Obama’s REICHSTAG? Gulf Of Mexico Explosion. Off-Shore: OK, Now-NOT Ok?

“Conspiracy-Wackos are fully alive, and that would be me, I am a Conspiracy Crazy….

OK, Michael Savage? So, I am a little nutty, my friend.. you are too, why shouldn’t we be Mr. Savage? Everything you fought against is happening before our very eyes.. CONSPIRACY THEORY: N. Korea
torpedoed Gulf oil rig?


  Why am I ‘conspiracy-oriented? Only because Obama and his administration of corruption push me to believe nothing good of them. To get to the GOP folks  a few weeks ago, President Hussein Obama was “OK” with Offshore Drilling: Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time … Then the explosion happened.. Now, this AM, this: White House Declares Halt on New Offshore Drilling – AOL News ALL in less than a month. This all is eery…

  Obama banks on the fact that people in America are stupid. However, not all of us are ‘stupid’, we are just having a hard time, trying to think as dictators and criminals do. It is not easy for us ‘haters, and law-abiders’ to get into the minds of how a criminal thinks. I believe this admin. to be a cross between Bolshevik Russia and Nazi Germany. I definitely do. I look at the strange posters of Hussein, the Obama-Care symbols, the changing of the Defense Logo, the way kids have sung to their “President”…. Now hearing about the Push for Puerto-Rico to ‘become a state’ makes me think of Austria and how Nazi Germany took over there. Go ahead and believe that Obama is this wonderful “President”, I don’t give a rats ass what Liberal/Progressives (or whatever they call themselves this week say) Obama is a DICTATOR, and no opposition is stopping this MADNESS.

6 thoughts on “Obama’s REICHSTAG? Gulf Of Mexico Explosion. Off-Shore: OK, Now-NOT Ok?

  1. good good. I loooved him at first, being a christian and all. I mean, what more could you want! Now, im starting to think he might be the 3rd/final anti-christ….
    Btw, do you know when the Sharia Law will hit the states MJ?

  2. HE is not a Christian, he is with the adversary, the devil, His mind and ‘progressive’ mentor is Alinsky:
    For this first post, let’s just focus on the dedication of the book — to Satan:

    “Lest we forget, an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:” (Pause there for second. Now continue): “from all our legends, mythology, and history(and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

  3. I am of thought that this was deliberate. Remember when ole barry first took office


    I am posting links only because we are linked sites.

    Of course this could have been sabotage or accidental – but with his ‘wiggle room’ of all drilling off for now – this smells like sabotage.

    Ok so what? Even though we are internet news and not televised media – he feels that most recipients of his version will ring true! NOT!

    He’s using this for dumbing down oil (middle class) and ringing in over-seas ‘green’ products with empathy focusing on Bambi!

    He and George Soros invested in Brazilian Oil first thing of his presidency and with our money contrary to ‘green’.

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