Salinas, CA: What It Was Like To Live In A Sanctuary City For ILLEGALS

Let me tell you, Salinas, CA is a horror now. But, when I moved to Salinas, CA- I was about 21 years old. It was a nice place, mostly produce Co’s. There were NO illegals there at that time, there were good, decent Christians, there were about 30% Americans of Mexican descent. These Americans of Mexican descent are also conservative and Christian. Many of my friends are patriotic Americans of Mexican descent. They are involved and active. They became naturalized and are fine people that ABIDE by the law. They do NOT endorse nor wish ILLEGALS in America.

Before you read this, keep in mind, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is WITH these people over Americans.

  When I really saw a dramatic shift, is when I moved to NYC, and then came back to Salinas, in 2003. The population sign in Salinas says 144,000 plus. I knew when I saw that sign, it was a lie. That sign has been that same sign since 1988. They left that sign up there, so that folk from Silicon Valley would move to the bedroom community known as Salinas. And they did, Salinas flourished throughout the 90’s, and early 2000’s.

  One night, many years ago- I went to get a soda at Burger King. I was appalled at what I saw. There were kids, not even over 18 years old that had long trench-coats, underneath the trench-coats, were guns. The guns were being held by gangs called the Nortenos and the Sorrenos. These are rival gangs. The violence on that street that I saw that night, with gun shots being fired, gang initiations, etc, caused me worry and major concern. Concern enough to go before the City Council in Salinas…. Remember now, I grew up on L.I. in a small town called Hampton Bays. This town, Salinas is a nitemare compared to a civilized, small town with zero crime, you must understand that this should NOT be the ‘norm’ ANYWHERE in America.

  As I stood waiting my turn to speak, nobody cared what was going on. You all must know that I am a fighter, much more like a Joan of Arc type. I went before these baked wind, gasbags of the city council and advised that I had called the Guardian Angels of S.F. in, because they refused to do anything. I was repaid by City hall, with my car being shot-gunned and rocks thrown through my apartment window. At any rate, they closed the street down, because I refused to shut up, they. Non-Profits then opened “The Bread Basket” which is a big activity center and gym for those wishing to leave the life of gangs. (BUT, even that did not help Salinas. They are ILLEGALS, remember this- foreigners. Aliens that do NOT wish to follow the LAW)

 ( I left for a spell to go to NYC. In 2006, I returned again to Salinas. Salinas is now a horror place, filled with illegals. Now, the gangs above aforementioned, are as nothing, because the gangs from the illegals are 10x worse.) 

  One night I went to the Dollar store, and there was not ONE white person, except a little elderly lady who was walking to her car. All I could feel was fear around me. I feared for this little elderly lady’s life, and walked her to her car. ILLEGALS target elderly people. You can hear many gunshots in the distance, this is not a place to go out at night. The danger you sense in Salinas is unbelievable. When you are on the street in your car, and next to a low-rider car, you scrunch down. Why? these ILLEGALS have guns, and they shoot. They drive-by and shoot people.  Many people get murdered in Salinas just for being in the way. Do the papers report this? NO!!! Murder all over Salinas, and they LIE and report some made-up homicide number. See: Letter to the Editor- 2000

  It is a nitemare in Salinas after day-break (much like the movie Training Day), on the East, West, and North sides. What used to be nice neighborhoods look like war zones now……..These illegals hang their ‘washed’ clothes on fences, they leave their toys everywhere, they throw garbage in the streets, they are dirty, with usually a prevelant gold tooth, greasy hair……I am not stereo-typing, it is what it is..Many of them (couples)  have a baby, obviously came across the border, no papers, no SS card, no nada…… Speak not ONE word in English.  Illegals, have at least half of the city catering to them with signs in Mexican/Spanish FOR them…..They travel in packs, they live, sometimes, 10-20 people in ONE apartment. When they go to a public restroom, they do their #2,  and instead of throwing the toilet paper in the toilet, they throw it on the floor…. Salinas now has a rat infestation problem, pidgeon problem, (because of the garbage)

  The former TRAITOR mayor, (who I have stood up to MANY times, Anna Caballero) brought in a cheaper garbage co., so there is garbage all over Salinas now. The streets that were once clean are filled with garbage as bad as NYC before Guiliani. Helicopters fly over at night, every half an hour, Police cars and fire trucks, ambulances all day, and all night. NITEMARE.

  In 2007, July 4, (which these evil ILLEGALS do not even know wtf July 4 is), was terrifying.  Fireworks are supposed to be CONTROLLED by police… However, this July 4 was a hellish nitemare. In all realism, I have to tell you, that night, there must have been rockets of some sort. I know for a fact that there were some fire-works that were worse than cherry bombs, it was ALL NIGHT LONG. It sounded like battle re-enactments, only WORSE. Major gang sweep nets 37 in Salinas – Santa Cruz Sentinel

  In the stores, these beasts push you out of the way. Not me.. I push back, and when you walk around this drek, you look straight ahead and unafraid, these are animals, folks, they smell fear. They also steal your mail….. These illegals, no joke, shit in public and pee on the side of the streets.

 Honestly, there is too much more to write. And, REMEMBER, The MOSLEM MANCHURIAN, CIC, Barack HUSSEIN Osama takes up for this DREK.

This is the fault of the LIBERAL/LEFT WING in California. There is NO way that even the “Terminator” could have cleaned this mess up. Cali is a THIRD world state. It is a HELL HOLE.  TY, LEFT WING for destroying the once 5th Largest economy in the world. You deserve HELL.

They have DESTROYED OUR nation, You SHOULD be Killed, and in a ‘sane world’, you would be.

Images From Salinas NewsPapers.

Click:  Deadly Gang Violence Has Salinas Residents On Edge – News Story  & ‘Operation Knockout’ Targets Salinas, SJ Gangs – – Salinas led state in percentage of gang-linked killings  – Authorities raid Norteno and Surreno gangs in Salinas – 4/22/10


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  2. I am SO JEALOUS of you, MJ! You are in AZ! All I have is my “I’d rather be in Arizona” tee shirt to wear!

    Arizona is on a roll! First they passed the law allowing questioning of illegals. Then they okayed a law requiring anyone running for President to show their long form birth certificate before their name can be placed onto a ballot in AZ…and today they started pulling teachers out of AZ classrooms who don’t speak English properly…because they want anyone learning English to learn it correctly!

  3. I just removed a bunch of comments. If there is one thing I cannot take, is when I share something from a personal life experience and some jackass calls me a liar.
    Do these mother f-ckers have ANY clue what soul assassins they are?
    The IDIOT says that gangs do not wear trenchcoats.
    I know what I saw, I told this story to the absolute best of my knowledge, I may be a very pissed off individual, but I have NO reason to lie about something that happened in my life with these scum of the eart sobs that ravaged my town, the asshole that calls itself “A Thing of Beauty” is an ugly bitch fag.
    I absolutely HATE 2 things in this life;
    Left Wing Jews
    BOTH in the SAME boat.

  4. MJ, I’m afraid that is going to be in every state within the next few years. I hope the dems will be good and happy about it. Beings they WANT to make us a third world country of dependents having to look upon big government as gods! Any neighborhood that voted in the swine, get exactly what they deserve from the vermin within in it!

  5. Redeem, and there are people that think I actually have THAT much imagination to have ‘made that story up’
    Really f-cked up world.
    I have heard WORSE stories than this. But you know, they dont believe in God either..

  6. No way do I believe you made it up. I tried doing a street ministry in feeding “poor little kids.” I stopped when I realized that the church was no better than government making a bunch of enablers out of parents who felt they did not need to feed their children on Sundays. I stopped when I saw the grown-ups walking around with attitudes with their cell phones, fancy clothes, etc. I stopped for a number or reasons. But the biggest reason is if they did not care about their own community, why should I? It was obvious to me we were nothing more than a joke to these people, just another set of people giving out hand outs. Face it, ain’t none of them gonna starve if they dont get a hot dog on Sunday afternoon. Let their parents feed them! That is what parents are for! They have chosen their “god.” It is called government!

  7. MJ, I believe you. Thank you for your very graphic description of what sounds like a complete hellhole. I will make a point of avoiding Salinas, unless I want to do some investigative journalism down there. If I decide to do that, I will be sure to bring my goons along. haha

    redeem, I’m sorry you have such low expectations for our country. I am trying to change my attitude. Actually, when I banged my head and got knocked out, something changed. I refuse to blame the gov’t for what happens to me. I am jumping into two business ventures and possibly three. I plan to be sucessful and I don’t think that Obama is going to stand in my way. I hope to eventually even create jobs for others. Right now, I am going to create a job for me. I am tired of waiting for a job to come to me. I am making it happen.

    I have had nothing but positive feedback and offers of help. I am getting a free consult today with a business expert. I think it is a good time to go into business if you find something that can sustain itself in hard times. I have, I hope.

    I intend to blog about my ventures and we shall see if Obama’s new policies make it impossible for me to prosper, or if they will enable me to be a successful small businessperson who can hire locals from my community. I’ll keep ya posted. 😉

  8. rosehips, you and I will get along just fine as long you do not put my words in my mouth or make false accusations. How on earth can you assume I must have low expectations of my country by my above comment? I blame government for making dependents. Period. This government SUCKS! The American people is far greater than any government.

    I was attacked physically in broad day light just walking down the street back in the 80s. The man hit me in the mouth with a brick. To this day I have a scar to prove it. He got off scott free. Why??? Because he was BLACK! fortunately, I did not have to wait until a brick hit me in the mouth to help me “change my attitude.” I already knew government was capable of evil. the only differnece now is, the evil has grown excessively wicked.

    Good for you, I’m glad you are changing your attitude. I hope you change it completely and see that following liberal agendas creates lazy good for nothing dependents.

    Don’t you ever accuse me of something again. You do not know me. If there is something you do not understand, then ask.

    Any “low expectations” are on this LIBERAL COMMIE government. What part of that is it that you do not understand?!

  9. You do realize that it’s more important how much money you have than your color if you want to get away with a crime, right?

  10. rosehips, the skin color of the man who hit me mattered, because it was because of his skin color he got away with it.

    “You do realize that it’s more important how much money you have than your color if you want to get away with a crime, right?”

    Maybe…but it was a black man who got away with busting me in the mouth with a brick. No sentence, no nothing. And yes, he was “sane.”

    Might be “my country” but these pigs reperesent NOTHING about me.

  11. I didnt say YOU called me a liar or a bs-er Rose, the other person that says I ‘lie to God’ which I didnt.
    It is not ‘in me’ to lie about a life experience. Neverless, I can only handle a few libs at a time, and ‘a thing of beauthy’ AINT one of em.
    IT/She/he thinks I am lying when I said the gangs wore trenchcoats. I dont lie about scary shit like that.
    SO, for dishonoring ME and my friends, the unfriendly ‘holier than thou’ no morals “A thing Of Beauty” has been sent to spam hell to rot for all eternity.

  12. Redeem,
    Rose, like all of us need redemption. Pray for her soul, the leftists really screw people up. She is here because even though I agree with almost nothing she says, she DOES have a heart.
    So, We must take her in and debate her and show her the truth as we know it.

  13. Amen, and they really dont represent Rose, either. We have to continue to show the truth as we know it to her or anyone we know. They can accept it or reject it, not our problemo 😀
    Here, listen to this, it is one of my best friends fav song, you will like it too, since you love God, and I know you are a Christian. I like the tune it is out of the planet fantastic, Very Hebrew and it makes me weepy.

  14. I myself am infuriated by dipshits who accuse others of making making up anything that is too hard for their weak minds to follow along with, or to accept as truth. This particular type of A-hole is usually the sort of chickenshit slug who has spent his of her entire life staying home and playing it safe, while individuals like you and I were out on the front lines facing life head on and learning first hand from our hard life’s experiences.

    They get their views of the world through the leftist liars of the controlled media (thought you could never get them to admit it.)

    People like this have no true real life experiences of their own. Their accusations concerning the vorascity of our accounts concerning things which actually occur in day to day life both to and around those who do not hide under their beds at night like their sort do make this variety of coward envious of us. Their guilt over being substantially less than we courageous people are compels them respond to our stories in this seriously dishonest, negative, and oh so transparent manner.

    Once during an argument I called one of these dopes an “Ignoramus”.

    She quickly responded by accusing me of having made that word up!

    Don’t let them get the best of you. Just keep giv’in them Hell!

  15. The comment above is about TMJ’s 9:40 post which begins with “I had to delete a lot of posts”. Sorry for not being specific enough on that one.

  16. MJ, thank you for this song. It is beautiful! I love this kind of music. It is one of my favorites from this man. The words are:

    Kadosh kadosh kadosh
    Kadosh kadosh kadosh
    Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot
    Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot

    Holy holy holy
    Holy holy holy
    O Lord our God Lord of hosts
    O Lord our God Lord of hosts

    Who was and Who is
    And Who is to come
    Who was and Who is
    And Who is to come

    Asher hayah
    V’hoveh v’yavo
    Asher hayah
    V’hoveh v’yavo

    Who was and Who is
    And Who is to come
    Who was and Who is
    And Who is to come

    Absolutely beautiful music. MJ, we may be miles from one another, but you are my sister! My soul bears witness to that. I love you!

    Thank you for speaking the truth to me, MJ. If I was out of line with rosehips, then I apologize, rosehips. Perhaps, I jumped to conclusions? I’m used to people (on my own blog) using passive/aggressive behavior (which I abhor) to attack. If you were not doing that, then yes, I apologize. And I too believe you have a heart. And whoever physically attacked you, I hope they go to jail!

  17. Your correct RHP, but don’t dispair. I once made the same mis-judgement about RH myself by reading a hastily written reply she wrote to one of my posts not too long back. The fact is, she is truely is an innocent spirit with not a touch of guile in her personality.

    I did not read of any physical attack here. I hope this didn’t occur recently.
    In fact, I hope this never occured at all. I am concerned.

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  19. I’ve lived in Salinas since I was 3 years old. Three years ago, on Memorial Day I lost a friend to gang violence. The perps were not illegal but they were gang members and it was a case of mistaken identity. It doesn’t comfort me to know that these young men were sentenced earlier this year since I am certain they committed this senseless murder for status and are more than likely looking forward to a lifetime in prison.

    I am of Mexican descent and am a conservative. Most of “us” are conservative but have been brainwashed by a public education with a leftist agenda and the leftist media.
    I agree with most of what I’ve read on this blog except that most of the gang-bangers in my area are legal, born and raised here in Salinas.

  20. This has been quite a few years, sir since I lived in Salinas.
    Salinas is a sanctuary city FOR illegals.
    I fought this at the Salinas City Hall, in the papers, called Caballero a traitor and a murderer to her own people. I lived in Salinas over 20 plus years.
    I know what I am talking about right down to the t.
    I am sorry about your friend, but UNTIL the church gets right, and repentance begins, you will see more of this in Salinas, even worse b/c of the economy.
    Now, maybe in YOUR area, they were born there, but when I lived in Salinas, on E. Laurel, it was eroded with illegals from Guatemala, Venez, Columbia, and Mexico.

    I am sorry for your friend, the only way to get the leftist shit out of your brain is ASK GOD to tell you the truth, he WILL.
    I am very saddened that you lost a friend.
    I did all that I could, and they just didnt listen..

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