I Wish I Was Barbie…

She has the body, the looks, the money, houses, cars, she is gorgeous & tall. 

 Bob Mackie, Oscar De La Renta, Georgio Armani, even Christian Dior have Dressed her. She never gets old, never dyes her hair, Her face is always fabulous looking, her eyes are always different colors..  She has all the perfect curves.. And she had Ken, Elvis, even when I was young, she had GI Joe.

   She has played every single part imaginable; My Fair Lady, Jeannie, Lucy, Cher. They have even dressed her up as a Monet painting. She has no psychological problems, no depression, and no change of life..

This is one lucky b*tch, if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “I Wish I Was Barbie…

  1. I like this post, mj. one lucky bitch indeed. I wasn’t into Barbie but I’d be more inclined to be a Skipper fan if I had been into dolls. Skipper is cool. Check out this vid:

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