WTF Is Happening In Europe?!

ALIGNED TO KILL ALL CHRISTIANS, JEWS, BUDDHISTS & ANYONE THAT REFUSES TO BOW TO MARXISTISLAM. This is why you will always see leftists stick up for Islam- they are in the fight against sanity.

I dont write on this that much. I believe that govt is our problem in USA, however, Islam is just like Marxism, and it is my opinion that these 2 evil forces have aligned to kill.

3 thoughts on “WTF Is Happening In Europe?!

  1. We are facing the worst. OBAMA, an Islam loving socialist. He will destroy this nation unless stopped. He is at the forefront of both world’s that you wrote about.
    Bob A.

  2. this just pisses me off.toni blair and gw were basically doing the same damn was bringing those muslims in by the plane load and putting all of them on welfare,never mind that all of them were not poor.
    they all took the welfare.
    gw was a bag of shit.what i am saying is the dem and republicans are guilty of the same damn thing. even if obama loses, nothing will change.
    what the hell are we going to do. there is a plan that we are not aware of yet that is being implemented world wide by our governments. when we find out what is going on it will be too late. we will all be peasants

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