BTW: Take “Cinco De Mayo” & Shove It Up Your ASS, TOO!

 “O-M-G, Mad Jewess, you are so mean, hateful & RACIST!- Says Miss Dipshit-Feminazi… Marxist-Mike, Or Joe-Liberal Jerk Off…

 Italians have their days in NYC, Irish have St. Pattys Day. The Portuguese in Cali have their day, and the Greeks their day, the Jews have Israeli day in NYC. But they are NICE people that do these things, unless they are Kommies and do it on purpose to make political points.  My best friend is full blooded Mexican, and even SHE refuses to celebrate “Cinco De Mayo” – Why would ANY American that is patriotic want to celebrate some stupid ass holiday that is run by OPPRESSORS of America? People that MURDER on our borders? Kidnap little children for slave trade? That is what these ILLEGALS and their allies do.

Cinco de Mayo I dont give a rats ass about some ‘victory’ over Puebla. OK? It has NOTHING to do with America. I am sick and tired of the MEXICAN FIRSTERS-Your culture sucks, it is violent and full of drugs, and you jerks know this. Even my best friend says Mexico is a damned shit-hole, nothing to be ‘proud of’.  Take your stupid, UGLY, mis-colored, bad taste in flags and just go home. If you do not want to be a part of what is left in America, then GO HOME. NO MORE ILLEGALS, Stick Cinco De Mayo up your ass, we are SICK of your shit. Either fight with us OR bring your burritos and tacos, so we can shove THAT up your ass too.

“Feliz Cinco De Mayo” NO, I wish you a terrible Cinco De Mayo. I am sick of you assholes that SUPPORT MURDER and then worry about some ‘profiling’  Go look at your OWN immigration laws in Mexico, and shove that shit where the sun dont shine.  If you are a GOOD American that is not a MEXICAN FIRSTER, like my best friend, then by all means, stay, but if not:


8 thoughts on “BTW: Take “Cinco De Mayo” & Shove It Up Your ASS, TOO!

  1. lol, is that Einstein with a Sombrero?

    I like mexican food pretty much. I think the Spanish corrupted Mexico. I love the indian peoples of Mexico and Central America. That is coming from an anthropologist, as you know I am mj.

    I have terrible memories of being in Patterson, NJ trying to get a bus to Manhattan on Puerto Rico day, of all days! It was impossible to get a seat on a bus. I was so upset. I was in the throes of yet another split up. This time with my college sweetheart who I lived with in Borough Park. I was visiting my brother in Patterson or Passaic, I forget which. I had to go back and stay with them because I could not get to NY. The buses were simply crammed with Puerto Ricans going to celebrate in the city.

    As an American of Irish descent, St Paddy’s Day was always special. If I had a nickel for every beer I’ve ever raised on March 17, I’d be a rich woman. I’ve toasted in NYC, Dublin, and Plattsburgh, NY. And if you think it is no big deal to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in Plattsburgh, then you never read Playboy mag back in the 70’s when they rated it as t the 3rd best place to be on that day. haha The college ended up making their spring break coincide with the irish holiday to prevent any further deaths. Yes, people celebrate to excess and sometimes die. It helps to remove weak genes from the irish progeny. But you don’t have to be irish to be a stupid drunk on St. Patricks Day. It’s just an excuse to do stupid things. Sometimes it ends badly.

  2. here’s a good site for ya’ll

    And I located the former mysouthafricasucks, which is now back to being southafricasucks…

    Fuck them there Beaners!

    Check out The Amazing Racist on Mexicans You tube. An oldie but a goodie.

  3. I heard today that the dems are trying to make Puerto Rico the 51st state. Have you heard that one yet????? That should raise their frikkin’ voting block for eternity!

  4. I heard that redeem.
    It is an ongoing onslaught by these fasicsts against God and freedom.
    In the end, the team on the RIGHT wins, the team on the LEFT loses.
    God wins the battle in the end of the ages, and we who pay homage to HIM get to benefit 😀

  5. I think we americans need to take back are country. Everyone would like to be here but not go through the legal law rules. Are government allows this to happen. We need to get are government to be more accountable.

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