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“The Ash-Tree”

When I was but 5, and 6 months had passed..

My Grandfather took me to a place called Frankenbachs.

I was young, I did not understand, the little tree that sat, in my Grandfathers hands..

We planted a tree, took a picture.. A tree, a girl & a Grandfather stood so proud..

We watered and watered, it’s growth we allowed.

The tree got taller, year after year, but it yielded no fruits and its strength was queer..

It was the tallest tree in the yard, all could see, but no berries or fruits would grow on that Ash-tree.

When I turned 10 & 5 one day, the tree stood proud, no sign of fruit on the way…

The time had come for my family to move……. I went to the tree to say “Good-bye” -I stood there amazed at the berries it supplied!

I went to the house for some sheers and a sash…..But, when I picked the berries, they all turned to ash!

I have memories of that old Ash-tree, for in it’s own way, it said “Good-bye” to me.

P. AsheDina © 2010 ~ “The Mad Jewess”