WETBACKS Threatening to “KILL AMERICANS?” What If This Was In Reverse?

“Welcome to MeriKa, folks, this is the place where inferior slime get to say what they want AND get away with it.

  In my old town, where the MS-13, Nortenos, and Sorrenos are out of control, this just happened: Man shot and killed late Wednesday in Salinas Full story: Monterey County Herald They also say that this is the 2nd murder in Salinas, CA this year. I will tell you that is a straight up LIE, there have been way more than that murdered in Salinas, Ca.  When will people that are decent stop playing nice? When? When I tell you they are threatening our lives, I AM NOT KIDDING–AND, Liberal SCUMBAGS, they dont give a shit if you are ‘on their side’ they just assume kill your ass too, dumbbells.

  What if we went and charged on all of our capitals in every city we inhabit and WE said:” WE WILL KILL EVERY LAST ILLEGAL WETBACK?”  They would throw our ass in jail.

THAT IS “FAIRNESS” people, THAT is the Liberal Idea of Fairness.  Well, I am sorry, it is time for us to get “FAIR”

15 thoughts on “WETBACKS Threatening to “KILL AMERICANS?” What If This Was In Reverse?

  1. She is another radical that needs her mouth slapped shut. Sounded like a threat to me….did she get arrested? I doubt it….

    We need advocated to scream YES to LEGAL IMMIGRATION and HELL NO to the ILLEGAL takeover of our country. When are these people gonna start realizing and standing up for AMERICANS and not the illegals? They won’t because it does not serve their agenda to destroy America.

  2. I’m all in favor of Mexicans murdering Americans. Only then will the naive Americans awake from their long slumber.

    Bring it on, Mexico! Let’s go to war! Right now!!

  3. and

    Why are white people so worried about saying what they are thinking? Oh, that’s right – minorities made it illegal for us to do that.

  4. Glock, I am posting this, I am weeping out of control over this.
    I lived around these SAVAGES for YEARS. If people have NEVER lived there, they have NO clue what it is like.

  5. The sooner we get rid of these ugly brown turds the better. To any wetbacks out there fuck you and die.

  6. i HATE THEM brown turd and i agree with yall i reken these no good bean eating tortila rolling pot smoking mexikans got no ruum here breething the white manz air. Wde as amerikans gata stay tugether in protkting our borders from them evil folks. all they do is take ar jobs and burn our women asnd rape our churches. they remind me of the 60s when i used to hang them niggas. WHITE POWER.

  7. I think every spick should be killed there is no room for non tax paying pieces of shit your paying for there time in jail your paying for there child birth get up and get down with the uprise. I say fuck these stinkin ass lazy bastards next time u here some spanish tell that wetback to speak english or get the fuck out, there taking your jobs raping your children fuck legal and illegal immagration

  8. along with a sharp increase in spic and indian illegal invasion since the mid 90’s, are the populations of MRSA, bedbugs, and scabies. GROSS. kill the spics. kill the indians. and kill the germs…
    ~btw, not that i care for this title much either, but i am a native american, NEVER pls! to be confused with indian;) i am also jewish. i refer to those as my better half!

  9. You’re right.
    I know American natives are not Mexicans. I am Seneca by my father.

  10. Resistance is futile, You will be assimilated into Aztlan! We must oppose all secularism, including that of Zapata, Lenin, Aflaq and Ataturk. The police must be respected like an auxiliary to the clergy. Saint Johanan of Damask said Islam was but a Christian Heresy, so long as they obey the Holy Father. Pope Benedict was right that molesting is not absolute evil as St Teresa of Avila told us priestly molestation is the ultimate rapture and molesting assures propogation of the faith by probiotic epigenetics. We must replace Donmeh Deuteronomy “Common” law with advanced natural Napoleonic Law across the world by uniting Europe with Islam and China under the Sineurabia Code and returning to the gloriously chivalrous Medieval Times!

  11. Uh, asshole.. I am Iroquois. Should you try to assimilate me into MY assimilated land, I will kill you.

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