H/T: DONNA Immigrant ILLEGAL OCCUPIER Families Leave Arizona, Fearing Law – CBS Evening News – CBS News(CBS)  On a dusty block in Phoenix, 15 years of the Quintana family’s possessions are for sale.

Manuela Quintana said that they decided to leave when the Arizona governor signed the new immigration law.

For years, their family thrived with jobs in restaurants and construction, reports CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella. Their 10 children were born here and are U.S. citizens. Both she and her husband are undocumented,(ILLEGAL) and currently unemployed. BOO-Fucking HOO

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8 thoughts on “ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS Fleeing AZ. GOOD!

  1. Cool for YOU, MJ, but where did they go? Oregon? Hahaha. Stupid butt wipers at CBS thinks this is NEWS? Trying to garner support for the illegals by invoking the sympathy card. Where was CBS when my neighbors played out the same scenario? – Selling their possessions at a yard sale and moving in under the bridge? We should be taking care of our own. I CAN’T do it alone!!!!

  2. A guy named Kyle Kester was bitching in an article that he has so many vacancies in his property because the illegals are leaving.. HE IS AN EMABLER,. MAYBE HE SHOULD GO TO JAIL. I HOPE HE LOSES ALL HIS RENTERS

  3. HEs a CRACK UP WD.
    Heres the deal, we have been putting up with their race card shit for DECADES. Now ‘evil’ whitey has the racism directed AT him, and they do ZERO to help, EXCEPT this really super nice gal in NYC named Lor Marie.

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