My Native American Blood-Brother LOVES America…..

I Love America

Our adopted son (‘evil’ white man) became the wonder of the world, indeed. So, I’m proud of him. He was exceedingly great. Should we not claim him as our own? Did we not raise him? Was not his development at every stage shaped by his constant encounters with us? Weren’t we the people who actually made him a nation? We were the first “foreign” people he ever made a treaty with. Later, his Declaration of Independence calls us merciless savages (as employed by King George, anyway), but in his Constitution he calls us nations. He made treaties with us from his earliest days among us. Did we not raise him? Is he not what he is because of his time with us?

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We owe our lives to the American Indians. The code-talkers especially during WW2.  We should repent to the Native Americans and tell them we are sorry we screwed up so much and put a foreign enemy into the White mans house. If anyone in this nation deserves the ‘reperations’ it is the American Indian, not black people, at this point- who dump all over America… no not all..

 We should encourage all Native Americans to do war against the left wing destroyers who USE them for political gain, promising a bunch of bs & stabbing our brothers in the back, abusing their patience and tolerance..

Warriors and Heroes – Native Americans in World War II   General George Washington, Indian Scouts, Indian Cavalry Troop, World War I., Iroquois Confederacy, New York, Signal Corps, President Roosevelt.

David A. Yeagley, great, great grandson of Bad Eagle
(quin-ne kish-su-it), a quahada Comanche.


I don’t know what all of the fuss is about with this MOSLEM MANCHURIAN Fake Ass President not going to Arlington.  Obama HATES America, this imposter in creep goes around the whole world kissing enemy ass and apologizing for nothing.

This asshole cannot even sing the National Anthem, he does not even know how many states are in the union. Why would ANYONE want the graves of great men being desecrated by this wild jokerman CREEP?

Lets refresh peoples memories….



Blame Bush, Blame Bush, everybody Blame Bush. Sorry.

Bush is not there anymore for you morons, that don’t want to pass the buck onto the current catastrophe; Obama.

However, Obama is really not to be blamed for the Oil Spill, but– his lack of any real response IS worse than Bush with Katrina. For that, he should be kicked in the balls….

At any rate… the real responsibility lies with  the enviro-WACK JOBS. UPDATE, People:  many right wing & left wing sites follow this blog, yet they are way too chicken to give me credit, when I said this first, and I have to look at the GAS BAG Media Matters to COMMIES website to find out: Right-Wing Pundits Ludicrously Blame Oil Spill On Environmentalists My original post: Published on: May 31, 2010 @ 11:58

If the enviro-WACKOS had stayed the hell out of this all together- when this oil rig was built, the spill– if it even happened, this horrible catastrophe would have only been 500 feet down, and not 5,500 (1 Mile deep) making this damned near impossible to take care of, unless they bomb the waters where the spill is. That is the only way to stop this madness.

The problem with left wing lunatics, is that they really believe their own crazy horse-shit.  They start off by not letting real ‘progress’ take form or shape with lucrative business, then they push the red tape nonsense on experts. They don’t want the seaaaaaaaaa-life to get hurrrrrrrrrt… But look at what their baffoonery has gotten us……….!!!
This oil spill that will effect our waters for 10 years, the sea-birds and animal life are DOOMED because of their foolishness. This makes me sick and breaks my heart.

They have a seriously stupid & dangerous agenda, only to see in the end, that THEY ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE WILDLIFE BEING HURT, KILLED, & DESTROYED in the Gulf & our seas turned pitch black WITH oil that they champion their lunatic cause…

Way To Go, you stupid G’D GASBAGS.

America: It Is Time To Throw Obama In the Ash-can

I am fed up with B.O.’s–>B.S.

Please check this site out: Fed Up With BS.Com

 “A people unwilling to use extreme violent force to preserve or obtain their liberty,  deserves the tyrants that rule them.”  

~Thomas Jefferson.

Is Obama guilty of felony identity theft?
The information for this above video was taken from the lawsuit filed with the federal district court of Columbus GA in the matter of the Army major seeking proof of Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. The private investigator hired by the attorney in the case discovered that Obama may have used up to 149 different addresses and 39 different social security numbers prior to becoming president. This video has nothing to do with whether Mr Obama is black, white, pink, yellow, purple or green. It has to do with his total refusal to provide not only satisfactory proof of fulfilling the Constitutional requirements of citizenship, but also not providing any college or university records, passports, Illinois legislative records, U.S.senate records, medical records…etc..etc.. We essentially know nothing about this man other than he is a “community organizer” and has been involved in Chicago politics and has associated with a laundry list of less than wholesome characters.

Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest for the crime of treason??

Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest for the crime of treason.

We’re Gonna Spread HAPPINESS, We’re Gonna Spread “Freedom”….”Obama’s Gonna Change It, Obama’s Gonna Change….


If people are not SCARED yet, get prepared to fall under complete and total tyranny, should this be accurate.

 I suppose that the only thing that we can be ‘happy’ about, is that the oil-spill is out of control- IF this is a true story.

Especially For Viet-Nam Vets today. 2010, 31 May



Imagine.. These SOBS are in charge now. RSVN & Vietnam Vets, may as well psychologically be back in the fucking jungle again, with collaborators of the enemy.

Fine thing….. The left wing COMMUNIST M-Fkers, the traitor bastards & whores rule now.

 THIS Memorial Day should be all about planning vengeance, praising the Lord and passing the ammunition.



UNBELIEVABLE! 2 Year Old Baby Smokes 2 Packs Of Cigarettes A Day!!

CLICK: Toddler smokes two packs a day

Unbe-friggin-lievable! Well, what can you expect from a 3rd world shit-hole for a nation with a bunch of Moslems….?

  Adults are responsible to make sure kids stay away from cigarettes, but in OBAMAS childhood home, they smoke cigarettes at 5 years old. That is why Obama is braindead. Cigarettes make people stupid, edgy, and sick. People die from Lung Cancer and all sorts of terrible diseases. Although, I am for freedom of making mistakes, this little KID is one mistake that just goes too far.


Memorial Day Tribute To Fallen Soldiers & Vets


We dont even deserve the Military. We deserve zero. We have shit all over our military, from the far left, to the liberals, to the moderates, to the FAKE ASS GOP, to the Sicko jerk Neo-Nazis that call our troops- traitors & “Israel-firsters”.  We deserve all the bad we’ve got coming. All I want is our men back home–like 8 years ago now.

  We need to beg them to protect us from this EVIL government. We need to risk our lives now, we need to put our precious hides on the line for them. We don’t need any more Tea Parties, we need a shout of freedom such as the world has never heard before- when we move our fat asses straight to DC and kick out every last G’D traitor there is.


  THAT is what we have a military for, and we are lousy people. We don’t deserve to wipe the boots of the military, let alone my sitting here writing this post. Our women cannot even try to look pretty for their husband-soldiers, returning- some-just bitter bitches that leave their men high and dry when they go and fight in war. Shame on us.

I AM SO SORRY for allowing you men and women {soldiers}, to have to come back here -to a rotten, treacherous, bratty nation of debaucherous scum that should go kill their own damned selves, or get the hell out. 


Thank you for what you have done, I an totally indebted- but, I am ashamed.

I hope you all cry your guts out for treating our troops like shit after you hear this song below.