“No more El Poulgas (Flea Markets), No more cheap shit. NO MORE Mexican products come to OUR households. NO fruit from Mexico. NO Mexican restaurants, no Mexican Squat!  The Hell with your beans, tortillas, & the hell with your horchatas! List of Mexican Products: Mexico’s Top Exports & Imports: Most Popular Products Traded

Liberals want to PLAY GAMES in other states, we will boycott every single last damned product from Mehico.  NO Mexican NADA in my household! Take a good, cold, hard look at these little hypocrite SOBs: Mexican Hypocrisy? US Neighbor Has Its Own Tough Take on Immigration


 Liberals/Progressives…You had better think twice about your diatribe of bullshit a mile deep. We will BANKRUPT these little chili-chopper allies of yours.




38 thoughts on “AMERICA: BOYCOTT MEXICO, NOW. SCREW Their Tacos & Burritos!

  1. “Liberals/Progressives…You had better think twice about your diatribe of bullshit a mile deep. We will BANKRUPT these little chili-chopper allies of yours.”

    Bet you can’t.

  2. United States is a Nation of Laws!

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” (Matthew 5:17-18).

    Christ fulfilled the demands of the Mosaic law, which called for perfect obedience under threat of a “curse” (see Galatians 3:10, 13). In this sense, the law’s divine design will ever have an abiding effect. It will always accomplish the purpose for which it was given.

    Enough said, what is truth? What Jesus’ death means for sacrifice/justice, it also means for the other aspects of the law.

    What is LAW?

    It is in general, an agreement of moral cooperation. What is moral?


  3. Great synopsis.
    Why do many Christians think that they are ‘free’ from the law? How is that possible?
    I have had many Christian folks tell me that Jesus ‘abolished the law.’
    How is that possible?
    I dont understand that whole thought process.

  4. We are calling for a boycott of Mexico and anything having to do with that country. They refuse to let Americans into their country to live without proper documentation and proof of citizenship! They will not allow our gangs to live there while we traffic in illegal drugs and assault weapons nor will they allow us to shoot, kidnap, maim, murder, behead and destroy their land. These hypocrites also refuse to support us and our families with free healthcare, housing and education, assistance with food and clothing while we do all of those things. Not only do they threaten deportation, but guarantee steep fines, imprisonment or they just shoot to kill. What a bunch of terrorist hypocrites!! We say boycott Mexico!!

  5. I dunno mj. I usually dismiss FOXNews, but this article just shows that Mexico has sensible policies regarding foreign investments.

    Why boycott Mexico when it hurts their economy, which will further drive the Mexican people to the US for jobs? It doesn’t exactly seem well thought out to me. Besides my other suggestions that we should legalize drugs and other crimes that illegals engage in, we should also encourage Mexico to create sustainable industries so their people can have jobs in their own country. I don’t really see how you can blame people for wanting to escape the dire poverty and dangerous existence that many in Mexico face. If you were faced with sub-human living conditions and extreme poverty and you saw a way out by sneaking into the states where you could make more money in a month than a whole year in Mexico, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

    When I read about building walls, shooting illegals, and other reactionary thinking like that, I have to wonder whether the writers are serious, or are they trying to sabotage America? Sorry, mj. Talk like that will do nothing to solve problems. It will only reinforce our image as ugly Americans. If that is the desired effect, I see why people would advocate racial profiling and killing illegals. Otherwise, I think it is misguided thought at best, ignorance perhaps, or just anti-American, at worse.

  6. kick their asses out boycott everything from that filthy country boycott all their services report all employers who hire them.don’t hire any of them look for americans to do their jobs or the Greeks they do great work building homes and all kinds of masonary plus they don;t yell or piss on your lawn like animals they blow away anything a mexican can do plus they are educated and can speak English and they follow our all states that enforce the anti illigal alian laws vote for people that are anti illigals alian.don’t rent to any illigal!!!!! american stores don’t order any foods that these filthy illigals like to buy they stink any any one that is aiding and abiding them!!!.report all illigal apartments and rental homes to town zoneing code to the IRS anyone that you see paying these illigals CASH under the table.make it harder for low life american employers to hire these bastards.boycott walmart they love hireing illigals.

  7. Rose, we have to worry about America first.
    If the far far left wants to play these games, we mean business here. AZ is infested with murderers and kidnappers. Besides, the hell with them. Like we cant grow beans here?

  8. TY Sippy, I agree. So does my best friend who is full blooded Mexican Conservative and was born in Mexicali, she feels this evil drek is giving good Mexican people a bad name, I AGREE.
    Anybody that stands WITH the illegals should just MOVE TO MEHICO.

  9. Rosehips, you need to change your ID to Rosecoloredglasses. I bite my tongue as I read your comments on MJ’s blog, to keep from yelling at you for your liberal ignorance and your sideways insults to conservatives, and even to MJ. Apparently you are endeared to MJ, and I respect that. However, after reading your comment above, I can no longer ignore your garrulous Pollyanna blather. You said”…we should legalize drugs and other crimes that illegals engage in…”, well, let’s see, RCG, in MY area, over the past year, a half dozen LITTLE girls out riding their bikes and playing as little girls do, have been RAPED by illegals – do we legalize THAT, RCG?? How about murder? How about shoplifting? How about burgulary? What about the lives ruined by the drugs you want to legalize, the deaths, the children taken from drug using parents, and the financial burden to the communities across the nation because of it all? You DO realize your little Mex-buddies don’t just bring marijuana-which is bad enough-don’t you, RCG? I could go on and on, but I’ve made my point. You also say “If you were faced with sub-human living conditions and extreme poverty and you saw a way out by sneaking into the states where you could make more money in a month than a whole year in Mexico, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?”, NEWS FLASH, RCG, we ARE facing this very scenario-BECAUSE OF THE ILLEGALS-and NO, I would NOT break the law and sneak into another country, nor would most conservatives. Thankfully, we are able to allow God to help us figure out a way where there seems to be no way, this is why the USA has been so successful-until we became inundated with liberals and illegals who want to make the government their god. I fear for this country, I think a race war is just what the powers that be are drooling for, so they stoke the fear and hatred on both sides-what better way to reduce the population? When your Pollyanna thinking gets you what you want, RCG, let me know how that works out for you, meanwhile, MY eyes will BOYCOTT all comments by you, in addition to boycotting all Mexican restaurants, businesses, services, and imports. Apologies to MJ for severe anger toward her “friend”.

  10. Geri, I agree with you, on all counts.
    RoseH is our moderate-Lib to keep us ‘fair and balanced’ but also b/c she likes more than a few hard right wing bloggers here.
    I do NOT agree with making pot legal, OR any drugs, and illegals can all go to hell.

    But, it sure is GREAT to see another patriot in arms! 😀

  11. Looks like its time for me to boycott my favorite habanero sauce: made in Mexico! 😦

  12. MJ, I live in a small town in the southeast, we never have had to lock our doors or worry about crime, we were untouched by most of the evil of the world-until the past few years when we became a magnet for the bordercrashers. With them came a crimewave such as we have never seen. We learned to take more precautions with our children, lock our doors, secure our belongings, be more alert when we go out in public, etc.. It never ends-WE are expected to adjust to criminals constantly.Now, our town has opened a “sanctuary”, an actual community center for Hispanics, to help them with immigration matters, help to find what government money they are elligible for, food, shelter, employment, classes for computer, english, while all around here there are out of work, needy Americans! Oh, Rosecoloredglasses would be happy here!! I would never allow anyone to go hungry, but how do we justify placing ILLEGALS before legal Americans?? For a town in the deep south to be so accommodating to illegals, there HAS to be some kind of high level plot and plan to shove amnesty down our throats soon. Just like you and so many Americans, I am becoming more and more exasperated with this incompetent ‘Clown in Chief’ and his gang of mouth breathing, drooling commie pigs. I appreciate your blog, MJ, you give us all an outlet for our frustrations, and you boldly address the issues. Thank you.

  13. OH MAN, I CAN relate. I have been in this shit for YEARS. Salinas, CALI was a sanctuary city, as was Watsonville, CALI.
    It was neverending fight. I FINALLY live in a place north of Prescott, and I have to thank God, Geri, it is WHITE, as in CIVILIZED.
    No crime just some kids that act silly, and thats it.

    Here is a letter I wrote in 2000:
    Whoops, I edited.
    You will see MADONNA the HAG over on my blog of poetry and whatever..I made it when I was sick as a dog.

  14. Geri, thank you for the new moniker. I actually love the name rose_colored_glasses and will consider changing it. I once wrote a poem about those kind of glasses. They were lost in my Suburu. I had trouble finding ’em. 😉

    I’d rather be a pollyanna than be filled with hate. Geri, I won’t try to convince you that legalizing drugs will not lead to increased drug use but will reduce crime and death and rapes considerably. Check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, L.E.A.P. Just do a search for “leap”. They show how the cartels will be out of business and street crimes will be reduced drastically. Don’t take my word for it. Also check out the november coalition. The ex director is my landlord and taught me all I know. If you think she is pollyanna, you are dead wrong.

  15. well, let me clarify… The founder and executive director taught me most of what I know about the war on drugs and how after a trillion dollars it hasn’t done much good. We learned with alcohol that prohibition doesn’t work. Do you think keeping marijuana illegal curtails it’s use? NO Who is making money off of marijuana??? Wouldn’t it be better if we taxed the hell out of it to pay for prevention programs and helped cut the deficit? Just some pollyanna thoughts….

  16. Rose, hate is when people THRUST savage murderers on a people that had just peaceful lives.
    I am against drugs.
    Cant you spot pain?
    Come on Rose!!! People are in PAIN here. And you’re calling it hate.??
    We cannot even MOURN anymore without being called haters.
    Come on Rose.

  17. okay MJ, I am sorry for the reference to hate. I sometimes go off as you know and then I am remiss and get forgiven until you will finally have enough. I am warning you in advance. haha

    But I am on my way out the door to an annual flea market in the sticks. It is a community known for its horti-culture. I am a culture nut, not matter what kind. 😉 I’m sorry you are so against what some use as medicine for the body and soul. It’s not so bad really. But to each his own…

  18. they are NOT about to boycott Mehico, they, imo are COWARDS.
    Man may not make Laws, that is why our Consteeetution is dictated by the Holy BIBLE.

  19. Yes, but ‘man’ wrote the constitution, inspired by belief in God, and the rights of man that are God given. The AZ law only makes a law to actually enforce the existing Federal law, that’s why it will stand up to constitutional scrutiny.


  20. mj, I wanted to tell you that I also bought a little souvenir at the fair I went to yesterday. The local store owner had some tiny little clay flower pots inscribed with the words: “Here’s a little pot from Onion Creek” There is a little tab of paper that reads: “Here’s a little pot from Onion Creek. This souvenir pays tribute to Onion Creek’s traditon of excellence in gardening.”

    I thought they were adorable, so I got one. I gave it to a friend of mine. It is really tiny. It cost $2.50. I thought it a bit pricy, but couldn’t resist. I might go get some more. They are classic.

    I know you don’t like drugs, but I can’t understand anyone who opposes marijuana legalization. You can like it or not, but prohibition is akin to nazism, imo. I am working, sort of, to help in a petition drive to get an initiative to legalize marijuana on the ballot in Nov. I think we have an excellent shot at getting on the ballot, not so good with actually passing it. But I may be surprised. Polls show nearly 60% do support it, but when reality hits, it may scare regular folks too much. After all, a trillion dollars spent on the War on Drugs has had some success. It has brainwashed a big chunk of voters. I hope we can work to counter that.

    There is a big wind storm coming today. It is starting now. I am staying indoors and hoping a tree doesn’t fall on my house. I have a grove of sorts in my front yard. Big old trees with branches that fall often. If I go out to check the mail and don’t return, it is probably because I am pinned under a broken limb. I hope I am not too obscured by the lilacs that line my front yard. I could lie there for days, especially if I get knocked out again. My only hope is that a census worker will stop by and find me. I will be so thankful that I have yet to send in my form. I decided to wait so I can see if I can get a video interview with the worker. I’m not sure if they can do that, but I intend to try. I know it will cost taxpayers more, but I’m hoping that will be offset by a dynamite interview. Besides, I am helping to employ a government worker and they get paid well. I say that tongue in cheek because I have a beef with gov’t and union labor. I talked to a postal worker the other day and told him that they should destroy their union. There are plenty of scabs who are willing to do the work for way less. They could continue Sat deliveries if the unions weren’t so strong. This guy is guaranteed 40 hours a week, so he’s not worried about the new hours. I didn’t ask what he makes. I’m sure he gets well compensated for driving his jeep and walking the streets talking to people. If it wasn’t for the dogs, I might even apply. But not really, I am pursuing other more exciting avenues right now.

    How do I go from windstorms to mailmen in one paragraph? geesh. I have a wild imagination, I know. I think instead of going out the front door for the mail, I will go out the back and around and avoid the trees. So you can quit worrying about my saftey, as I’m sure you are fretting about. 😉

  21. Did you kow that HERSHEY now comes from Mexico?
    Also FORD has their cars made in Mexico.
    Not only should we boycott Mexico but also these products that are made in Mexico.

  22. Robert; I have not eaten Hershey since they left to go to Mexico.
    I take a strong stance on this crap, because I lived in Salinas, Cali, just look it up, it is the largest sanctuary city in the USA per capita, it is TERRIBLE there.

  23. It’s too late to worry about the Mexicans. This country is dead and nothing will bring her back.

    It’s all over, all over. What a legacy, what a legacy.

  24. It is a sad thing when one group runs off another group.When I was a kid, and of Italian descent, we ran off the Irish in some areas of Brooklyn, NY.

    I hope some of these Mexican illegals understands what they are doing to us. We just have a different culture.

  25. Louis,
    the Italians and the Irish have a love-hate relationship and learned to adapt.
    These are THIRD worlders that the left wing assassins are indoctrinating. So, we LOSE, because evil seems to win now.

  26. The only why to stop this is to elect a new presidend in this country, one that will respect our people not exploit them. Never in my liftime would I have thought that an American president would side with a Mexican president against our peoples wishes oh well I voted for him and boy what a mistake.
    Just one more thought there is a Canadian woman in jail in Mexico for the past two years for a minor offense, when asked how much longer she had to stay before her trial they said she would have to face a criminal trial and if covicted she would go to jail for 30 days. Now tell me if that was Obama’s doughter do you think America would be at war with Mexico or one better if we did the same thing to a Mexican woman what do you think would happen in this country. My life is coming to an end and I feel bad that all of the American lives lost to defend our rights have been put in jeopardy by the inactions of our politions, the young will have to battle this mess to take America back.

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