RINO Traitors mute as The Muslim Dictator Disarms AMERIKA….

  Only a few weeks ago at somewhere around 10:30 PM on a Sunday night, while middle class Amerika continued it’s 45 year snooze on their way to the inevitable cold, black winter of enslavement, I can still see the smirks on the faces of the Congressional Bolsheviks as the mealy-mouthed Rino skunk, Boehner, groveling and begging Obamo’s thugs to not pass the Death Care bill.

  Where upon, as if on que, they formed a circle around the Congressional RINO skunks, joined by the Pelosi contingent who did their version of it, pulled down their zippers, and gleefully proceeded to hose them down till they reeked, and then gloating like the devils they are, passed the bill…

  I will forever relish the memory of those belly-crawling son’s of bitches squirming at the realization that they were now in the same boat they put us in these last 25 years….Powerless and taking the hosing of a lifetime…

  And this week, the black racist Muslim Bolshevik, summarily began the first phase of dismantling America’s Defense. This time, the RINOS saved themselves the humiliation, they did nothing. We are in for another hosing again as “THE FINAL SOLUTION” moves onward.                It is high time for a Revolution…they must be the first to go…. The rest here: http://thelampoonist-american.com/

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