don’t represent us.  Instead they represent  corporate and organization lobbyists because that’s where the money for running for office for a lifetime is.
  • It might be better to have 1 term term limits only, 4 years for president, 6 for senator and 2 for congress.  They can have a decent salary but no pension.  We were supposed to have a civilian govt, not lifetime politicians fattening themselves, their families and friends with under the table deals, terrific benefits and a top-notch pension.
  • Thomas Jefferson as president died a poor man.   The first black congressman, after the Civil War died penniless.  Where were their huge pensions?
  • After the failure of the Articles of Confederation, where each state treated each other as a foreign nation, we put a slightly stronger federal govt, under The Constitution,  in place, but each state was still sovereign.  In the early years of the 20th century the federal govt began to grow and with each step in growth, sovereign power was taken away from the people and the states, until today an all powerful consuming federal govt dictates to the states and the people.  The Constitution says what the powers of the Federal govt are, defense, post office, treaties, tariffs and coin money.  We started with 4 secretaries to the president, Sec. Of State, War (not defense), Treasury and Attorney General.  Why do we have 16 today?  Why is the federal govt involved in education, housing labor and what do we have a Federal Reserve for, if we have a Treasury Department, or what do we need a Treasury Department for if we have a Federal Reserve, which is as federal as Federal Express.   Rockefeller Mellon, Carngie, J.P. Morgan Vanderbuilt and most of all Rothschild from England, who saw the US as the up and coming nation, didn’t care who was in office as long as they controlled the money supply.  So, we got a Federal reserve.
  • We looked the other way as Robert and Ted Kennedy changed our immigration laws, that changed the culture and gave us dozens of now almost equal languages.
  • We looked the other way  as standards were dumbed down to idiot levels in some cases, to make everything have fair outcomes.
  • We looked the other way as American companies became American in name only, sending millions of jobs over to Asia for labor as close to slave labor as possible.
  • We looked the other way as the 60s radicals took over our schools and institutions.
  • We looked the other way as the anti trust laws were trashed and company after company swallowed each other up, eliminating millions of now redundant jobs.
  • We looked the other way as ports highways and buildings were sold to foreign nations.
  • We looked the other way as the govt and ACLU took our Christian culture away after promising that the Civil Rights and Immigrations laws of the mid 60s would not.
  • We looked the other way as our govt for life threw out the constitution and replaced it with the Communist Manifesto
  • We looked the other way as we went to war in the Middle East and tried as hard as possible not to win or to hurt anyone.
  • We looked the other way as the traitors in power invited more and more Moslems to come live with us.   Did any of you read a Qurran?  Thomas Jefferson did, to see why they were attacking us.  If you read one, read a pre 1990 translation as it’s been whitewashed now that they know we are on to them.
  • We looked the other way as Obama was given a pass on opening his life as a book as all other candidates do today.   Where is his birth certificate?  The COLB  is given to people that don’t have birth certificates.  Also,  the serial number on it was from numbers issued in 2008 and on RACE:, it says AFRICAN.   In the 1960’s there was no such term.  It would have said NEGRO.
  • A great nation goes from  bondage to great hope, from great hope to great courage, from great courage to freedom from freedom to abundance, from abundance to complacency from complacency to apathy from apathy to dependence from dependence back into bondage.  Today we are between apathy and dependence swiftly heading for back into bondage and only the fear of bondage is waking some up.  Where were you for the last 25 years??
  • In the depression FDR tried to fix it but while the world was also in a depression, the US went into a Great Depression because of government meddling.  Only WWII got us out of it.  Also note that every problem this nation has is caused by the government overstepping and over reaching their limitations.
  • In the Depression, industry was here waiting for a reason to be fired up.  What industry do we have here today?  What is left to come back to?
  • So, are you going to vote in the GOP after the Democrats destroy this nation and give the GOP the chance to do the same and then start over with the Democrats once again after the GOP screwed us and yet expect different results?  Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the results to be different  a definition for insanity as told to us by Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein?
  • Before the 20th century our government was expected to protect or right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Today they are expected to provide it.

And My Youtube Tribute to Tea Partiers, some, who reject me:


25 thoughts on “ME & My Husband, David Ben Moshe/JTF~REJECTED to Sing & Speak @ Our Tea Party

  1. Well, I think it SUCKS that they are blackballing you. I hate censorship. Did you ever see my teaparty vid that I edited? There is a white Christian minister who spoke whom I think you might agree with. Here’s the link if you want to see it. Now that you hate the teapartiers, you might even get some enjoyment from how I made the hatters look mad. haha

    So, I take it you were not a Golda Meir fan? I like strong women. I think women make great leaders. I reject the teachings passed on by delusional white men, especially if they claim G-d gave men dominion over women. Trash! haha I’m a rebel and a blasphermer. Sorry…

  2. And as far as I know, they don’t screen the speakers up here in my town and I think they would welcome you and your husband and what you have to say. I think his speech is powerful and would be applauded up here in Eastern Wash.

  3. I dont think there is anything wrong with women that, by nature, are submissive to LOVE. If they dont want to be a wife, then dont get married, if they want to pretend that they are stronger, faster, better inventors, etc, prove it.

    As far as women being good in leadership-NO. Women MAKE men great. *IF* she is a good woman, women can make men, or they can devastate and break them.
    Yes, these people SUCK. FK THEM

  4. Well, I’m not here to defend ANY men. I’m not against ’em. I’m just not their biggest fan. Don’t matter the color.
    I’m no lesbian or manhater or big feminist. I just call ’em how I see ’em. Too many guys are just jerks.
    I’m not putting down submissive women either. Some want it that way. It’s a free country last time I checked, although I realize it may not be for long.

  5. and if you watch my tea party vid, the minister comes out strongly in favor of Israel in it. My comment with the link got stuck in moderation…

  6. BTW MJ you are absolutely right in what you said about us needing a White Christian male to run this country. He also has to be one that does not suffer from White guilt, which means an Italian-American or Greek-American male might be best, but anyway…)

    We need someone STRONG to deliver this country, and a woman just can’t do it (unless her name is Margaret Thatcher, but she is too old and not a native-born American, but then neither is Obama, so….)

    Women are too emotional. You know it. I know it. And we are women. Palin is a nice person, and I like her for many reasons, but to run the country?


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  8. Well there will probably never be another white male president of this country. I suspect women and minorities will always end up at the top of the ticket from now on.There seems to be a mentality that it just makes everybody just feel so damn good to vote for a minority or a woman.
    Unfortunately there will never be a big, bold, proud man in charge again.
    I don’t know what the hell has happened to people’s thinking, but it sure as hell is not good. The republicans could have put a stop to this crap about obama’s birth certificate,but hell no all we got was mealy mouth john mccain who didn’t want to offend anybody.None of the conservatives stood up and raised hell as they should have.
    God only knows what the future holds for us but nobody has any balls anymore

  9. I don’t get these folks. The “Tea-party” movement has just started; with the treatment you and your husband got I’m wondering if they haven’t already gone the way of the no ‘cods’, Republican b.s.
    There isn’t one Republican Congressman that has any real “cods”. Every one of them know about the fraud in the White House and none will step up to the plate and tell him to get the hell out of our White House. If the Tea Partiers act like this to true patriots, they are just a bunch of spineless Sean Hannitys, that talk a good talk, but when it comes to the real ‘nut-cuttin’, they don’t have the stomach for it.
    Well, I’d rather have you and your husband by my side than every Tea Partier in America.

  10. Steve, this was painful to me. I make a Tribute TO them, and I get rejected? Did you see that speech my hub wrote??
    I think it is a bunch of feminists that have hijacked this and they are on the Sarah Palin train.
    I cannot, in good conscience, endorse Palin when she is endorsing McPAIN (Open borders policy)
    All treason imo.

  11. OY OY OY- Palin is endorsing McPAIN (Open borders) I guess she is probably a good American, but for leader of the so called ‘free world?’

  12. I’m so sorry you’ve been treated this way.

    Is it okay with you if I copy your husband’s speech and put it up on my political blog?

  13. Sure Darc, it is an excellent speech. He is David Ben Moshe from the JTF, here is a video with him:
    He is on the left:
    The Dire Threat Of A Nuclear-Armed Iran: How JTF Warned Against The Invasion Of Iraq in 1998

  14. Dave’s speech is wonderful, just have him save it for an occasion worthy of him. Unfortunately, these tea party people are afraid of their own shadow. They’re a nutred bunch. You’re right, MJ. Severe bloodshed is the only thing that can save this once-great country.

    I like your blog, by the way.

  15. Scrib, unfortunately, yes, it is coming to the place where it will be bloodshed.
    These people are WEAK. If they didnt want me, whatever, but David?? They are WEAK.

  16. mj, I had to come back here and listen to your rendition of G-d Bless America. I honestly think it is the most moving and powerful version I have ever heard, at least for me. I am in TOTAL awe of your talent! It renders me (almost) speechless. Thank you so much.

  17. Hey MD, I think they didn’t want you specifically because of David’s speech. You see, every “we looked the other way” reminds them that this country is so far gone that there is no return without serious sacrifice and bloodshed. They don’t want to think about that because they are not willing to confront that truth. All they want to hear is how we will take our country back by electing Republicans, as if the Republicans share no blame for what has happened to this country.

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