The Mad Jewess IS a RACIST! And “PROUD OF IT!?”

I most certainly AM a racist.  Definitely. Races are not all the same, they are not all equal, why? Because they are different, and that is why we have this little thing called;


Culture is what makes us individuals and Culture IS what made America great.

 I believe that G*d made all type people in many different races. The first race that I LOVE the most is Italians. I love their food, their men are absolutely gorgeous beyond belief. (Pelosi is an exception, BTW of good looks or talent, I do not know of ONE Italian that likes the hag) I love their Art; Di Vinci, Michaelangelo, Art so astounding, it can take your breath away Italian Artists –Pizza, Spaghetti, yummy. LOVE IT! They are SUPREME, in my not so humble racist opinion. They have contributed to America more than ANY other race, hands down.

Below is a fine example of how gorgeous these people really are:

The next race that I love, and adore going to fairs, is Scotland/Scottish. I believe them to be some of the worlds most fierce fighters.  I love their food as well. I have many Plaids at home, from the Comyns Clan. An extention of my family.  Sean Connery I adore. I love how he told the queen off, that Scotland is NOT part of the UK.  He deserved the knighthood. I also happen to love the movie Braveheart. The Scottish Highland Games, I NEVER miss. I think their land and Clan system is awesome. The pictures and movies I have seen about Scotland, I believe are breathtaking beyond belief. I am also a big Robert Burns poetry loverRobbie the Bruce has a much better story than Gibson put out. Bruces family are currently working to get his heart buried in Israel, he was a Crusader against the Mohammedans.

Now, I will show what a FASCIST I am–LOL  -I love OLD America, I miss old America, I miss technicolor, I miss the great movies, the parades, flags, Old NYC, Old S.F… I miss the patriotic spirit that made us so great. I hate what the left wing has done to this nation. How could they hate America? How could they?  I miss how mothers used to be, I miss how you would run outside to see Daddy come home.  I miss the great cars we used to make, the inventions.  I miss the great singers of the 30’s-50’s. I miss the fashion and style, the beauty that they have destroyed.  I know that you have a race that you probably like better than other races, and so what if you do? Who’s business is that? Yes, I AM


26 thoughts on “The Mad Jewess IS a RACIST! And “PROUD OF IT!?”

  1. I love this post, mj! It’s my fav or yours yet, I think.

    You should go to Italy, if you never have. omg! The men are gorgeous. Just don’t be surprised if one of them pinches you on the butt. That’s a compliment! lol
    I had one real romeo reach over and grab my [edited] once. Imagine my excitement.

    My sons have Scotch blood from the “other” side of their family. I agree, the Scots are fierce warriors. They are also quite reserved and conservative. I once got struck with food poisoning, or something, in a theatre in Edinburgh. It was a Marlon Brando flick! I ran out to the street and lost all my hagis on the curbside. People were walking by and I swear not one person noticed me! lol

    Thanks for this thoughtful post, mj, and for allowing me to remember my youth. Since suffering amnesia, I realize how valuable our memories really are.

  2. MJ, After reading this post, I have decided I have to start working really hard to find JUST ONE issue we do not agree on, but so far, there are none! I really am starting to believe that somehow we are twins separated at birth! I HAVE NEVER BEFORE MET ANY OTHER FEMALE WHO WAS SO MUCH LIKE ME. WEIRD!

    And I especially appreciate your love of half my people, the Italians! 🙂 We ARE pretty hot, if I may so so myself (alas, no modesty though.) BTW in case you didn’t know, Travolta is half-Italian and half-Irish, but if I count, he has to, too. 😉

    I have also always had a strong love of all things Scottish…I attribute this to my mom’s addiction to Scotland rubbing off on me. (shrug)

  3. bs’d
    Just read his so called blog. Either he is not Jewish or he is Rahm Emmanuel or some other Juden Raus. In either case, he is nuts. I have NK friends who lost most of their family in the Holocaust. Tey would never say the “So called Holocaust.” I am physically sick after reading that page. Do not publicize him any more.

  4. You mean that incogmaggots blog, MM? He is a terrible/evil person. I think he is undercover, SERIOUS self-hating enemy Erav Rav Jew.
    I also know many people that survived the Holocaust, which is why I fight that animal on a daily basis–continually.
    But, for you, I wont publicize him, but you should know, that his website is down bigtime on stats, I am the one responsible for taking him down to the ground. When he is through, he will be exposed for the bastard he is.

  5. JWN, they make ‘racism’ out to be this evil thing. there is nothing ‘evil’ about being a ‘racist’ imo. So, OFFENSE, OFFENSE, offense. 😀

  6. mj, why do you talk over me? I thought I was your friend. Is my washer still linked on your homepage?

    I believe racism can be evil. But it also can be justified. It depends on what lies beneath the rhetoric. Is it hate-based? anger? fear?

    Oh, I’ve been told those are “liberal” questions. They tell me I’m just spewing “talking points.” Whatever. I don’t think there is anything wrong with ethnic pride, but when it comes from blackened hearts and demonic influences, yeah, it’s evil.

  7. I call myself a racist primarily because I’m trying to remove the stigma the Left has attached to the word. But I think in reality I might not be one.

    True, I do believe (based on scientific studies I have read) that there is an inequality between Whites, Blacks and Asians…but this does not necessarily mean any of those races are inferior in sum simply means each race has things they are better at or worse at than others (for example, Northern Asians in general are of a higher IQ than White people or Blacks.) I don’t mind admitting that, even though I am White.

    Now, if a fambly of ghetto thugs wanted to buy the house next door to me, I would move the next day.

    But if Pastor Manning wanted to move in next door to me, I would help him make the down payment.

    So I dunno…am I a “racist” by the def of the Left?

  8. I agree almost totally with what you say jwn. Absolutely! The only thing I would disagree with is helping the rev make a dp. First off, he is probably making lots of dough with his entertaining videos and appearances. I dunno. I really don’t know much about him accept that the extreme right has embraced him. He is one of their “Negro” poster boys. Sorry if this offends. The little I’ve seen, I think he’s a screwball. But feel free to change my mind. 🙂

  9. And I understand about why you call yourself “racist.” It’s sort of like the gays embracing “queer.” If you label yourself something, then accusations don’t hurt as much. I do it all the time.

    I’ve been known to claim mental illness so those who call me “mad” or tell me to take my meds can be validated and disarmed. It works like a charm.

  10. right on mj. I take the same tact. As I’ve said here before, I think we are all racists, except for those kids with that rare disease.

  11. I think we need to define what a “racist” really is first, before we can know if we really are such.

    I think maybe I am one, because I would not want my children to marry blacks. But then, I have met many blacks who feel the same way; they want to preserve their race too.

    However, when blacks and whites miscegenate, the white race is the only one who really loses…because mulatto children almost always identify as blacks, not whites. All it does is give more numbers to the blacks, and less to the whites.

  12. JWN, there was a time in the USA that people just married their own, we called it normal, not racism.
    WHO GIVES A DAMN what they think anyway?? FK THEM ALL

  13. jwn, thanks for the vocab lesson. I had to look up “miscegenate.” I know my opinion on this topic won’t be popular here, but I look at things in a much broader perspective than most.

    I think trying to keep a race pure, weakens it. Or maybe I should say ethnic group. Races are too big to really weaken too much. But still I think that “cross-breeding” between races is not such a bad thing.

    I think that ethnic groups who have supremacy beliefs who do not believe in mixing with other ethnic groups of the same race, could be endangering their bloodlines. It wouldn’t be akin to Royalty though. It depends on how many people are in the group.

    I find some inter-racial people quite attractive. I guess there can be a mystique around them sometimes. Not so much with President Obama though. Well, on second thought, yeah the President is surrounded in mystique.

  14. yeah, mj. For me the ideal mate was an Irish Roman Catholic. Nothing else would match. He coulda been a drunk wife beater, but if he was Irish Catholic, he’d be the favored son-in-law.

  15. I think my Nana was ostracized from some of her family because when she came to America from Ireland (LEGALLY through Ellis Island) she married a Brooklyn-born, German American atheist. Huh! You may think she was being rebellious, but she was no rebel. She most likely was looking for security. I don’t recall any passion between my grandparents. But they were comfortable enough. The worst thing my grandpa had to put up with was the fact that he couldn’t watch the Mets and run the air conditioner at the same time. What an outrage!
    The worst thing my grandmother had to put up with was being married to a depressive, introverted atheist. Oh well, the L-rd works in mysterious ways.

  16. I never found biracial (mulatto) people attractive, or full-blooded negroes. I have always preferred to stay with my own, meaning, White people. However, I have done something that many White ethnic groups consider unforgiveable, and that is, marry a White person from another ethnic group than I am.

    Traditionally, Northern Europeans and Southern (and Eastern) Europeans avoided each other in terms of dating/marriage. I remember when I was little, the Italians and the Irish HATED each other where I grew up. Once an Italian girl eloped with an Irish longshoreman’s son, and her father disowned her! I am against that kind of thing because the White race must UNITE to SURVIVE. We need to lay aside petty ethnic, internecine, tribal wars and unite against the flood of non-whites who seek to wipe us out.

  17. I don’t think that Black people are naturally inferior. I think that Black culture was distorted by long periods of racism as well as government welfare policies .
    In spite of all this there have been some brilliant people of African origin in America, starting with people like Crispic Attucks who was one of the first people to die for the American revolution along with scientists, teachers as well as today’s successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
    I would like to think that as more and more Blacks get the benefit of a normal education you will see more evidence of what I am talking about.
    And no I am not a Liberal. I am conservative and do not believe in affirmative action policies that discriminate against white people.
    I just think that all the facts should be stated before making decisions about racial inferiority.

  18. Did you read my post? I like Italian food/culture and Scottish culture.

    Maybe you should READ this post.

    Blacks get the benefit of a normal education you will see more evidence of what I am talking about.
    Says you…

    They get Affirmative action education here in America, I dont know about Canada, and dont give a damn.

    You are trying to say that we have a black president and he is somehow ‘special?’ Do you forget he is half white??

    There ARE races that were not given the same brain cells. AND- I dont give a rats ass anymore, got it??

    It is EVIDENT that you dont know JACK SHIT about what is happening in America and how our tests are DUMBED DOWN BECAUSE we have inferior ethnicities.
    Dont tell me they are not inferior, if they were superior, they would not live like mongrel horde in other countries.

    I dont care if you are a liberal or not, you’ve been brainwashed.

  19. I think that Black culture was distorted by long periods of racism

    This is year 2011, the racism is now directed at WHITE PEOPLE that are CHRISTIAN.

    White people do not have the NAACP, the ACLU, SPLC, etc. Black people have everyone wiping their ass here in the good ole USA, and how do they repay?
    Why….they now have black, terrorist flash mobs to show their gratitude.

    Maybe you should bear in mind, that most people here were not even yet hardly born when the Civil Rights started.
    So, we are not the ones that perpetrated this ‘racism’.

    Go to he is an old bastard that probably killed a few Jews and a few blacks, who knows, maybe he is a Jewish black that is self hating. OR, whatever that pathetic, lily-livered, Muslim ass kissings site is, go bother them. They were there, not me, not anyone here. EXCEPT my hubby and dont even bother going there with him. He lived 5 miles from HARLEM his whole life.

    I am 1/4 Iroquois and I ask the govt for ZERO.
    Why am I like this? Because I dont need a race-card, I dont need the JEW card, I can fend for myself, tyvm
    UNLIKE the illegals and many black people.

    Take up the black cause with some Marxist/Bolshevik Jews, just get lost, we are so SICK of the black and Mexican ass kissers here.

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