How The Left Has WON

I stood yonder from where the Tea Party was happening in my town, where they rejected me and my husband, to sing and speak, one week before the event. They rejected us, because the Tea Party has been de-balled, and we are very right wing and patriotic.  How did they de-ball, you say?  With “Thats Racist”, “You’re a Hater”, “You Are Nazis” Etc. So, the left wing Progressive, mind-f-cking machine sent out psychological pharmacia to Americans to take out the fire, the bite, the anger, at the Town Hall Protests–because that is what really kicked this whole thing off–The Town Hall people.  The DNC called them “The Mob”, “Angry, irrational” people.  Which is exactly what the spontaneous Town Hall Protests were=Angry Americans.  Which is needed now, desperately.

  So, what did the left wing psycho-mind f-ckers do?  Brilliant plan.. Paint these people out to be horrible, racists, haters, angry, Nazis-etc.. And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  At least I know I did…for a short time. But, I am at my end with it all.  See, if you have never been around these evil tyrants and soul assassins, you do not know how to fight them.  One thing about the left wing; they are good on offense and defense. Why?  Most of them are in the psychiatric field.  They know how to play mind games.  They have won, unless you wake the hell up to their game. They are not afriad to ‘offend’ anyone. They, thousands of them, stood on the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA, stopped up traffic for hours. They have been responsible for starting riots and race riots for 4 decades. You really should not give a damn what they call you. You are losing your country, people. When Savage, Beck, Horowitz, etc tell you what is happening and you brush it off, you are just not listening.

  I have been politically active for over 20 years in the city I lived.  I shook down a Newspaper in a town of 500,000, painted the Mayor out to be the passive/agressive bitch she was, she was allowing murders, too many to count print on the back pages of the Newspaper. *Letter to the Editor- 2000

   I have stood in City Halls and had streets closed down, streets infested with MS-13, Nortenos, Sorrenos, and illegal gangs that were terrorizing my city.  I have had my car shotgunned and rocks thrown through my apartment windows. You name it. You must get in the face of these people and fight fire with fire. Who gives a damn what they call you? WHO CARES?  “Racist?”  Are they kidding? Please.. We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik brainwashing schools that ‘racism is the worst thing’ even before murder. Which enabled the scum of the earth, white trash, black miscreants and etc to act like the pigs they are.


WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, before your country is GONE forever. 

Shut Up, Americans! you Racists, You Haters, You Angry People. NAZIS!

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  1. MJ: Its coincidental you brought up the way the Left has handled the term “racist” to silence their Tea Party opposition.

    There is a video you need to see. Now, before I post this link, know that this has been posted by someone who is anti-semitic, but that does not detract from the truth in this video (I think there are 3 parts).

    David Horowitz is interviewed on this video too, btw. You need to understand the Frankfurt School of Marxist thought to understand why and how the Left uses “racist” so effectively:

  2. I just re-read my post….what I meant was that this video was posted to YouTube by someone who seems to be a Jewhater (judging by the “88” in his YouTube handle and his comments)…but don’t let that blind you to the truth contained in the video re: the Frankfurt School. It will answer any questions you have as to why and how the Left uses the “racist” slur.

  3. Paulette;
    Here is access to the Parliament of the Republic of Kenya’s website. When you bring up the webpage, click on the red Mar.25, 2010 link. Go to page 31. In the middle of the page you will find the words:

    “If America was living in a situation where they feared
    ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man
    born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of

    Now for all the freaks out there that doubt Obama’s place of origin … bite me!

  4. What’s that quote? “You shall know them by their works.”
    Leaving politics aside for the moment, (or for the next 20 years), consider that phrase and then look around you.
    You can see those that do not have your best interests in mind when they open their mouths. You can see the patriotism of the true tea partiers. You can also see the ‘hanger ons’ at the fringe. Those that are looking for change to big government, but have no idea what liberty looks like. (I do not fault them, but they make up a big part of the movement, in my opinion.)
    So most people react poorly when being called “racist” or “radical”, because of the negative connotations suggested by our popular (read, suck ass) media has portrayed these words. Worse yet, these words have been demonized by Executive Order coming out of the White House since the Carter administration or before.
    Standing up for ones self, taking our own best interests into consideration, has been called selfish, and we know how THAT word has been demonized!
    You are right. It takes balls. Balls to stand up, knowing what is right. Making a noise. Being unrelenting amidst the name calling from the slanderous fucks. Pushing back. Throwing blows. Calling shit, SHIT, because we know what it looks like when we step in it.
    Hell with all of the bastards that would stand in the way with their mealy mouthed meanderings of politeness.
    Be ready with, “did I offend you?” and when they answer “yes”, tell them “good – I meant to.”
    But what is MORE OFFENSIVE than SLAVERY?

  5. i just got home from riding motorcycle all the way to washington d.c. its good to be home in fla. that place is a rats hole from can smell the corruption in the air like the stench of death.
    i was surprised to see that only about ten thousand showed up. i thinkthe we,the people ,people are just laying low,waiting for november to come.
    i am very much in agreement with you,that the political correctness has gone way too far.we NEED to stand up,and call a duck a duck,and a communistic,egotistical,muslim mafia punk,(obama).
    the jews in America are traitors for the most part. the rich stick together,and soros,like a lot of others will sell their mothers as well as freedom.
    it is good to see people like you standing up for truth. thanks,and keep up the good work.

  6. I know, and I apologize for that. They need to get right, pronto.
    But, there are about 32% of us that cannot stand what they have done. They make our lives miserable, I am sorry to say.
    Yes, the PC is RIDICULOUS, out of control and needs to be rooted out and called out what it is; the ENEMY.

  7. People like myself who have lost too much for too long (and there are many of us) should simply begin picking out important targets, seeking them out and summarily executing these internal enemies right on the spot and in full view of the confused and distracted public. This would be one of the most effective ways to rid ourselves of these Chickenshit Marxist Commie Scum.

    A .22 or an icepick nicely angled and driven straight into the brainstem of the offending Commie pest Damn The Consequences. Perhaps an entire network of these enemies who walk among us could be taken out by multiple operatives at approximately the same point in time to more than overwhelm commie law enforcement and send a clear message to all who might dare in the future to fuck with our republic and our constitutionally protected rights.

  8. I went to a second Tea Party in my town today…there were some Obama zombies behind us, who started hollering at one of the speakers (an Italian-American who was speaking against illegal aliens)…they shouted at to ‘go home to Italy!”

    The person I was with turned around and shouted back at the nigger among them, “Go back to Africa!”

    The nigger then said in an effeminate, campy voice, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” (so he’s a faygeleh as well as a shvartsa, OY….)

    We then moved to another side of the rally, and I saw an old white guy holding a sign that said, “INFILTRATOR” with an arrow pointing to his side. I asked him what it was about, and he said he had been standing next to an Obamazombie who then left.

    I then told him about the 3 Obamazombies we had an altercation with, and he said, “Where are they?” I pointed them out, and he went to stand next to them.

    Not long after that, the nigger among them punched his sign and ended up punching him too. At that point the cops ran over, and arrested the nigger. HAHAHA!!

    The nigger kept getting in the faces of the cops with his whiny, campy voice, and at one point he tried to touch one of the cops on the shoulder and the cop pulled away with this, “You. Just.Try.It” look

    I love it when jigs get arrested….you can call the cops on just about any of them because most of them have outstanding warrants anyway.

  9. Utopia;
    Wow. Pretty profound. Why cant people see that this is looming? It is frustrating that I talk about this and nobody listens.
    TY for this.

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