FOUND!! Copy this ASAP, make a video, ASAP on your computers. PLEASE!!

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, health adviser to Obama. Read all you can on Emanuel and decide for your self if they will be Death Panels on ObamaCare. 

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10 thoughts on “DR. EVIL Ezekiel Emmanuel: “HYPOCRATIC OATH NEEDS TO BE JUMPED!”

  1. what’s to prevent this president from cherry picking white sto murder???

  2. Dr death could barely wait to get his sorry ass out of the meeting and for damn sure he was not prepared to answer any questions.

  3. emmanuel and his muslim mafia boss will be more and more exposed. thats a certainty. the arrest of the people who got obamas records from PART of his shady past is just the begining.
    God bless you mj for being a trooper. keep your head up,and dont let too much of this get to you. there are people who ARE ready for anything it takes to keep America safe.

  4. The video is nothing about Emmanuel – it is simply a rant by an anti-euthanasiaist. It’s fine to have opposing arguments but that was simply rhetoric. Emmanuel points to the record without justifying such bigotry with a long answer.

  5. BULLSHIT, Emmanuel the Bolshevik-NAZI was cornered.
    You left wing ASSHOLES NEVER face fucking REALITY.
    Not in the last 30 years I have dealt with you sonofabitches.

  6. AND, he ‘pointed’ to NO record. AND, what a total JACKASS you are, you are so fucked up, that you think it even OK to be having a SICKO discussion about EUTHANAZIA!

  7. Well I’m obviously on the wrong blog. I’ve followed Emmanuel’s writings for years – he’s anti-euthanasia and I am pro-choice if I have to sit in one particular camp. I liked his research on living wills.

    But I have to say one thing – you’d beat him hands down at goth rhetoric and phlegm throwing contest. I’m pleased you found some bait. Your blog is pretty lively although a book of Marilyn Manson lyrics would help you find slightly more original expletives.

    You are quite funny, and I think I maybe missed that first time.

  8. M.J., it is apparent that the uneducated are trying to be activists,or some libterds are trying to show how much ignorance they have. it is simply stunning that that kind of fool would even bother to show that kind of stupidity,by just getting out in public.

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