KENYAN Dictator-Obama, MASSACRES Native Americans WORSE than Imagined

Another one-two punch by Communist committees and dictators of America: The “Fighting Sioux” moniker of the University of North Dakota will now be forbidden, and President Barry “Obama” Soetoro’s federal government (IRS enforcers) just took 7,112 acres of Indian land from the Sioux in South Dakota.

The Rest @ Bad Eagle: Fighting Sioux Defeated, as Obama Takes Indian Land

 ShareThis· Native Americans SCREWED under Obama-”Care”~They are not the right “Color”

It is time for WAR.

When will American Men WAKE THE HELL UP?! When? Over 40 years of Bolshevik-Communist Onslaught and nothing is done, nothing. Men are paralyzed by “Thats Racist”, “You’re a Hater”,…..And women that are Jezebel-whores against this nation. Women that should have never even been given a right to vote…. Women that have pushed men to a back burner, thrust this wicked, illegal, Kenyan scum into our White House that is supposed to have MEN in it.  Women and pussified men. I am so sick of it, so damned tired of this nation that has turned into a cowardly nation of fat pigs eating McDonalds, talking on cell phones and taking everything we hold dear for granted.

Read this from Native Americans Against Obama: America, Face It, Your President Was Raised to Hate You

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  1. The Sovereign Native Nations should not take this shit from the Musulman Potentate, Pasha Obama — they must not accede to his incrementally-worse demands, ultimately a resumption of the genocidal policies of past DEMOCRATS as regards the invaluable native peoples of this land, to whom we owe so much. Can anything else be said? I’m horrified, I’m disgusted, as you are. It’s like a repeat of the darkest chapters of American history.

  2. Well, ya know I have an affinity for our native brothers and sisters… Here’s a vid I made last year. It might be boring, unless you are a history buff.

  3. My comment didn’t get verified yet?

    Well, I’ll repost:

    The Sovereign Native Nations should not take this shit from the Musulman Potentate, Pasha Obama — they must not accede to his incrementally-worse demands, ultimately a resumption of the genocidal policies of past DEMOCRATS as regards the invaluable native peoples of this land, to whom we owe so much. Can anything else be said? I’m horrified, I’m disgusted, as you are. It’s like a repeat of the darkest chapters of American history.

  4. “[The above post was mine…you can check the IP. I forgot to sign out of my wordpress account, the one I use at]”

    By post I meant COMMENT….
    Sorry, I’m exhausted.

  5. Too bad that the search for truth doesn’t equal your need to hate…..

    Crow Creek Sioux buys back land
    By Josh Verges, Argus Leader
    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe has settled its tax debt with the IRS and lined up a loan that will enable it to buy back the 11 square miles of land the IRS sold at auction in December, the tribal chairman said. A stipulation filed in court last week indicates the tribe will dismiss its lawsuit, which sought to prevent the IRS from selling the Hyde County land. That will cancel a May 4 trial. The IRS took the unusual step of seizing and selling the land because the tribe refused to pay $3.12 million in employment taxes, penalties and interest it racked up since 2001. At $2.58 million, the winning bid did not fully satisfy the debt. But tribal chairman Brandon Sazue, who met with government officials in Washington last week, said the IRS is forgiving what’s left. “We don’t owe the IRS anything at this point in time, as long as we drop the lawsuit,” Sazue said. A spokesman for the Department of Justice’s tax division acknowledged a deal was struck but could not provide any detail. “We were glad we were able to reach an amicable resolution of the case,” Charles Miller said. The next step for the tribe is buying back the land; the auction sale came with a provision that the tribe had 180 days to do so. Sazue said the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux in Minnesota have agreed to loan the Crow Creek Sioux $3 million to buy the land. Shakopee Mdewakanton spokeswoman Tessa Lehto could not confirm the loan. The Crow Creek also are working with the government to make sure they don’t get in tax trouble again. The tribe’s written complaint in the court file says they weren’t paying taxes because the Bureau of Indian Affairs wrongly advised them they were exempt. Sazue said he wants to set up a mechanism that subtracts taxes from tribal councilors’ paychecks. The chairman said he is excited to put the tax problems to rest and get back the land. Sazue spent three weeks on the land in December fasting and praying in protest of the IRS action. “If I hadn’t set my trailer up there I don’t think we’d be where we are today,” he said.
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  6. ok, kiddies, fun’s over. I don’t give a fuck about your opinions, I believe in free speech. What I care about is your masquerading as a Jew, and fomenting race war.

    So here’s my offer. Change the name of your blog and remove the reference to Jews, and you can go on playing your game. Find another ethnic group you hate and pretend to be one of them instead.

    If you have not made the changes within 24 hours, I am taking my evidence to the Attorney General and having you charged with hate crimes. You know that I can do it, and you know it will stick. So do it now before you get any farther in over your heads.

    Maybe you should stop getting stoned so often and wake up. This is bullshit and some of us have the power to shut you down.

    Go ahead and call the Attny General.
    My site is protcted by the Law.
    There is no ‘masquerade’ here, this blog has been under this name for over a year and a half, nothing gets changed.
    I have turned you into the Internet Crime for harassment with your IP, and a post will be up about you–today.

  7. frumyid

    You have a lot of gall threatening someone online like this. You are either very brave or very stupid. You have no evidence , you have nothing.. And I suggest you get sober. The Mad Jewess doesn’t have to changed a damned thing.

  8. bs’d
    @FY~~~~~ I resent you trying to pass yourself off as any kind of “yid”. No “frum yid” would come into another’s “home” and show such disrespect as you do. Honestly, if you think about what you are doing, there is little difference between you and those who bowed down to the golden calf. You are bowing down to Amalek & inviting the demise of the Jewish people. This president is a Jew hater, through and through. Just because he surrounds himself with Jews like you doesn’t fool anyone who is informed about Jewish history.
    Do not come into my sister’s home & make a fool of yourself & other Jews, you tiny brained semi literate, semi human.
    You make me sick. Keep using that name & one of these days you will find out why more FRUM Jewish women are carrying, not one, but two concealed weapons. As Bob Grant used to say, get off our site, you fake, phony fraud.

  9. TY MM. I am doing a Mitzvah, and this FRAUD is trying to stop it, so I am forced to countersuit. My blog is ‘fair’ You’ve seen my songs, I take up for our people that ACT like OUR people, unlike these anti-semitic Jews that dont want me to expose the evil Esaus and Amaleks.
    It IS as I stated; Erav Rav.
    Shalom. I get tired of the crap. WE ALL get tired of these lunatic left wing “jews” in name ONLY.
    Just think about this; does anyone know how much courage it takes to have a name like mine “The Mad Jewess” in an America that HATES Jews BECAUSE of this ‘jew’ frum yid?
    WHO would actually even ‘want’ to BE Jewish in a place where 70% of OUR people voted in this MONSTER and are totally un-repentant!

  10. bs’d
    He nauseates me. I hate when people become all Fiddler on the roof & think that is all they have to do. Erev Rav is too good for that dude. On gun for the head shot, one for his “little friend”,if you know what I mean 🙂

  11. Liberal/leftist “jews” are the worst enemy Am Yisroel has. I know they are erev rav because their goal in every generation is to defame Am Yisroel to make the goyim hate us. This is why we speak out, to let the Righteous Gentiles know we are their friends, and they are ours, as long as we work together for truth and righteousness.

    I have dealt with erev rav/leftist jews before; they love to accuse real Jews of “not being Jews”. This is because they see we act so differently from them (who are false jews/erev rav), and so they know there is something “different” about us.

    YES, there IS! WE are JEWS! They are not!

  12. Oh who the hell cares if the bum does whatever. We will pray- ALL of us that Hashem will deal with him accordingly. He just wants us to kiss illegal ass, minority ass, black peoples ass, and ANYBODY ass EXCEPT right wing Jews, patriots and our Christian friends.

    Imagine the fukin GALL of this sob, KNOWING fully well what giving out ANY personal information does over the net.
    Yimach Shemo Vizchero is RIGHT for this lying creep.
    GET SUING- GET GOING, WE could sue YOU for this cyber bullying tactics and INQUISITION.

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