Just As I Predicted, OBAMA Has Started RACE WARS.

White Supremacist Rally at L.A. City Hall Draws Violent Counter-Protest Also, my Lib-friend: L.A. Not Hospitable [slash] Tolerant of White Supremists Practicing Free Speech

First of all, this site does NOT endorse ‘neo-nazis’, My family fought the Nazis. Nazis murdered 11 million plus people, inc. Jews, Christians, etc.  Why they use Nazi-ism is beyond me, but I understand the anger, having lived in a “Sanctuary-City”.  Bad times, evil NON President, open borders, illegals running wild, murdering now over 39,000 Americans– this will bring out the worst in people.  I wish I was there with these people, but I will not ever align myself with a party that is called “National Socialism” –That is what we are fighting now with this tyrannical govt..

So, either close the borders, or this will get ugly, there will be a war on the borders.  In my own town, we are set up like Fort Knox.  A Rancher was murdered, and this is why these people were probably out there very livid and angry. If there was a total patriotic America, these people would not have a movement called “White Supremists” but they do, because the government is sticking their ways right up our ass, racism against white people, what the hell do they expect?? As I always say “White Power” NO GOOD, “Black Power” OK….. Sorry, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Also, these “Neo-Nazis” are for Fakestine. If they are for another place just giving up their land and cashing it in to terrorist (HAMAS) Then, in G*d’s eyes, their fight is in vain. Fakestine is illegal, the illegals in Israel are FAKESTINIANS.  So, change your ways, White Supremists, or this fight is in vain, and G*d will turn against you, and allow the illegals to take your cities, towns and this nation, entirely. See also: WHITE AMERICANS WILL BE INNOCENT VICTIMS IN RACE WARS 

REGINALD DENNY – The L.A. Riots: 15 Years After Rodney King – TIME

22 thoughts on “Just As I Predicted, OBAMA Has Started RACE WARS.

  1. Glad you don’t align with those asshats. I did a post last night on it too. I am interested in your feedback. I tried to incorporate a lot of what I have learned here into it.

    If you found it at all offensive, tell me. I sometimes have a hard time discerning what is offensive and what isn’t. Since I don’t take offense easily, I don’t really know how to guage others sometimes.

    My stalker is now threatening legal action. HaHaHa He is so deep in his own crap and he is giving it one last ditch effort, I imagine. I really gave it to him. You can see the comments on the two previous posts to my L.A. rally post.

  2. The Left often uses the threat of “legal action” when they want to silence someone they disagree with. In my 35 years of political activism I have seen them use that tactic a LOT….and their bark is always worse than their bite.

    I have a stalker harassing me, stemming from another blog I used to post to. The problem is, this erev rav “jew” lives near me, and seems to really enjoy threatening me, my husband and my children. She even tried stealing my identity and posing as me, under my real name, on various forums online.

    I have a file about her that is 2 inches thick, and the FBI cybercrime unit has a copy of it. I’m just waiting for her to do more so they can nail her.

  3. Actually, it is a right-winger that is using that crap on her, she is a blogger, bigtime.
    She is also a lib. so? She sees the racism directed AT white people, so she aint THAT lib 😀

  4. whoa wjn. That sucks. I really don’t want to get the effin bee eye involved, nor do I want to hire a lawyer. I have never hired a lawyer in my life, even for my divorce and child custody hearings.

    I studied paralegal studies last year. The law system is corrupt.

  5. Don’t worry about it, Thermo. They can’t do anything to your blog.

    Today’s nazi’s are a ADL/SPLC front to discredit legitimate resistance to the invasion. How many people will now shut up about immigration because of this rally? Not I, but plenty will!

  6. Where’s these blogs you are talking about? I will go there and Thermonuclearize them!

  7. yeah mj. heavy-duty ultra right winger. He hates me because my views don’t align with his. He’s a constitutionalist. I believe in the Constitution. I just don’t think the founding fathers were PERFECT. They are not G-ds.

    He thinks I’m a Commie because I believe in some social programs and advocate sin taxes, among other things.

    Really he is just a reactionary who worships Rush and Beck and can’t really come up with one idea on his own. He has become obsessed with me. And get a load of this? He emailed me yesterday and asked if I wanted to make MONEY with him! He wants to start a blog with me. He thinks we have followers. HA I told him I don’t do business with avatars or asses. haha

  8. I Agree, Orion, they ARE REAL Nazis.
    You should see the things I went through in my old town, I had a gun at my back, We had helicopters every 15 mins, I stood up to the City Council and had the street closed down where the illegal NAZIS were killing people in drive-bys, innocent bystanders, little old white ladies, etc.
    I wont shut up, they can STFUP! I AM SICK of illegals!

  9. orion, if you are talking about my blog, just click on my avatar. The threats are on the two previous to my current one on Washington State’s new tourist attraction: Beastiality. No sh!t!

  10. and jwn, my stalker claims he has a friend in Spokane who tracked down my address and phone #. Well that is not hard to do. If you have my name, my personal info is on the web.

    I did tell him that if his friend comes anywhere near my home, he would regret it. He assured me that he WON’T.

    This guy ain’t too sharp, but I believe he lives far from here, so I’m not too concerned.

  11. oh and fyi, my stalker is a very proud guy. He is NOT a racist. He “proved” this by marrying one woman “darker than any black”. I think she is Mexican. He also has another ex who is Native American. He loves to point these facts out as proof of his lack of racial bias. What a doofus. Marrying a person of another race does not exclude one from qualifying as a racist.

    I much more respect those who come out and admit it.

  12. Thank you for believing in me mj. I realize that it must be hard to determine whether I am just a crazy pundit wanna be or some subversive operative for a clandestine government agency. If only!

  13. My stalker is a leftist erev rav “jew ” (in my town we have a number of what I call “jewish niggers”, that is, low-class jews.) She once bragged on a blog I used to post on that she agreed to meet a guy from the blog–a total stranger—and give him a BJ because she lost a bet about a sports team! WHAT KIND OF FILTHY SLUT DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT?

    She is also morbidly obese, sponging off her elderly parents….I could go on and on…but she is a classical case of a low-class jewish nigger. She is a major Obama supporter too (which is why she started harassing and stalking me….she hates me because I am a very outspoken right-wing, pro-White Jew.)

  14. bs’d
    In all my 60 years, I have never seen America so racially divided as it is today & I grew up in the South in the 60s. The left, the Statists, have decided to use the race card at every level for every piece of their horrible agenda. It is amazing how Obama used only pictures of his White mother when campaigning in the South, but I bet he wrote he is Black on the census form.
    This will continue until the congress is replaced & he is voted out in 2012. It is only getting worse, folks. Learn how to use a gun & buy one. The Rodney King Riots will look sick compared to what is on a very big powder keg.

  15. Mama Mitzvah, Actually the Zero did write “African-American/black/negro” on his census form. And I remember, very vividly, how he USED and EXPLOITED his white relatives in the TV commercials a few days prior to the election. I remember working out and watching it, and having to stop working out to turn the TV off because my blood pressure would probably shoot way up, between that and the workout!

    I am generally against abortion, but let me tell you: if I were an adult in the early 1960s, and Obama’s white mother confided in me that she was pregnant by a married kenyan man and didn’t know what to do, I’d buy her a ticket to Mexico….IMAGINE what that abortion would have prevented!

  16. MM, and you know what? These White Supremist groups are going to rise in #’s. White Nationalists, etc.. I have to say, when this happens, and illegals come to ravage my town, I AINT standing with illegals–NO WAY.
    I will end up standing with whoever would risk their life for me, and vc. versa.

  17. As the saying goes, “Your skin is your uniform…and you can’t take it off”. As much as many WN’s would hate to admit this, most Jews are white.

  18. I was mistaken for an Armenian yesterday….BY Armenians! That’s a new one on me; usually people think I am Hispanic or Lebanese. That’s the price I have to pay for having Sicilian ancestry!

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